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Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Case Spigen Liquid Crystal

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Case Spigen Liquid Crystal
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Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Case Spigen Liquid Crystal

Spigen Liquid Crystal clear silicone case will help to maintain the original Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max design for maximum protection. The frame of this case is thin and does not add any extra dimensions to the device, and its transparency allows you not to lose the original look of the phone. You will also be able to use the wireless charging function even without removing the case, and the precise cutouts according to the phone’s model will provide easy and fast access to all external functions of the device. Each corner of the case has built-in additional Air Cushion Technology® protection, which will provide additional impact protection during the drop of the phone. Thanks to its ergonomic design, the case is comfortable and suitable for everyday use. Spigen Liquid Crystal is non-slip, so it will not slip out of your hands or when placed on flat surface. The high-quality polyurethane material used in the production will provide long-term transparent protection: the case will not fade or turn yellow due to UV rays. There is additional silicone protection around the sensitive parts of the device, the screen and the camera.


  • Certified Air Cushion technology
  • Clean, transparent design that is resistant to stains and UV rays
  • Additional protection around the camera and screen
  • All the necessary cutouts for comfortable use of the phone

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