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The selfie stick will help you create exceptionally stunning photos from different angles every day and while traveling. It is actually quite difficult to take a photo of yourself or you with a group of people only by holding a phone in your hand. And if your party is too big, not all faces may get in the range of the camera view. To avoid such inconvenience, just use this device, that will make you a selfie master!

How does a selfie stick work? Just push the button and take a photo!

Forget about taking close-up photos and videos or asking strangers to take pictures of you, as the telescopic phone gadget can be stretched from 0.20 to 2 meters, and in some cases even at a distance of 3 m.

How to use a selfie stick?

It is very easy to use - just attach the smartphone to the clips, which will adapt to the size of each phone's screen and then connect a 3.5mm audio connector to the phone or Bluetooth to the stick remote control. The connection depends on which phone selfie stick you choose - wired or wireless. And at the touch of a button, you can take photos from different angles by pressing a button on the selfie stick or, if you're using one with a Bluetooth, by controlling the remote control.

What selfie sticks can be found on the market?

The selection of lightweight aluminum selfie sticks is quite large and with a variety of functionalities such as: tripod function, with lamp, wired and selfie stick with remote control or even with an optional built-in stabilizer for great photos and videos.

Selfie stick, tripod 

If you want to make videos or take a photo of you from greater distance, then the best selfie stick is the one with the tripod. Tripod function comes with remote control buttons so you can place a selfie stick on a flat surface and take photos or videos. It is actually very convenient, because the selfie stick stand will play a role of someone holding a phone and taking pictures instead of you.

Selfie stick with LED lamp

A modern selfie stick and tripod with a lamp are used where there is a lack of lighting or additional lighting is needed to shoot live broadcasts,  to “stream”, make YouTube, TikTok and other videos. The LED lamp will highly improve the quality of photos and videos you make as it will provide necessary additional lighting.

Selfie stick with stabilizer

The cameras that are used in phones although are rapidly evolving but still do not have the same stabilizers as professional cameras. A cell phone selfie stick with a stabilizer will help prevent making bad videos where the image shakes without investing a lot of money. The stabilizer will always be better than holding the phone in the hand, as it helps to eliminate vibration and avoids blurred images.

Wired selfie stick

This type of sticks, due to its low price, is one of the most popular on the market. They are connected to the phone with a 3.5mm audio cable or Apple Lightning, micro USB, Type-C connectors, which depends on the stick or phone model connector. The use of it is very simple - just press a button on the stick to take a photo.

Bluetooth selfie stick

For more convenient photo and video taking, there is a Bluetooth selfie stick. It is a wireless stick with Bluetooth function that has a separate remote control that is paired with the phone and after pressing the button, the photos are captured in the phone’s memory.

Product Code: 69670
Selfie Stick Borofone BY4 is a wireless compact photo or video assistant which is made of stainless steel and ABS thermoplastic which has durability and impact resistance. Selfie stick can be used by devices with a phone diagonal from 4.7 to 6 inches. During shooting and filming, stick can be extend..
Ex Tax:7.33€
Product Code: 69671
Selfie Stick Borofone BY3 is a wired compact photo or video assistant with 3.5mm audio connection. Selfie Stick BY3 is made of stainless steel and ABS thermoplastic which has durability and impact resistance. Selfie stick can be used by devices with a phone diagonal from 4.7 to 6 inches. During shoo..
Ex Tax:4.51€
Product Code: 69672
Hoco K2 Mirror is a unique selfie stick that will make all your photos perfect! Not only is it a handy tool for taking pictures, but it has a mirror on the stick, so you can take all your photos with the rear camera (which is always better than the front) without having to guess if your picture is g..
Ex Tax:5.19€
Product Code: 69680
Hoco K3 Beauty Wired Selfie Stick has been specially designed for the audio 3.5mm connector. With this selfie stick you will be able to take pictures of yourself or friends from any angle without any extra help from outsiders. Selfie stick is adjustable, so you can rotate the phone to the angle you ..
Ex Tax:7.88€
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