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Product Code: 77955
Gaming Mousepad 350x250x3mm Canyon MP-5 is covered with a special smooth "multi-spandex" material to minimize friction. The mat stays in place on the table due to the anti-slip base made of natural rubber.The optimal size of the rug allows saving the table's space while allowing you to comfortably c..
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Mouse and MousePad 295x210x2 Gaming Set VARR VSETMPX
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Product Code: 78651
VARR VSETMPX5 is a high-performance Gaming optical mouse for enthusiasts in a set with a special 295x210x2 mousepad that increases comfort of use. The special mouse coating allows a firm grip and prevents sweating of the hands even during the most demanding games.Mouse FeaturesHigh-end optical engin..
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Mousepad 750x280x3mm Varr Pro-Gaming Big Size
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Product Code: 79311
Varr Pro-Gaming Big Size mousepad 750x280x3mm is great quality mouse pad with special anty-slip material that perfectly adheres to the surface and protect from the unwanted movements ensuring a stable operation of the game fun.The mouse pad if water proof so any spilled fluid will not damage your ot..
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Product Code: 81075
Rebeltec Slider LONG LED RGB 800x300x4mm mousepad is time to take your gaming setup to the next level with this revolutionary mousepad. If you’re looking for optimal precision and control during intense gaming sessions, then look no further! This highly functional product offers a comfortable thickn..
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Product Code: 78628
Omega OMPGB mousepad is perfect for maintaining the wrists in a relaxed position whilst working on the computer preventing excessive straining. Gel filling makes the pad adapts perfectly to every wrist and thus improves mouse support.AdvantagesPad filled with gelExtremely soft coveringAdapts perfect..
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Product Code: 78652
Canyon MP-W5 (CNS-CMPW5) is a mousepad with 10W wireless charger is great for those who want to optimize the use of table space. You can charge almost any gadget thet supports QI wireless charging standard – just place your smartphone, earbuds or a mouse on the right side of the mat.The wear-resista..
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