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Need a new USB C charger? We can offer USB charger for Apple iPhone, Huawei, Samsung, Sony, LG, Xiaomi and other phones to meet everyone's needs. Looking for something cheap? Choose a cell phone battery charger from various manufacturers.

A phone charger is a must for everyone 

With any portable device, the charger should always be at hand. After all, what do you do when your phone battery is low and you have no way to charge it? If the old one breaks down, it must be replaced with a new one as soon as possible, but not necessarily by the same one. 

How to choose a charger?

Many people are confused when looking for a mobile phone charger because of the huge variety in the supply in the market. Some are confused and can not pick the most suitable because they do not know which will work best. Some think it is necessary to buy only the original, exactly the same as it was in the original set of the smartphone. Others want to save and want to buy a cheaper charger from other manufacturers, but still perfect for the phone.

In this case, we will try to help you and advise you on how to choose a new accessory by pointing out what to look for when choosing a new charger. 

Phone charger, what to look for when choosing?

  1. The charger model that is written on the charger if you are looking for an identical one 
  2. The output current (eg: 5V - 1.0A, 5V - 2.0A, etc.) 
  3. The charger power - it is measured in watts (W)
  4. The charger connector - old type USB or new USB-C (Type C)
  5. If your phone supports fast charging technology, pay attention to which technology is used, as it will increase the charging performance depending on it. 

Original or not?

There are so many quality choices in the abundance of products on the market that it is sometimes difficult to decide which option will be most suitable for you. You always have to decide whether the USB wall charger you need should be original or not, as it will depend on how much it will cost. 

Choosing an original charger will ensure that you will not have any extra worries. If you still want to save money and decide to buy a non-genuine phone charger, there are a few things you need to know.

If your smartphone supports fast charging technology, you need to look for a travel charger that supports the same fast charging technology. Otherwise, fast charging is unlikely to work and you will charge your phone for quite some time. To prevent this from happening and not to be disappointed, do not buy the first non-original charger that has occurred. Take a look at charging technologies, choose the one you need and you will not feel the difference in charging speed. 

Is it possible to use other phone charger?

You are probably wondering if you can charge your phone with a charger from another phone manufacturer. The answer is yes you can, but there is one "but". 

All phone manufacturers unanimously say that using a charger made by them will charge the device quickly and the phone will not fail. And they are right. The only difference when using a charger from another manufacturer is that different manufacturers use different charging technologies. If the charging technology does not match the charging technology of your phone, the smartphone will charge slower but at the maximum speed possible with that charger based on voltage and current.

Actually, there are no obstacles to use a charger from another manufacturer if the connector fits your phone. It would be the same as using non-original one and without adjusted charging technology, the phone will simply charge more slowly. 

Fast charging technologies

Probably one of the most awesome features of the charger is the fast charging. After all, who has half a day to charge the phone? Even those who have so much time probably still don’t want to keep the phone plugged in for charging for that long.

Fast charging depends on the charging technology that supports the phone, so that it can be charged as quickly as possible and in the shortest possible time. Therefore, when choosing a charger, it is important to know what charging technologies your phone supports.

PD (Power Delivery)

Power Delivery (PD 2.0, PD 3.0) iPhone charger with fast charging was started to manufacture and use for iPhone 8 and later Apple phones like iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max.

SCP, FCP Supercharger

SuperCharge Protocol (SCP), FastCharge Protocol (FCP) - Huawei charger that is designed for fast charging of its devices, such as the Huawei Mate and other models.

QC (Quick Charge)

Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0, 3.0, 3+, 4.0, 4+, 5.0 - is a fast charging technology that is very widely used by Samsung, Asus, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, LG, Sony, Nokia phone manufacturers. It is probably the most evolving technology in the world every year. Devices that use the latest version of QC 5.0 while charging with a charger that supports the same technology charge from 0% to 50% in just 5 minutes.

Devices that support Quick Charge technology

AFC (Adaptive Fast Charging)

AFC - Samsung fast charger that is used in many different models: Samsung Galaxy S21, S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, Z Flip, Note10, Note10+, Fold, S10e, S10, S10+, Note9, S9, S9+, Note8, S8, S8+, S7, S7 edge, Note5, S6, S6+, S6 edge and later.

Product Code: 58832
Universal Apple and Samsung battery charger, activation board with insulating sponge for checking the actual battery capacity and safely turning on and quickly recharging the battery, restoring old or dead batteries, or just using it as an Apple iPhone and Sumsung phone battery charger.FeaturesAutom..
Ex Tax:15.68€
Product Code: 67731
Baseus Jelly Wireless Charger 15W is ultra-slim body and a unique silicone-coated design smartphones and wireless headphones charger. Made of high quality materials: PC, TPU, ensures durability and long use. All you have to do is place your smartphone on the charger and charging process will start a..
Ex Tax:13.43€
Product Code: 67721
Baseus Energy Storage Backseat Holder Wireless Charger (WXHZ-01) - universal phone holder with wireless charger for devices with a screen size of 4.7 to 6.5 inches. A great way to make a passenger trip enjoyable without the need for tedious equipment in your hands. In addition, the bracket is easy t..
Ex Tax:34.34€
Product Code: 75458
Borofone BZ12A QC 3.0 Car Charger with one USB connection will help you charge a variety of smart devices in the shortest amount of time. The charger is compact, easy to use, and built-in current protection will ensure proper operation. At 3.6V - 6.5V supported current is 3.0A, at 6.6V is 2.0A and 1..
Ex Tax:4.68€
Product Code: 75451
In-car Charger Borofone BZ11 Speed Map is universal car adapter with two USB ports for fast and high quality charging of one or two devices. The charger provides multiple circuit protection against overheating, overloading and short circuiting. Built-in LED display at the charging will show the tran..
Ex Tax:5.56€
Product Code: 75427
Car charger Borofone BZ2 Joyroad 2.4A with 2 USB ports is a reliable device for charging phones and tablets. The charger is compact and easy to use, made of sturdy and stylish plastic. Two USB ports allows you to connect two devices and charge them simultaneously.SpecificationManufacturer: BorofoneM..
Ex Tax:5.88€
Product Code: 75415
Car charger Griffin PowerJolt (GC23089) is a 1.0A dual USB adapter. The charger is versatile, so it can charge any device that can be charged via a USB cable, including smartphones other devices...
Ex Tax:4.28€
Product Code: 75416
Hoco Z1 2.1A car charger with two USB connections is a great helper for many travelers who, due to lack of time, do not manage to charge their devices at home. This car charger can charge two different devices at the same time. Due to its minimalist design, it will be a almost invisible car accessor..
Ex Tax:5.64€
Product Code: 75417
Hoco Z12 Elite is a universal car charger with two USB connectors that support 2.4A separately and a total 2.4A when second device is connected. This adapter can charge not only phones but also tablets and other devices. The charger is compact and looks stylish. The housing is made of high quality, ..
Ex Tax:5.62€
Product Code: 75418
Hoco Z21 Ascender Dual 17W car charger has 2 USB ports that allow you to charge two different devices at the same time. The total current of the two connectors is 3.4A, and they can be used for charging separately with 2.4A current each. The Z21 Ascender Dual has a sleek and compact design that will..
Ex Tax:6.62€
Product Code: 75424
Hoco Z27 Staunch 2.1A is a great car charger with two USB ports that allow you to charge two different devices at the same time. The versatile charger is designed to charge smartphones, tablets, players, e-books and many other devices that can be charged via USB. When charging two devices, the charg..
Ex Tax:5.20€
Product Code: 75430
Remax Alien RCC-206 car charger with 2 USB ports is an integral part of your travels, as you can charge up to 2 different devices at the same time. The convenient, small and compact charger can be conveniently stored in the car's trunk. ..
Ex Tax:6.24€
Product Code: 75460
With this Samsung EP-LN920 Fast Charge car charger with fast charging technology, your phone's battery will be charged from zero to 50% in even 30 minutes. The fast charging feature is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 4 and the latest models of Galasy S and Galaxy..
Ex Tax:7.83€
Product Code: 75437
Tellos C200 car charger with two USB sockets, so you can charge two devices at the same time. Output voltage of USB sockets: 5V - 1A / 5V - 2.1A. SpecificationInput voltage: 12V-24V Output voltage 1: 5V 1A Output voltage 2: 5V 2.1A Dimensions: 23.4x25.8x68mmWeight: 35g..
Ex Tax:4.62€
Product Code: 75464
Platinet PLCRBT2 - OMO10456 dual-purpose device consisting of a car charger with two USB ports (2.4A) and a Bluetooth headset. The headset has a storage space in the charger, where it can be charged conveniently without using the headset, so there will be no problems charging the headset. Specificat..
Ex Tax:27.44€
Product Code: 75426
Borofone BZ12 Lasting Power car charger with two USB Connectors – is a versatile car charger for fast, high-quality charging of smart devices. It is extremely compact and easy to use with integrated circuit protection for voltage surges, overloads or short circuits. The body parts are made of high-q..
Ex Tax:4.97€
Product Code: 75455
Car FM Transmitter Baseus T-Typed (S-09A) with Bluetooth, MP3 and 2 USB charger (3.4A) function is a device for wireless radio transmission to your car's speaker system. In other words, it is a device that allows you to stream MP3 music files on FM radio waves. This is a great choice for those who d..
Ex Tax:12.62€
Product Code: 51910
Forever TR330 - car charger 2x USB, FM transmitter which can also be a headset. The device has two built-in USB ports that you can use to charge your tablet, phone, or other smart device. The modern design with LCD screen will make your every trip in the car even more comfortable and safer. Specific..
Ex Tax:21.15€
Product Code: 75453
Hoco E19 Smart is a multifunctional powerful car charger and FM transmitter that allows you to not only charge the device quickly (2.4A), but also play music from your phone, tablet or USB. With the Hoco E19 Smart, you can listen to your favorite music in the car and charge your phone or tablet at t..
Ex Tax:13.56€
Product Code: 75439
Canyon CNE-CCA06 is a triple (3x) USB car charger with which you can charge all your devices also and for your passengers to do so, because this adapter can charge up to 3 devices at the same time. The ultra-strong housing protects the charger from cracks and scratches. USB connectors have built-in ..
Ex Tax:7.73€
Product Code: 75454
Borofone BC16 MiniRock is a multifunctional powerful car charger with FM transmitter. Not only does it allow you to quickly charge devices at 3.4A (2.4A, 1.0A) speed, you can also listen to music from your phone or tablet that support Bluetooth. Also, music can be streamed from a micro SD memory car..
Ex Tax:12.83€
Product Code: 75456
Hoco Z31A Colossus PD, QC 3.0 18W is a compact car charger with USB and USB-C (Type-C) jacks for connecting two phones at the same time. Quick Charge 3.0 (QC 3.0) and Power Delivery (PD) technologies are supported, ensuring fast charging. Stylish design will be a great addition to any car interior. ..
Ex Tax:6.83€
Product Code: 75448
Hoco Z4 2.1A car charger, which supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 (QC 2.0) technology, is a universal adapter for fast and high-quality charging of smartphones, tablets, e-books and other devices. Made of ABS, polycarbonate plastic and stainless steel and such combination is fire and heat resistant..
Ex Tax:6.56€
Product Code: 75420
Hoco Z31 Universe QC 3.0 18W with dual USB car charger will help you charge your devices - smartphone, tablet. The 3.4A current controlled by the integrated circuit, will apply the optimal current to each device to avoid overheating the battery. 2 USB ports allow you to apply charging to two differe..
Ex Tax:6.34€
Product Code: 75421
Car charger 3.0A Hoco Z27A Staunch QC 3.0 18W is a versatile car accessory for fast and high-quality charging of smartphones. The accessory is compact and easy to use, and the built-in safety system ensures safe operation. The adapter supports Quick Charge 3.0 (QC 3.0) technology, ensuring high char..
Ex Tax:6.63€
Product Code: 75461
Samsung EP-LN930 is an elegant and versatile ergonomically shaped car charger. Connect your smartphone or other devices via USB and focus on driving. The charger has a fast charging function that allows you to charge devices faster. Samsung EP-LN930 fast car charger with Fast Charge 18W technology (..
Ex Tax:6.87€
Product Code: 75462
Samsung EP-LN915 Fast Charge Car Charger with fast charging technology can charge a fully discharged phone by more than 50% in 30 minutes, full charging only takes up to 60 minutes. Of course, this fast charging technology only works on Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edg..
Ex Tax:5.87€
Product Code: 75449
Tellos C102 white car charger with USB connection and 1.0A power is designed to charge various devices. ..
Ex Tax:3.90€
Product Code: 75450
Tellos C109 car charger with USB connection and 1.0A power is designed for charging various devices. ..
Ex Tax:3.70€
Product Code: 75452
Hoco Z14 car charger with USB connection has an additional built-in Lightning charging cable for charging Apple iPhone smartphones and iPad tablets. This charger can quickly charge two different devices at the same time with a common 3.4A current. Charging only one device maintains a maximum current..
Ex Tax:6.42€
Product Code: 75445
Car charger Forever MM-03 with Apple Lightning connector is a convenient (1.0A) device for charging Apple iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, SE, 6, 6S, 6 Plus, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max phones. The long and flexible 80 cm long cord will allo..
Ex Tax:4.62€
Product Code: 75463
Automobilinis įkroviklis Tellos Rubber C001 - įkroviklis 1 metro ilgio su Apple Lightning jungtimi skirtas įkrauti: Apple iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XS, XS Max, XR, X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, iPad, iPod įrenginius.SpecificationManufacturer: TellosModel: Rubber C001..
Ex Tax:3.90€
Product Code: 75446
Easy-to-use compact car universal micro USB charger is a great way to charge your mobile phone on the go or on a long trip. ..
Ex Tax:3.90€
Product Code: 75447
Easy-to-use compact car universal mini USB charger is a great way to charge your mobile phone on the go or on a long trip. ..
Ex Tax:3.57€
Product Code: 75470
Omega OUTF28 car charger 1.5A and FM transmitter will allow you to listen to music from your phone, tablet in the car using Bluetooth wireless technology. This device also has AUX, USB and microSD connections, so you can listen to music from USB, microUSB storage media or AUX 3.5mm audio cable. The ..
Ex Tax:11.87€
Product Code: 34721
Modern Tellos CCH-01 car charger and phone holder are designed for various phone models. Mounted in a car cigarette lighter. The holder is made of strong and scratch-resistant plastic, so you can not worry about the security of your phone. When charging devices via the USB connection, it should be n..
Ex Tax:14.54€
Product Code: 34722
Modern Tellos CCH-02 car charger and phone holder are designed for various phone models. Mounted in a car cigarette lighter. The holder is made of strong and scratch-resistant plastic, so you can not worry about the security of your phone. When charging devices via the USB connection, be aware that ..
Ex Tax:14.54€
Product Code: 75457
Car charger Platinet PLCRRTC/PLCRRCC with USB connection and Type-C (USB-C) or micro USB cable. With this charger you will not have to choose which device to charge first, but you will be able to charge two devices at the same time. A Type-C/micro USB cable wrapped around the charger will reduce the..
Ex Tax:7.97€
Product Code: 67466
Baseus Gravity WXYL-01 in-car air outlet cell phone car holder with 10W wireless charger, which can be attached to air outlet in a few seconds. For devices with a screen size of 4 to 6.5 inches. This solution makes the Baseus Gravity car mount compatible with most modern cars. The wireless car charg..
Ex Tax:25.68€
Product Code: 75664
Hoco CW17 Sage is a car phone holder with a built-in 10W wireless charger. This holder is being placed on the car's air vent using clamps, and the desired visibility of the device's screen is adjusted to any convenient angle. The phone is attached to the holder by its own weight. Wireless charging o..
Ex Tax:21.67€
Product Code: 58631
Car phone holder with wireless charger JPD-Q71T will allow you to keep the phone in a convenient place while driving and charge it at the same time. The bracket can be attached to a window or a smoother car panel. SpecificationInput: 5V/2A  9V/1.8AOutput: 5-9V/1.5A (max.)Power: 10WWireless charging ..
Ex Tax:17.44€
Product Code: 75663
Car phone holder with 10W wireless charger Hoco S1 keeps your phone stable while traveling. The holder is attached to the car's ventilation grille, the sliding mechanism will hold the smartphone firmly, and the silicone roller will not damage the phone. The design of the device allows you to choose ..
Ex Tax:24.40€
Product Code: 75494
Travel charger Borofone BA35A Brilliant with two USB connectors can charge your device in the shortest possible time. The model is compact, stylish and easy to use, and its built-in voltage protection ensures safe usage. The total output current of the main USB ports is 2.1A. The housing is made of ..
Ex Tax:5.19€
Product Code: 75539
Apple iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S easy-to-use, cheap and compact home travel charger is a great tool to charge your mobile phone while at home, in the office or on a trip. Compatible with these Apple devicesApple iPhone 2G, Apple iPhone 3G, Apple iPhone 3GS, Apple iPhone 4, Apple iPhone 4S, Apple iPod..
Ex Tax:3.90€
Product Code: 66225
Macbook, iPhone, iPad charger 30W USB-C Power Adapter (A1882) offers fast, efficient charging at home, office or on the go. While this power adapter is compatible with any Apple device that supports USB-C, it is recommended that it be used with Macbook 12-inch and Macbook Air 13-inch computers that ..
Ex Tax:30.18€
Product Code: 76101
MagSafe Wireless Charger provides fast wireless charging and magnetically attaches to iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max phones and provides 15W fast charging. MagSafe Wireless Charger supports Qi charging technology, so you can charge iPhone 8 and later phone models with it, as well as AirPods ..
Ex Tax:20.25€
Product Code: 75543
Apple iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, SE (2020), XS, XR, X, 8, 8 Plus 18W Type-C (USB-C) Power Adapter A1692, MU7V2ZM/A charger allows you to quickly and efficiently charge Apple iPhone and iPad devices. While the charger is compatible with any device, it is recommended to use its full fast charging ..
Ex Tax:11.04€
Product Code: 75542
Apple 20W Power Adapter Type-C (USB-C) A2347, MHJE3ZM/A Power Adapter charger quickly and efficiently charges iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max phones, and older Apple devices at home, in the office, or on the go. Although the charger is compatible with any device that can ..
Ex Tax:11.04€
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