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The Wireless Charger will help keep your Apple iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Sony Xperia, Xiaomi Mi or other phone charged without connecting it to any charging cable. The wireless phone charger will reduce mess on a desk in your home or office and you will never have to look for a charging cable again, as the wireless charger will start charging the device as soon as the phone is placed on it. 

Imagine that when you use this device, you no longer have to worry about the charging cable being torn, kinked, or damaged in any way, resulting in inconvenience to charge the device you need.

You can always have a travel charger with you while going somewhere, but have a permanent wireless charging pad on your office desk or near your bedroom bed to keep the room neat and tidy, without having to look at unnecessary cables.

How does wireless charging work?

Did you know that wireless charging exists for about 100 years already? It was firstly discovered and presented by Nikola Tesla. Although it was not used as we use it today, but it definitely started to change our everyday life.

Any wireless charger works this way - it transfers energy to a receiving device’s back, e.g. cell phone, by electromagnetic induction. 

What is a Qi Wireless Charger? 

Wireless charging is a technology that allows you to charge phones over short distances without using any wires. The most popular Qi wireless charging technology has been used by all major phone manufacturers. 

Samsung Wireless Charger was one of the first manufacturers to introduce this new charging concept. The iPhone Wireless Charger was launched with the iPhone 8 and continues to this day. Of course, due to the increased consumer need to charge the phone wirelessly, the Huawei wireless charging was also introduced and is now widely used almost everywhere. 

Currently, Qi wireless charging pad come in several powers depending on the charging speed. The price of a wireless charger also depends on its power, while the minimum charging power is 5W, but there are phones like Samsung S8, iPhone 12, 11, XS, 8 Plus that support 7.5W and other models and 10W charging power. 

Usually, while charging with the wireless charging station, the cell phone is charger with standard power current at a standard speed. But now even more manufacturers create fast charge wireless chargers. For example if you need a Samsung fast wireless charger, there is a a 15W wireless charger called Fast Wireless Charger which is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S10, Note 10, S20. Even faster wireless chargers come in 30W, and it was introduced by Huawei the Huawei SuperCharge 40W Wireless Charger. 

Such fast wireless chargers that also support a fast charging can be call best wireless chargers.

Is it possible to use wireless charging in the car? 

Definitely yes! Many new car manufacturers have already integrated wireless charging in some car models, but in cars that they did not do it, it’s not a big deal, as a wireless car charger mount as a phone holder can be purchased separately as a car accessory where the phone will have its place and be easily visible. 

Advantages of using a wireless charger

  • If you wonder how to use a wireless charger, it is actually really simple, as all you have to do is place your smartphone on it and charging starts immediately.
  • Charging socket is used much less often, so it does not wear out so quickly and does not need to be replaced for a long time. 
  • Safer power transfer to the phone 
  • The Qi wireless charger can be used in a variety of places because it looks stylish and most importantly neat 

Disadvantages of using a wireless charger

  • 5W, 7.5W, 10W wireless chargers are usually slower, but in order to charge the device quickly by using the fast charging technology, it is best to charge the phone with a conventional wired charger. 
  • Not all phones support wireless charging yet, so you won't be able to charge older models or devices from lesser-known phone manufacturers this way.
Product Code: 67731
Baseus Jelly Wireless Charger 15W is ultra-slim body and a unique silicone-coated design smartphones and wireless headphones charger. Made of high quality materials: PC, TPU, ensures durability and long use. All you have to do is place your smartphone on the charger and charging process will start a..
Ex Tax:13.43€
Product Code: 67721
Baseus Energy Storage Backseat Holder Wireless Charger (WXHZ-01) - universal phone holder with wireless charger for devices with a screen size of 4.7 to 6.5 inches. A great way to make a passenger trip enjoyable without the need for tedious equipment in your hands. In addition, the bracket is easy t..
Ex Tax:34.34€
Product Code: 67466
Baseus Gravity WXYL-01 in-car air outlet cell phone car holder with 10W wireless charger, which can be attached to air outlet in a few seconds. For devices with a screen size of 4 to 6.5 inches. This solution makes the Baseus Gravity car mount compatible with most modern cars. The wireless car charg..
Ex Tax:25.68€
Product Code: 58631
Car phone holder with wireless charger JPD-Q71T will allow you to keep the phone in a convenient place while driving and charge it at the same time. The bracket can be attached to a window or a smoother car panel. SpecificationInput: 5V/2A  9V/1.8AOutput: 5-9V/1.5A (max.)Power: 10WWireless charging ..
Ex Tax:17.44€
Product Code: 76101
MagSafe Wireless Charger provides fast wireless charging and magnetically attaches to iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max phones and provides 15W fast charging. MagSafe Wireless Charger supports Qi charging technology, so you can charge iPhone 8 and later phone models with it, as well as AirPods ..
Ex Tax:20.25€
Product Code: 67537
Baseus Cobble is a compact and convenient 15W wireless charger for smartphones. This device allows you to charge any iOS, Android, or WindowsPhone smartphone or other device that supports QI wireless charging, and when the battery is fully charged, it will automatically shut down the charging proces..
Ex Tax:19.05€
Product Code: 67509
Basep Rib Horizontal and Vertical 15W wireless charger is a compact and convenient with a slim body and a unique design for charging smartphones in a vertical or horizontal position. This device allows you to charge any smartphone that supports QI wireless charging. Extremely easy to use, put your s..
Ex Tax:22.85€
Product Code: 75466
Borofone BQ3 Preference Wireless Charger ensures fast and stable charging. The device has a protection against overheating, overload and short circuit. Supported charging power: 5W, 7.5W, 10W. The charger is only compatible with phones and devices that support wireless charging technology. The model..
Ex Tax:9.07€
Product Code: 75467
Hoco CW13 Sensible 5W wireless charger is designed to charge fast and wirelessly smartphones that support the QI standard. Also, there is an LED indicator on its body that informs the user about the charging status. If necessary, you can leave your phone to charge overnight with this wireless charge..
Ex Tax:7.89€
Product Code: 67864
Hoco CW14 Round 5W Wireless Charger is a great wireless charging option. The device charges very quickly and conveniently and without the hassle of wires. The charging process is quite convenient and simple, you just need to put your smartphone or tablet on the wireless charger and the device will s..
Ex Tax:9.22€
Product Code: 75468
Hoco CW6 Homey is a round, stylish, wireless 10W fast charging pad. Using this charger is especially convenient - just place your smartphone on the pad and it will be charging.SpecificationIncoming voltage: 5V/2A, 9V/1.8AOutgoing voltage: 5V/1APower: 10WMaterial: non-flammable PCQI supportColor: bla..
Ex Tax:10.99€
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