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Product Code: 79680
Looking for a reliable and effective flux for soldering? Look no further than Rosin AG TermoPasty. This product is designed to facilitate soldering and demonstrates activity similar to that of a soldering paste. It can be used as a base component for a reference flux, and is also great for rubbing t..
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Soldering Flux Paste AMTECH NC-559-ASM (10ml)
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Product Code: 77921
AMTECH NC-559-ASM soldering flux paste has been used for many years and has been recognized by customers. Because of its superior welding performance, transparent residue, and low smoke, it is widely used in maintenance. NC-559-ASM solder paste has the following excellent points...
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Product Code: 79682
Looking for a top-quality soldering gel flux? Look no further than Soldering Gel Flux AG TermoPasty (10ml)! This condensed rosin type flux is perfect for SMT assembly and repairs, and is classified as RMA class 1.1.2/3 A type according to ISO 9454-1. Additionally, the activators used in its manufact..
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Product Code: 79684
Looking for a reliable and effective soldering paste? Look no further than our Soldering Paste AG TermoPasty. This high-quality soldering paste is perfect for use in radio and telecommunication technology, as well as the assembly of electrical appliances. It's based on rosin and organic halogen acti..
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