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Adapter - new opportunities for mobile phone

A phone adapter is a great accessory that will allow you not only to convert one connector to another, but also you will be able to use much more of your owned devices. They come in a wide variety: for headphones, AUX, USB C (Type-C), micro USB, Apple Lightning, OTG, SIM and many more to give your phone more functionality.

Headphone adapter

More and more manufacturers are removing the headphone jack from their phones and no longer provide the ability to connect old but still good headphones with a 3.5mm jack. However, this is not a final verdict and in this case you really don’t have to throw away the headphones you already have. This "enhancement" of phones can be tricked by using certain adapters (e.g. audio jack adapter) suitable for the new mobile phone. 

The first manufacturer to start doing this is Apple. The headphone jack has been removed from the iPhone 7 smartphone and newer phone models have also been manufactured without a headphone jack. In such cases an Apple lightning adapter is required to connect and use standard headphones. The iPhones AUX adapter gives you a second chance to connect regular, already owned headphones - the Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm adapter will help you. 

As other phone manufacturers have also taken this idea, leaving only one Type C connector without a headphone jack in the device, we can also offer USB to 3.5 mm jack audio adapter for such phone owners. 

SIM card adapter

If you have decided that it is time to change your old phone and purchased a new one, there is a possibility that you may encounter the problem of SIM card size. Sometimes the mobile SIM card is not suitable, the size of the SIM card does not match to your new phone. 

To avoid contacting your operator to get a new SIM card, you can use the appropriate adapters to resolve this issue. SIM adapters will help you convert your existing mobile nano SIM card to a micro SIM or standard size SIM card that was used in older phone models. You can also convert a micro SIM card to a standard SIM. 

OTG adapter

The USB OTG "On The Go" Adapter is a part that will allow the device to be converted from any port (micro USB, Type-C (USB-C) or Lightning) to USB for connection to: a USB key, a keyboard, a mouse, external hard drive or any other device.

Micro USB adapteris

Micro USB adapters allow you to convert from this connector to USB, Apple Lightning, or Type-C (USB C).

AUX cable, extender, splitter

If you’re tired of listening to radio stations in your car or driving long distances and not all radio stations play in the countryside, you can always plug in your mobile phone and listen to the music on it or run music apps like Spotify or Youtube. 

Audio, AUX adapter is to connect the phone to the car player so that you can listen to music from the mobile. The same adapter for your phone will help you to successfully connect it to a portable speaker, music center or other device with an AUX connection so that you can listen to music from your phone at home or at a party. 

If you are missing the available AUX cable length or you need several of the same or different adapters, you will also find various extension cables and AUX splitters in our online store.

Product Code: 51583
Universal car 3.5mm Bluetooth FM transmitter, adapter with 3.5mm audio connection can be useful in various environments: car, home, office. Adapter can be connected to a car music player, music center, speakers and other devices that have an AUX 3.5mm audio connector. The transmitter also has a buil..
Ex Tax:6.14€
Product Code: 71242
Hoco LS18 adapter converts the Apple Lightning connector into two separate Apple Lightning connectors so you can use the Lightning headphones and charge the phone at the same time if needed at 2.0A speed.SpecificationManufacturer: HocoModel: LS18Type: Apple Lightning - 2x Apple LightningMicrophone: ..
Ex Tax:7.98€
Product Code: 62072
The Borofone BV6 Comfortable Apple Lightning to 2x Apple Lightning Connector Adapter is designed to solve the issue of music listening and charging your device at the same time. If you often need to decide whether to listen to music or charge your phone, then this adapter is for you. To solve this p..
Ex Tax:4.71€
Product Code: 75409
Apple Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter will allow you to connect headphones with the usual 3.5mm audio connectors to Apple devices that only have a Lightning connector. The adapter works with all Apple devices that have a Lightning jack and support iOS 10 or later version, including iPod, i..
Ex Tax:5.07€
Product Code: 67902
Hoco UA14 Apple Lightning and HDMI (1080p HD) 2 meter cable adapter with additional power allows you to transfer images from iPhone or iPad to a TV, monitor or projector with HDMI connection. The adapter works on a “Plug and Play” principle, which means that no additional applications need to be ins..
Ex Tax:12.62€
Product Code: 62073
Borofone BV7 Light Apple Lightning to Apple Lightning and audio 3.5mm headphone jack adapter is designed to allow Apple devices users to simultaneously charge their devices while listening to music or watching movies using the standard 3.5mm audio connector that most headphones have.SpecificationGam..
Ex Tax:8.66€
Product Code: 76118
Hoco Apple Lightning to micro USB adapter allows you to connect an iPhone, iPad or iPod with a Ligthning connector to micro USB cables to charge and sync data.FeaturesExtremely compactCan be used for charging and data transfer..
Ex Tax:2.80€
Product Code: 71247
Adapter from Apple Lightning to the Type-C (USB-C) connector is designed to charge or transfer data from an iPhone, iPad, iPod to a computer or other device, even with a new generation Type-C (USB-C) cable...
Ex Tax:3.80€
Product Code: 75670
AUX audio cable adapter allows you to listen to music quickly and easily by connecting your smartphone or MP3 player to various devices that have a 3.5 mm input connector: home stereo, speaker, car. ..
Ex Tax:2.16€
Product Code: 75668
3.5mm AUX audio cable, adapter Borofone BL1 Audiolink can connect any device in your car with a 3.5mm audio connector such as cell phones, MP3 player or tablet, bluetooth wireless speakers or home stereo.SpecificationManufacturer: BorofoneModel: BL1 AudiolinkAUX connectors: 3.5 - 3.5mmCord length: 1..
Ex Tax:3.12€
Product Code: 75669
Borofone BL5 standard 1 meter AUX audio cable, adapter 3.5mm with microphone and one button control.SpecificationManufacturer: BorofoneModel: BL5Color: blackCord length: 1 meterExternal material: TPEMicrophone: YesControl Button: Available..
Ex Tax:3.75€
Product Code: 55387
Dual headphone jack 3.5mm audio AUX splitter cable adapter Hoco UPA06 will allow you to connect and use 2 devices at the same time, 0.3m length...
Ex Tax:5.55€
Product Code: 67496
Aluminum from micro USB to Apple Lightning adapter allows you to connect the iPhone, iPad or iPod charging, data transfer cable to devices that have a micro USB connection so that you can charge or transfer data using this adapter and the USB-Lightning cable.The adapter is available in several color..
Ex Tax:3.80€
Product Code: 67497
micro USB to USB OTG adapter allows you to connect USB flash drive, mouse, keyboard, etc.) devices to smartphones, tablets, and other devices that have a micro USB connector. Adapter is quite practical and lightweight, and the housing is made of durable metal, which will protect it from any external..
Ex Tax:3.56€
Product Code: 50906
micro USB to USB OTG Adapter Samsung GH96-09728A quickly and easily transfer all important data from your old phone to the new Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 + with Samsung (GH96-09728A) microUSB to USB adapter. With a USB On-The-GO (OTG) technology adapter with the Smart Switch a..
Ex Tax:3.45€
Product Code: 67695
Huawei CM20 from Type-C (USB-C) to 3.5mm audio adapter allows you to connect headphones with a standard 3.5mm plug to devices with only a Type-C (USB-C) connector...
Ex Tax:13.00€
Product Code: 67947
Enjoy clear and high-quality music with your favorite headphones with Samsung USB-C - 3.5mm headphone adapter (EE-UC10JUWEGWW) and high sound quality. The adapter supports up to 24 bit/192 kHz, 100dB SNR output, so your music appears with tones you enjoy listening to.Features24bit/192kHz 100dB SNREa..
Ex Tax:16.26€
Product Code: 71238
USB-C (Type-C) - 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter allows connect devices that use a standard 3.5 mm audio plug, such as headphones or portable speakers, to be connected to USB-C devices...
Ex Tax:3.56€
Product Code: 67503
Aluminum Type-C (USB-C) to Apple Lightning adapter allows you to connect iPhone, iPad or iPod charging, data transfer cable to devices that have a Type-C (USB-C) connection so that you can charge or transfer data using this adapter and the USB-Lightning cable.The adapter is available in several colo..
Ex Tax:3.80€
Product Code: 67901
Hoco UA13 4K Full HD Type-C (USB-C) to HDMI 1.8 meter cable adapter for high-quality video and audio transmission between devices with USB-C and HDMI connections, such as: TV, monitor, projector, laptop, tablet and smartphone. Nylon cord braid protects the cable during operation, and connector housi..
Ex Tax:12.26€
Product Code: 71249
Adapter from Type-C (USB-C) to micro USB is designed for charging devices and data transfer...
Ex Tax:1.96€
Product Code: 71246
Borofone BV8 2in1 adapter is designed to convert from one Type-C (USB-C) connector to a Type-C (USB-C) for charging and to a 3.5mm audio connector so that you can listen to music or other audio recordings while charging the device and do it all at once.SpecificationManufacturer: BorofoneModel: BV8Ch..
Ex Tax:4.71€
Product Code: 76340
Small and simple Type-C (USB-C) to USB OTG adapter will help expand the capabilities of your phone or tablet, as you can connect a variety of USB devices: keyboard, mouse, USB flash drive, card reader, external drive and similar devices that have USB connectors. Provides 5 Gbps transfer speed.This a..
Ex Tax:2.80€
Product Code: 55386
HOCO UA5 adapter from Type-C (USB-C) to USB OTG is designed to change the connection from Type-C to USB so that you can connect other devices, transfer data using this adapter, or charge them...
Ex Tax:3.63€
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