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Apple iPhone XR Case Dux Ducis Pocard

Apple iPhone XR Case Dux Ducis Pocard
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Apple iPhone XR Case Dux Ducis Pocard

Dux Ducis Pocard series Apple iPhone XR case is an incredibly comfortable, practical and most importantly effective protective accessory. The main materials used in the production are a combination of impact-resistant plastic and silicone (TPU), which ensures high abrasion resistance and excellent cushioning. The back is complemented by a pleasant-to-touch synthetic leather cover that is resistant to fingerprints. The edges of the case have a special texture that improves grip and reduces the chance of dropping the device. The design provides all the necessary access to the phone’s camera, connectors, and the side volume and power buttons are protected by an extra layer of silicone and are easy to press. There is a special pocket on the back of the case, which can hold business, payment cards, etc.

Features of Dux Ducis Pocard

  • Made to fit the shape and dimensions of your phone
  • Leaves the camera and connectors available, buttons have extra protection
  • Structure of two different materials of different hardness for better protection
  • Softens the impact force in the event of a fall, reducing the chance of the screen cracking
  • Durability of use and resistance to natural abrasion

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