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Apple Watch 4, 5, 6, SE 40mm Hybrid Glass 5D Full Glue

Apple Watch 4, 5, 6, SE 40mm Hybrid Glass 5D Full Glue
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Apple Watch 4, 5, 6, SE 40mm Hybrid Glass 5D Full Glue

The full coverage 5D Full Glue hybrid glass for the 40mm Apple Watch 4, Watch 5, Watch 6, Watch SE series watches is only 0.3mm thick, making it almost invisible when applied. This type of protection is durable and has high resistance to pressure, shock or scratches and full sensitivity permeability.

One of the main advantages of this watch screen protector is that it cannot break or shatter, unlike other tempered glass.

The screen protector of a smart watch nowadays must be extremely durable, long-lasting and resistant to cracking and shattering. At the same time, it must protect the watch from scratches and other everyday damage. No matter how careful you are when trying not to damage the screen, it is an almost impossible task without such protection.

There are many different screen protectors on the market, but we can assure that the hybrid glass we offer for your Apple Watch 4, 5, 6, SE 40mm series is the best protection you can find and no tempered glass can match it.

How to apply Hybrid Glass, PMMA on your watch


HD Ultra screen brightness 
  • 100% Ultra HD, the original screen brightness is maintained
  • Looks like an original watch screen
  • Oleophobic and hydrophobic coating reduces the appearance of greasy stains and fingerprints
  • Preserves true screen sensitivity and does not degrade it
5D Full Glue Coverage protection

5D Full Glue the full coverage hybrid glass covers the screen from edge to edge

  • The nicely rounded edges do not crack and cannot break
  • The edges of the 5D hybrid glass are designed to exactly match the size of the screen
  • Hard to spot because it matches the 1: 1 original screen
Hybrid glass made of PMMA and PET 
  • Hybrid glass technology - acrylic glass mixed with PET materials
  • It will never break! Feels and looks like glass and has no problems with touch screen controls
  • The best screen protector for your watch
  • Made of 5 layers: anti-shatter film, silicon coating, premium PMMA acrylic glass, PET film, nanostructured coating
  • High quality silicon adheres firmly to the screen
Installation Kit and Packaging

The hybrid glass comes with everything you need to apply it

  • Apple Watch 4, Watch 5, Watch 6, Watch SE 40mm series hybrid glass 5D Full Glue
  • Wet alcohol wipe to remove dirt before application
  • Dry cleaning cloth to dry the screen and wipe off any remaining dirt
  • 2 positional stickers will help to level the protector
  • A sticker to remove dust before the screen protector is applied
Smartwatch models Apple Watch Series 4 (A1977), Watch Series 5 (A2092), Watch Series 6 (A2291), Watch Series SE (A2351)
Protection Type Hybrid Glass (PMMA)
Size 40mm

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