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Apple iPhone X Screen

Apple iPhone X Screen

Apple iPhone X screen is designed to replace an old screen assembly that no longer responds to control, has dead screen dots or has been dropped accidentally and has been completely damaged resulting in its replacement because the phone is no longer available for use.

Screen quality

Used A/B quality

A quality screen assembly is a used original screen in excellent condition that often looks like new, but may have slight scratches that are only visible in front of the light. The screen may also have disassembly marks.
B quality screen assembly is a well-functioning used original that has scratches or slight dents in the housing frame, if any, but the screen is not very scratched. The screen may also have disassembly marks.


What does a refurbished detail mean? It is a part that had a defect, but it was removed - for example, the screen housing glass was broken, there was a bad lighting module or other. The defect or fault is completely eliminated, the electronic part of the part remains original, so the part will work flawlessly.


Premium screen assembly is made of the highest quality top glass, touch screen, polarization, adhesive, frame and other components, so you won’t notice a difference compared to the original iPhone screen, the screen brightness and colors are identical to the original screen. Also, the Premium class assemblys are distinguished by the fact that it is already ready with all the small components: lighting and camera mounts, dust protection of the speaker (except for the main button), thus saving time and reducing the complexity of repair work.

ZY Hard Premium

ZY Hard OLED Premium black screen display assembly with frame and with glued and ready-to-use brackets. ZY Premium screens use the highest quality materials, which provide 1:1 resolution and the highest quality colors compared to the original screen. The touch screen does not use an engraving pattern, so its operation is smooth and very sensitive and all components are integrated to give a black screen effect. The use of a better quality oleophobic layer provides resistance to water and greasy stains.

ZY In-cell

ZY In-Cell black LCD screen assembly with frame and with glued and ready-to-use brackets. ZY In-Cell screens use original In-cell high-definition LCD materials, which provide 1: 1 resolution and the high-definition original color display. Touchscreen has no etching pattern so its operation is smooth and very sensitive and all components are integrated to give a black screen effect. Use of a better quality oleophobic layer provides resistance to water and greasy stains.

GX Hard

GX Hard OLED are manufactured using a glass base, so the screen is slightly thicker than the original screen. While glass-based screens have their advantages, they are physically more brittle and easier to break. Shock or deformation of the case may break the screen assembly.


  • Lower price
  • Reliably made screen set
  • Slightly more resistant to OLED screen burns


  • Screen set is physically weaker than Soft OLED
  • Deformation, shock, or improper mounting of the screen may cause the screen to crack
  • Screen is raised above Soft OLED or the original screen set

GX Soft

GX Soft OLEDs are made on the basis of flexible plastic, making them more resistant to shocks and slightly more resistant to deformation, which means they will be a great choice for the phone user who drops the phone from time to time. Although the Soft OLED screen assembly is inherently more resistant to damage, it does not provide additional protection for the screen’s outer glass and other components.

Although this screen is durable because it is made using a flexible plastic base, it is not as timeless as Hard OLED. Even the Soft OLED plastic substrate is not as good as the traditional Hard OLED glass of the original screen assembly. Also, plastic is a better thermal insulator than glass. These various factors mean that a Soft OLED display tends to burn out faster than a similar Hard OLED screen.


  • 1: 1 screen size compared to the original screen assembly
  • A more physically resilient screen kit


  • Shorter service life due to the properties of the materials used in production
  • More expensive analogue of the original
  • More prone to OLED screen burns


Tianma screen assembly has a good reputation for its high-quality iPhone screens, which are almost no different from the original screen, as the lighting and colors are almost identical. Of course, there are slight differences between Tianma (TM) and original screens - this would be the weight of the screen, which is slightly higher than the original screen and the thickness of the screen, but insignificant, because different materials are used in the production of the screen.

High Quatlity

A high-quality screen is one of the cheaper options, but not the worst screen assembly made of high-quality materials, so you will hardly see any difference compared to the original screen and will not feel it during use.

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