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Product Code: 80461
Tired of your things constantly falling off your dash or center dashboard while you're driving? Keep your valuables within reach and within sight with the anti slip sticky pad Baseus Folding Bracket Antiskid Pad. This multi-functional holder provides a stable hold for your mobile phone, glasses, car..
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Product Code: 80481
Introducing the Mercury F608 3in1 magnetic phone holder with 10W wireless charger! This versatile and convenient phone holder can be applied to your car's air vent or glued to another location in your car, making it perfect for GPS navigation and hands-free calling. It features 360-degree rotation f..
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Cell Phone Gaming Controller Baseus Gamo One-Handed Gamepad GMGA05-01
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 79794
Baseus Gamo One-Handed Gamepad GMGA05-01 lets you enjoy your favorite mobile games like never before. With its 7 programmable keys, it gives you the freedom to customize your gaming experience according to your needs. The Bluetooth 4.0 technology ensures a stable connection without any input lag. It..
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Product Code: 78180
The Hoco GM7 Eagle Six-Finger is a cell phone game controller is an indispensable accessory that will give you a significant advantage in virtual battle and make the gaming experience on your smartphone convenient. GM7 Eagle Six-Finger model is made in the form of a stand for the phone. Allows you t..
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Product Code: 76811
Borofone BH24 Bright Shell desk cell phone and tablet holder is a stylish holder with a 360-degree rotation that can hold cell phones and tablets with a diagonal of 4-10.6 inches (122 mm to 200 mm).Due to the high quality and soft clamping mechanism, the holder can be mounted not only on wooden desk..
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Product Code: 80479
If you're looking for a sleek and stylish way to keep your Apple MagSafe wireless charger handy, the Hoco PH39 Daring is the perfect solution. This desk mount holder is made of durable aluminum alloy and Silica gel, so it's built to last. Plus, it has a sleek and modern design that will complement a..
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Product Code: 78393
Baseus 360° AI Following Shot Tripod Head (SUYT-B02) is a smart photographic phone holder for taking photos, recording videos, live streaming and video calls. This single-axis gimbal has the ability to swivel horizontally over a full 360-degree range. Contrary to less advanced models, the mechanism ..
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Product Code: 77062
Desk phone holder Borofone BH23 Bright Shell - a stylish original holder that will harmoniously fit into any interior. Made of high quality durable plastic and silicone and aluminum alloy elements. The BH23 holder uses clip-type latches that can hold phones with 4.5-6.5 inches and a locking range of..
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Product Code: 67713
Static desk phone and tablet holder is compatible with 4 - 10.5 inch devices. Possibility to adjust the required viewing angle from 5 to 45 °. The holder is also compatible with the Nintendo Switch...
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Product Code: 80469
Introducing the Baseus Otaku Life Rotary Adjustment Lazy Holder – your perfect bedside and desk partner for hands-free phone and tablet use! With its compatible 4.7-12.9 inch devices, you can now enjoy your favorite TV series at the most comfortable angle. It also features a triple stability enhance..
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Product Code: 79586
This Desk Phone Holder Borofone BH42 Star is a great way to keep your mobile phone or tablet within easy reach while you're working at your desk. It's made of durable ABS plastic and silicone, with a textured surface that provides a firm grip on your device. The holder has a large angle adjustment r..
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Product Code: 79900
Introducing the Hoco PH24 Balu, the perfect desk phone and tablet holder for your bedroom, living room, or kitchen! This sleek and stylish holder is made of high-quality ABS plastic and silica gel, with a aluminum-magnesium alloy frame for durability. It's adjustable to fit 4-10.5 inch mobile device..
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Product Code: 79899
If you're looking for a top-of-the-line desk phone and tablet holder, the Hoco PH27 Stable is perfect for you! This product is made with high-quality materials, including ABS plastic, aluminum alloy, and silicone, so you can trust that it will withstand regular use. The telescopic design is perfect ..
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Product Code: 79898
The Hoco PH29A Carry is the perfect way to keep your tablet or smartphone within reach while you're working at your desk. This desktop stand features a 120° angle adjustment, so you can position your device exactly how you need it. The double shaft design is sturdy and reliable, and the silicone mat..
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Product Code: 79896
Do you find it difficult to use your phone or tablet while working at your desk? Or maybe you're always searching for a place to put your device while you're cooking in the kitchen. The Hoco PH30 Soaring desktop metal holder is the perfect solution for you! It's made of durable ABS material and can ..
Ex Tax:7.62€
Product Code: 79895
Are you looking for a desktop holder that is compatible with your 4.7-13 inch mobile phone or tablet? Look no further than the Hoco PH34 Excelente! This holder is made of ABS + silicone and is super-wide compatible, making it perfect for online classes, work meetings, or watching movies and videos. ..
Ex Tax:8.82€
Product Code: 80521
Hoco PH49 Elegant is the perfect way to keep your mobile devices organized and at-the-ready, whether you're working from home or in the office. This stylish and functional desk stand is made of carbon steel and silicone, with a sleek design that looks great on any desktop. It's perfect for holding y..
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Desk Phone, Tablet Holder Hoco S28 Dawn
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 79892
Do you find it hard to focus on your work when your phone is constantly buzzing with notifications? Or maybe you like to watch movies and shows on your tablet, but hate having to hold it in your hands for long periods of time. Well, we have the perfect solution for you!Introducing the Hoco S28 Dawn,..
Ex Tax:9.17€
Product Code: 80377
If you're looking for a top-of-the-line desk phone or tablet holder that also charges your devices wirelessly, look no further than the Baseus Literary Youth 15W. This holder is made from premium materials and can accommodate devices up to 12.9 inches, making it perfect for both phones and tablets. ..
Ex Tax:18.17€
Product Code: 77168
Borofone BY6 PerfectPic is a desk tripod phone holder, selfie stick with LED 6" inch lighting, which will be useful for recording or streaming video to Youtube, Twitch, Facebook or other video and stream platforms. The multifunctional holder can be the best helper for influencers, streamers, photogr..
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Product Code: 78015
Desktop Stand, Phone Holder with LED 1TMJ is for a recording videos, taking photos and applying makeup – there's plenty of activities that require you to have your hands free and good lighting. To brighten up the darkness, choose a lamp that is ideal for placing on a desk or dressing table.It is a p..
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Product Code: 67714
Baseus Live Stream Holder-Table Stand is a tripod phone holder with a 10-inch ring LED backlight that can help streaming video or games, shoot, video recording, or even read a book for extra light. Adjustable brightness - 3 color mode: white, warm yellow and warm white. Universal phone holder with c..
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Product Code: 79728
Need the perfect light for your photos and videos? Look no further than the XO L03 LED Desktop Stand with 10 inch light ring. This innovative product is ideal for capturing great shots and videos, providing perfect lighting with adjustable color temperatures to ensure perfect lighting every time. Ad..
Ex Tax:16.63€
Product Code: 80636
With a 12" LED ring, the Devia desktop stand is perfect for photo and video photography, providing professional lighting for detailed shots. The high quality, professional-grade ring light is perfect for makeup artists, bloggers, beauty salons, and anyone who needs quality lighting for their photos ..
Ex Tax:25.32€
Desktop Telescopic Stand, Phone Holder with 10 LED Ring
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 78756
Desktop 52 - 170 cm telescopic stand, phone holder with 10" LED Ring for photos and video recordings. From now on your photos can look professional no matter how much light enters the room from outside. When you buy a ring lamp, you get your own mini studio that will allow you to shoot in very good ..
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Product Code: 80513
PopSockets Circle is the perfect phone holder for those who want a little more grip and security when using their devices. The phone holder is made of durable material and is compatible with all phone types, so you can use it with your iPhone, Samsung, or any other type of phone. It's anti-drop and ..
Ex Tax:2.51€
Product Code: 80514
PopSockets Rectangle is the perfect way to keep your phone at hand while you're on the go. This durable phone holder is compatible with iPhone, Samsung, and any other devices, and it's anti-drop design means you'll never have to worry about your phone slipping out of your grip. The ability to prop u..
Ex Tax:2.51€
Product Code: 79894
Introducing the Hoco PH36 Emma, the perfect magnetic phone holder for your monitor or laptop. This sleek and stylish accessory is compatible with all modern smartphone models, and its minimalist design means it won't stand out against your interior. Made of strong zinc alloy, the PH36 Emma is finish..
Ex Tax:7.59€
Product Code: 79893
If you're looking for a reliable and stylish way to keep your smartphone within easy reach, look no further than the Hoco PH45 Royalty Metal magnetic holder. This innovative device attaches to your laptop screen or desktop monitor via an adhesive tape, ensuring a secure hold that won't damage your s..
Ex Tax:5.21€
Product Code: 79906
Are you looking for a phone stand that is both universal and multifunctional? Look no further than the CLCKR Perforated Universal Stand! This patented stand enables a firmer hold on your phone, as well as multiple viewing positions. Whether you're taking a selfie, Facetiming with friends, or binge-w..
Ex Tax:8.06€
Product Code: 79902
Feel confident and in control while using your phone with the CLCKR Saffiano Universal Stand. With a firmer hold, comfy handle and multiple viewing positions, this phone stand and grip gives you the freedom to use your phone how you want without worrying about it slipping out of your hand. The easy-..
Ex Tax:8.06€
Product Code: 80375
The CLCKR Studio Universal Stand is the perfect way to keep your mobile phone in view and within reach. The stand is easy to apply using 3M Adhesive and is compatible with most wireless chargers, making it the perfect way to keep your phone charged and ready to go. The CLCKR Studio Universal Stand i..
Ex Tax:6.51€
Phone Holder with 12 inch LED Ring without Stand Baseus Live Stream CRZB12-B01
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 80593
Whether you’re a Youtuber, an Instagrammer, or just someone who likes to take pictures and videos, the Baseus Live Stream CRZB12-B01 is perfect for you! This phone holder comes with a 12 inch LED Ring without stand, so you can purchase the stand separately. With three light effects (strong light/war..
Ex Tax:27.41€
Product Code: 79617
Are you looking for a selfie stick that can also serve as a desk phone holder? If so, the Borofone BY8 Magic is a great option to consider. This versatile device is made of stainless steel and ABS, and can be expanded to a height of 800mm. It also has a remote control for easy operation, and its bui..
Ex Tax:12.03€
Product Code: 79901
The Hoco LV03 Showfull is a Selfie Stick and Desktop Stand Phone Holder with an 6 inch LED Ring that is perfect for live broadcasts or taking selfies. It is made of high-quality ABS and aluminum alloy materials and is compact and easy to carry. It has a 6-inch fill light with 56 lamp beads that prov..
Ex Tax:16.82€
Product Code: 79891
The RL10-160 Stand, Phone Holder with LED Ring 10 inch is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to up their photography, live streaming, makeup, or YouTube video game. With three lighting modes and 10 levels of adjustable brightness, it's easy to get the perfect shot every time. The USB power supply..
Ex Tax:21.98€
Product Code: 79890
Introducing the RL10-200 Stand, Phone Holder with LED Ring 10 inch! This versatile and easy-to-use product is perfect for photography, live streaming, makeup, YouTube videos and so much more. With three different lighting modes and 10 levels of adjustable brightness, you can easily create the perfec..
Ex Tax:23.27€
Product Code: 79888
Do you want to take your photography and live streaming to the next level? The RL6-160 Stand, Phone Holder with LED 6.2" Ring is perfect for you! With 3 lighting modes and 10 levels of adjustable brightness, this LED ring provides supplementary light and 360° rotation for more stable connection. USB..
Ex Tax:13.92€
Product Code: 79887
RL6-200 is a 2 meter stand, phone holder with LED Ring 6.2", the latest product in our LED ring light series. It has 3 lighting modes and 10 levels of adjustable brightness, making it perfect for photography, live streaming, makeup, YouTube videos and more. With its 360° rotation and more stable con..
Ex Tax:16.03€
Product Code: 80566
Are you looking for an easy way to take your video streaming to the next level? Then check out the Baseus Live Stream Holder Table Stand CRZB12-B01-2! This innovative tripod makes it easy to set up your camera or ring lamp for convenient video call, photo shoot, streaming and conference sessions. Wi..
Ex Tax:22.96€
Wireless MagSafe Charger with Stand and Car Holder Duzzona W3 3in1 (15W)
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 79454
Duzzona W3 3in1 wireless charger with stand and car holder which is using 15W MagSafe charging technology, the round wireless charger can be attached to the back of iPhone 12, iPhone 13 Series. The magnets in the charger can be precisely aligned with the magnets in the iPhone, with strong adsorption..
Ex Tax:13.18€
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