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The best wireless headphones for music and sports will allow you to enjoy your favorite music or talk on the phone freely and wirelessly while doing any other activity. Wireless headphones are headphones that do not require a cable between the headset and the device to transmit sound between them. 

Some wireless bluetooth headsets consist of two earphones that are wired and are often referred to as wireless sports headphones, while other True Wireless headphones (TWS) are not even wired with each other, so such headphones can work together or separately from each other, e.g. if necessary, you can put on and use only one piece that you need at the time. 

How does a Bluetooth phone headset work?

Devices that support Bluetooth connect wirelessly due to a radio signal that also allows you to connect to a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Bluetooth technology is used in many devices: wireless headset, sport headset, portable speakers, smart watches, and more. So when two Bluetooth-enabled devices are close to each other, such as a phone and a headset, they can be paired and operated remotely. 

How to choose the best cell phone headset?

Wireless headphones have greatly improved over the last decade thanks to the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology. This latest technology provides longer wireless headphone usage and improved sound quality, which is essential for those who value quality sound and wireless music listening. The latest are JBL, Beats, Bose, Xiaomi, Mi, Samsung, Huawei, Apple AirPods, iPhone, Sony, Sennheiser, LG, AGK and other manufacturers of headphones. 

Thus, there are different types of wireless headphones: wireless in-ear headphones, with a hook, over ear wireless headphones that cover the ears. Of course, many of them have noise reduction and are wireless headset with mic. 

Each buyer has to decide for themselves what the best wireless headphones are for them - maybe for your active lifestyle the best for you would be a running headset, which is only connected to each other by a cable. Such wireless sport headphones, if they have a magnet, can be connected and hung around the neck without use, because the magnets touch and hold them together. 

Or maybe you need small wireless headphones for listening to music that are completely wireless without any wires, even between the headphones themselves. Such headphones usually have an extra case so that you can safely carry them with you anywhere and anytime. Such a wireless headphone case often charges the headphones at the same time. 

What is the most important thing to know when choosing a wireless headset?

  • What are you going to use them for? Are you looking for headphones that will not interfere with or fall out during sports? Wireless workout headphones will be the same for you. Do you need headphones that minimize extra and annoying noise in loud places? Then choose good wireless headphones that will have an active noise cancellation feature. It all depends on how, where and how often you plan to use them, as the type you choose has different characteristics.
  • What type of headphones are you looking for? With ear hooks or the bow, the headphones hold on to the ears or cover the entire ear. There are also in-ear headphones. The latter may not be the best choice to ensure completely sound quality, but they will give you much more freedom to move, travel or play sports, and they will not fall out of your ears either. 
  • Want wired or wireless headphones? Wired headphones - transmit a strong signal perfectly and quickly, but in this case you are always connected to a phone, MP3 player, TV and so on. Bluetooth & wireless headphones allow free movement, but if you are more than 10 meters away from the paired device, interference may occur and the sound may even crack. With a wireless headset, you will always have to remember that you will still need to have a cell phone somewhere nearby at hand. 

How to connect wireless headphones? 

In fact, it's very simple - just press and hold the power button to connect a Bluetooth headset. If you are using a wireless headset with a charging case, you only need to open the charging case to start the indicator LEDs flashing. These indicators on the headphones can be of different colors: white, blue or red. 

Make sure the Bluetooth feature on your phone is turned on

  • On iPhone devices running iOS, go to Settings> Bluetooth and select the device you want to pair with your phone in the list that appears, in this case your headset. 
  • On Android devices, open the extra menu bar brushing down the screen with your finger at the top of the screen and hold your finger on the Bluetooth icon. This will open the Bluetooth menu, where you can choose from the available paired devices that use Bluetooth and that are visible to your phone and select your headset from the list. If the Bluetooth menu does not open in the specified way, you can do so by finding the Bluetooth in the settings section. 

In some cases, the Bluetooth headset connection may be different, but you can use the user guide in the headset box for help. 

Bluetooth headset PIN

Sometimes you may be asked to pair your device by entering your PIN. If this happens, the PIN code should be provided with the wireless headset in the user guide. Usually the PIN is 0000 or 4 other different but the same numbers.

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Wireless Sport Earphones Platinet Sport PM1085 are completely wireless TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earphones that do not restrict your movements and offer high quality sound using Bluetooth V5.0 technology. With the PM1085 you will gain freedom of movement, which will make it easier to listen to your..
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Borofone BO4 Charming Rhyme wireless Bluetooth stereo headphones have excellent sound performance and a wide dynamic range. Thanks to the high-quality speakers and firmly fitting cushions, you will be able to enjoy the powerful and rich sound of your favorite songs without any extra noise from outsi..
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Wireless bluetooth earphones Borofone BO8 Love Song is a phone accessory with a bright design. Thanks to the sealed cushions that are covered in eco leather and the high-quality speakers, you will be able to enjoy rich sound without any outside sounds that may disturb you. The earphones have a 200 m..
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Freestyle FH0917 is a white wireless headphones with Bluetooth 4.2 technology and has a built-in microphone for use as a headset. Also, the control buttons on the headphones allow you to adjust the volume, switch, pause or resume the song, and answer and answer calls without using a smartphone. Spea..
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