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Bluetooth Headsets, Handsfree

We offer Bluetooth headsets from various manufacturers: Jabra, Samsung, Plantronics, Hoco, Borofone and others. Bluetooth headset is a great choice for those who travel a lot and especially talk on the phone while driving. 

The Bluetooth handsfree in the car will help reduce the risk of accidents, as you will no longer have to hold the phone to your ear while driving. This way, you will be able to work and communicate with customers, colleagues, friends and family by phone at the same time, and most importantly, you will not receive a fine for using the phone while driving. 

How does Bluetooth headset work?

The Bluetooth phone headset works very simply - all you need is Bluetooth support on your device. The headset connects to your phone, tablet, or computer using Bluetooth connectivity. This connection is especially useful because it allows you to talk on the phone and walk, work on a computer, clean or work from home at the same time from a connected phone up to 10 meters distance.

If you are driving, the headset in the car allows you to continue the conversation safely  during hands free calling at the same time, focusing on the road, road signs or pedestrians. Therefore, it becomes a mandatory accessory that must always be used in the car. 

What features a wireless Bluetooth handsfree must have?

Regardless of which wireless headset you choose, check the following: 

  • OS. It must first be compatible with the operating system of the device you are using. It may vary depending on the device: Android, iOS or Windows. If you are not interested before purchasing and will not be compatible with the operating system of your smart device, the headset may not work properly, i.e. may not work with all of its features.
  • Bluetooth. Since handsfree devices are most commonly used with smartphones, they must support Bluetooth connectivity. Also, it is possible to connect to any other Bluetooth devices.
  • Speaker and microphone. The quality of the speaker and handsfree mic are very important parts of these devices, because when you use them, you have to hear your caller clearly during the phone call, as well as they must hear you, so the sound quality must be at highest. Most advanced wireless handsfree features built-in noise-canceling microphones that reduce ambient background noise so that the caller can hear you without interference, even in noisy rooms or outdoors. The headset can also support additional HD audio quality for even more enjoyable communication. 
  • Battery. Depending on how long you intend to use the ear headset, pay attention not only to the capacity of the battery and battery life but also to its operating time. If you’re looking for an option that frees up your hands for a few casual calls, then you can opt for cheaper headsets, but those who desperately need as long uptime as possible should not save money and opt for expensive headphones that can last much longer than similar wireless headsets equipment. 
  • Additional features. Some Bluetooth headsets also support virtual phone assistants such as Google, Siri, Xiao Ai, Alexa, and if you use them in your daily life, then this feature in the headset can also be very useful. 
  • Comfort. Comfort fit is probably the most important factor that will definitely determine for how long you will use the set. The best wireless headsets must be comfortable and if they don’t, you just won’t want to use them at all. Choose from those that may have extra headphone hooks to make them comfortable to wear for a long time, as this way your ears won’t get tired so quickly.
Product Code: 75294
Borofone BC29 Lambent Mini Bluetooth wireless bluetooth headset is a small and compact headset with a modern design. In the office, in the car or at home doing any activity you can communicate by phone or listen to music with this headset for up to 4 hours. The wireless headset has a built-in 50mAh ..
Ex Tax:12.11€
Product Code: 75290
Hoco E14 Impetuos is a compact gray Bluetooth wireless headset with high-quality audio transmission and a sensitive microphone that also supports listening to music. The stylish and compact wireless headset is an ideal for use while driving, cycling, during work outs or engaging in other activities ..
Ex Tax:12.60€
Product Code: 75291
Very small and compact Hoco E28 Cool road Bluetooth wireless headset with a very fun design will accompany you at every step of your life. Listen to music, talk on the phone, drive or work without distractions.SpecificationHeadphone material: ABSSize: 26 x 18 x 23mmWeight: 5gBluetooth version: 4.1Ba..
Ex Tax:10.34€
Product Code: 75292
Use your Android or Apple device to work or drive freely with the Hoco E31 Graceful Bluetooth wireless headset, even within 10 meters of a paired device. This headset with a modern design will be a great detail and accessory for every style.SpecificationBluetooth version: V4.2 WTA2DP, AVRCP supportD..
Ex Tax:9.52€
Product Code: 75289
The subtly designed Bluetooth wireless headset Hoco EPB04 are comfortable and lightweight, so you won’t even feel like you’re wearing it. With this headset, you can be up to 10 meters away from a paired device. In addition to the standard English language sound functions, the headset have 3 addition..
Ex Tax:9.82€
Product Code: 75464
Platinet PLCRBT2 - OMO10456 dual-purpose device consisting of a car charger with two USB ports (2.4A) and a Bluetooth headset. The headset has a storage space in the charger, where it can be charged conveniently without using the headset, so there will be no problems charging the headset. Specificat..
Ex Tax:27.44€
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