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Adhesive Tapes

Product Code: 35679
3M double-sided adhesive tape for gluing screens, touchscreens for various devices...
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Product Code: 48731
Kapton Tape Polyimide High Temperature Roll...
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Product Code: 50400
Protective, dust removal adhesive tape 8 cm - polyethylene tape is perfect for protecting and removing dust from screens, touch screens or other devices, as well as for their protection during repairs. Film does not stick, and the adhesive therefore does not leave any traces of glue or residue when ..
Ex Tax:4.25€
Product Code: 38063
WALBK manufacturer's wide double-sided adhesive tape can be used universally. Particularly suitable for gluing lcd screens for phones or tablets, attaching touchscreens to the frame or attaching batteries. While glue is the most important part that holds the parts together, most forget that when rep..
Ex Tax:1.78€
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