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Xiaomi Redmi Go Case Rubber

Xiaomi Redmi Go Case Rubber
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Xiaomi Redmi Go Case Rubber

The Rubber case is made of TPU material, fits perfectly to the Xiaomi Redmi Go and provides excellent protection against dirt and external damage. The main material of the case is elastic silicone, which is pleasant to the touch and has excellent cushioning properties, which absorbs the impact during the fall on the floor or other hard surface. The top layer of the case is covered with a matte layer, which is resistant to the appearance of fingers and greasy stains and is non-slip. All existing cutouts are made specifically for Xiaomi Redmi Go, so you will be able to use all external functions as if the device were without a case. The inside of the case has a soft microfiber lining that prevents the back of the phone from rubbing and wearing off.


  • Designed specifically according to Xiaomi Redmi Go dimensions and shapes
  • All the necessary cut outs are available - access to the camera, connectors, buttons and other external features
  • Reduces the risk of serious damage after a fall
  • The inside of the case is covered with soft microfiber
  • The top layer is matte and resistant to fingerprints and stains and is also non-slip
  • Exceptional quality ensures a long service and is resistant to natural wear off


  • Model: Rubber
  • Material: TPU, microfiber
  • Compatible with Xiaomi Redmi Go

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