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Wireless Headphones

The best wireless headphones for music and sports will allow you to enjoy your favorite music or talk on the phone freely and wirelessly while doing any other activity. Wireless headphones are headphones that do not require a cable between the headset and the device to transmit sound between them. 

Some wireless bluetooth headsets consist of two earphones that are wired and are often referred to as wireless sports headphones, while other True Wireless headphones (TWS) are not even wired with each other, so such headphones can work together or separately from each other, e.g. if necessary, you can put on and use only one piece that you need at the time. 

How does a Bluetooth phone headset work?

Devices that support Bluetooth connect wirelessly due to a radio signal that also allows you to connect to a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Bluetooth technology is used in many devices: wireless headset, sport headset, portable speakers, smart watches, and more. So when two Bluetooth-enabled devices are close to each other, such as a phone and a headset, they can be paired and operated remotely. 

How to choose the best cell phone headset?

Wireless headphones have greatly improved over the last decade thanks to the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology. This latest technology provides longer wireless headphone usage and improved sound quality, which is essential for those who value quality sound and wireless music listening. The latest are JBL, Beats, Bose, Xiaomi, Mi, Samsung, Huawei, Apple AirPods, iPhone, Sony, Sennheiser, LG, AGK and other manufacturers of headphones. 

Thus, there are different types of wireless headphones: wireless in-ear headphones, with a hook, over ear wireless headphones that cover the ears. Of course, many of them have noise reduction and are wireless headset with mic. 

Each buyer has to decide for themselves what the best wireless headphones are for them - maybe for your active lifestyle the best for you would be a running headset, which is only connected to each other by a cable. Such wireless sport headphones, if they have a magnet, can be connected and hung around the neck without use, because the magnets touch and hold them together. 

Or maybe you need small wireless headphones for listening to music that are completely wireless without any wires, even between the headphones themselves. Such headphones usually have an extra case so that you can safely carry them with you anywhere and anytime. Such a wireless headphone case often charges the headphones at the same time. 

What is the most important thing to know when choosing a wireless headset?

  • What are you going to use them for? Are you looking for headphones that will not interfere with or fall out during sports? Wireless workout headphones will be the same for you. Do you need headphones that minimize extra and annoying noise in loud places? Then choose good wireless headphones that will have an active noise cancellation feature. It all depends on how, where and how often you plan to use them, as the type you choose has different characteristics.
  • What type of headphones are you looking for? With ear hooks or the bow, the headphones hold on to the ears or cover the entire ear. There are also in-ear headphones. The latter may not be the best choice to ensure completely sound quality, but they will give you much more freedom to move, travel or play sports, and they will not fall out of your ears either. 
  • Want wired or wireless headphones? Wired headphones - transmit a strong signal perfectly and quickly, but in this case you are always connected to a phone, MP3 player, TV and so on. Bluetooth & wireless headphones allow free movement, but if you are more than 10 meters away from the paired device, interference may occur and the sound may even crack. With a wireless headset, you will always have to remember that you will still need to have a cell phone somewhere nearby at hand. 

How to connect wireless headphones? 

In fact, it's very simple - just press and hold the power button to connect a Bluetooth headset. If you are using a wireless headset with a charging case, you only need to open the charging case to start the indicator LEDs flashing. These indicators on the headphones can be of different colors: white, blue or red. 

Make sure the Bluetooth feature on your phone is turned on

  • On iPhone devices running iOS, go to Settings> Bluetooth and select the device you want to pair with your phone in the list that appears, in this case your headset. 
  • On Android devices, open the extra menu bar brushing down the screen with your finger at the top of the screen and hold your finger on the Bluetooth icon. This will open the Bluetooth menu, where you can choose from the available paired devices that use Bluetooth and that are visible to your phone and select your headset from the list. If the Bluetooth menu does not open in the specified way, you can do so by finding the Bluetooth in the settings section. 

In some cases, the Bluetooth headset connection may be different, but you can use the user guide in the headset box for help. 

Bluetooth headset PIN

Sometimes you may be asked to pair your device by entering your PIN. If this happens, the PIN code should be provided with the wireless headset in the user guide. Usually the PIN is 0000 or 4 other different but the same numbers.

Wireless Earphoens IPX4 Canyon TWS-1
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 79923
Introducing the Canyon TWS-1 wireless earphones – your perfect companion for an active lifestyle! These earphones feature stereo handsfree calls, automatic pairing, voice assistant support and more, making them a great option for those who want to enjoy a comfortable and affordable user experience. ..
Ex Tax:17,56€
Product Code: 81089
Are you looking for a pair of earphones that will make it easy to enjoy your music as well as business conversations? Look no further - 3MK LifePods are here! These stylish yet powerful earphones bring premium sound quality and communication technology to your fingertips.The advanced 13mm wide diaph..
Ex Tax:33,53€
Product Code: 81013
No more wires getting in your way with 3MK MovePods! These amazing wireless earphones take your listening experience to a whole new level. Crafted to fit comfortably and securely in your ears, these earphones are perfect for running and other sporting activities because they won't budge an inch. Enj..
Ex Tax:26,18€
Wireless Earphones Baseus AirNora W2
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 79735
Introducing the Baseus AirNora W2 Bluetooth v5.0 wireless earphones, designed for women with smaller ear canals. These earphones are ultra lightweight and comfortable to wear, with a side in-ear design that prevents stuffiness and ear pain. The wireless 5.0 IC adaptive noise reduction algorithm give..
Ex Tax:35,65€
Product Code: 81287
Are you a music lover and game enthusiast looking for the perfect set of headphones? Look no further than the Baseus Bowie E2 TWS wireless earphones! This all-in-one package provides fantastic, high-fidelity sound quality that brings your music and games to life. With Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, you..
Ex Tax:28,04€
Product Code: 81288
The revolutionary Baseus Bowie EX TWS wireless earphones – your perfect companion for an immersive Hi-Fi audio experience with dynamic acoustics. Crafted from top-of-the line materials like ABS and PC, the Baseus Bowie EX TWS provides hassle-free listening up to a distance of 10m without any loss in..
Ex Tax:50,78€
Product Code: 81282
Baseus Bowie M2+ true wireless earphones, your perfect companion for daily life! These earphones boast a Bluetooth v5.2 connection, 10m range and low latency dual-channel technology with less than 0.038s delay – providing you with a dependable listening experience. Enjoy enhanced audio quality on a ..
Ex Tax:48,39€
Product Code: 81289
The Baseus Bowie WM05 TWS Wireless Earphones boast Absolute Ultra Luxury in their sleek design with the tech to match. Boasting Bluetooth v5.2, you can enjoy up to 5 hours of smooth and professional music performance at 70% volume while having up to 28 hours of total playback time with the handy cha..
Ex Tax:43,84€
Product Code: 67972
Baseus Encok TWS WM01 wireless earphones are a new generation of True Wireless Stereo (TWS) in-ear earphones that are completely wireless and can operate separately. The Encok TWS WM01 earphone are easy and comfortable to wear, they are very functional, easy to use and at the same time have amazing ..
Ex Tax:23,27€
Wireless Earphones Baseus Encok W04 TWS
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 80567
Introducing the latest and greatest in wireless earphones technology - the Baseus Encok W04 TWS! These earphones feature Bluetooth 5.0 for extended transmission distance and excellent sound quality, plus a whopping 5 hours of continuous playback time on a single charge. With their touch panel contro..
Ex Tax:27,12€
Wireless Earphones Baseus Encok W09
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 67694
Baseus Encok W09 wireless earphones belongs to the new generation of True Wireless (TWS) earphones that support Bluetooth v5.0. Each earphone can work together or separately. Due to the unusual ergonomic design, they fit comfortably in the ears and are comfortable even for long-term use. The sound o..
Ex Tax:27,93€
Wireless Earphones Borofone BE18 JoyMove
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 62071
The BE18 JoyMove wireless headset delivers high-quality powerful stereo sound while enjoying your favorite music. A practical feature of the headphones is that they are magnetized and can magnetically connect to each other so when you do not need them you can hang them around your neck without losin..
Ex Tax:14,36€
Wireless Earphones Borofone BE21 FlashMove TWS
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 75296
The Borofone BE21 FlashMove TWS Wireless Earphones are inspired by the design of Apple AirPods. With these high-quality wireless earphones, you can listen to music, videos and answer calls while you are on the go or even driving. The FlashMove TWS has a multifunction key that allows you to answer or..
Ex Tax:41,80€
Wireless Earphones Borofone BE24 MaxRun
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 75282
The Borofone BE21 MaxRun Stereo Wireless Earphones is the perfect choice for those who value high sound quality. A practical feature of these earphones is the magnets in the earphones, so when they are not in use, they can connect to each other to keep them from getting lost. Built-in 100mAh battery..
Ex Tax:15,61€
Wireless Earphones Borofone BE28 Plus
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 62070
Inspired by the design of AirPods, the Borofone BE28 wireless earphones are designed to be comfortable to use and be active at the same time. These earphones are made of high quality plastic and have an elegant design. The headset also comes with a built-in microphone with excellent speech transmiss..
Ex Tax:22,92€
Wireless Earphones Borofone BE30 Plus TWS
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 77000
Borofone BE30 Plus TWS (True Wireless) wireless Bluetooth earphones offers long-lasting, easy using and impressive sound quality with low frequency playback. This model will greatly simplify the use of the smartphone, as it has a built-in microphone and call control button. The BE30 Plus earphones a..
Ex Tax:20,80€
Wireless Earphones Borofone BE30 TWS
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 65826
Borofone BE30 TWS (True Wireless) wireless Bluetooth earphones offers long-lasting, easy using and impressive sound quality with low frequency playback. This model will greatly simplify the use of the smartphone, as it has a built-in microphone and call control button. The BE30 earphones are easy to..
Ex Tax:25,09€
Wireless Earphones Borofone BE34 TWS
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 77002
Borofone BE34 wireless earphones deliver high quality sound, significantly reduce ambient noise and have icreased bass. The BE34 allows you to listen to music and receive calls at the same time. The integrated microphone has a noise cancellation feature and provides a particularly clear and pleasant..
Ex Tax:19,59€
Wireless Earphones Borofone BE36 TWS
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 77015
Bluetooth wireless earphones Borofone BE38 TWS delivers powerful stereo sound and an unforgettable experience of listening to your favorite music, which stands out with powerful low-frequency playback. The built-in 200mAh battery allows the earphones to talk and listen to music for up to 3 hours, an..
Ex Tax:23,02€
Wireless Earphones Borofone BE38 Original
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 62182
Borofone BE38 Original Series Wireless Earphones is one of the latest Apple AirPods Pro headset analogue to offer high quality at a much lower price. They maintain a high quality of sound and in terms of functionality these earphones are almost no different from the original. The device features are..
Ex Tax:44,29€
Product Code: 79619
The Borofone BE41 Felice TWS are a great pair of wireless earphones that offer superb sound quality and extended battery life. With Bluetooth 5.1 and a powerful JL AC6973 chip, these earphones will keep you connected even when you're on the go. The charging case has a capacity of 180mAh, while the h..
Ex Tax:18,06€
Wireless Earphones Borofone BE42 Feliz TWS
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 77026
Borofone BE42 Feliz TWS wireless earphones are made of high quality materials and are ergonomic, so they are perfect for everyday use, even in sports. Bluetooth V5.0 in use maintains a stable connection and provides great music sound.Built-in microphone of the earphones allows you to use the earphon..
Ex Tax:13,63€
Product Code: 77060
Borofone BE47 Perceto TWS wireless earphones have a unique design and amazing sound that are compatible with high and low frequencies.Housing is made of high-quality glossy plastic and has a reliable magnetic cover, LED indicator and a built-in 260mAh battery in the charging case with which the earp..
Ex Tax:16,71€
Wireless Earphones Borofone BE48 Original TWS
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 77061
Borofone BE48 Original TWS wireless earphones provide a completely different sound quality. Much better because it reduces ambient noise and delivers deeper sounds when listening to music or even making calls. The built-in high-quality HD microphone has a noise-canceling function, so it gives an ext..
Ex Tax:22,04€
Product Code: 79605
Borofone BE54 Rejoice TWS are wireless earphones that utilize Bluetooth technology. These earphones are equipped with a JL AC6976 chip and have a talk/music time of 4 hours. With a charging case capacity of 250mAh, the earphones can remain in standby for up to 120 hours. The Borofone BE54 Rejoice TW..
Ex Tax:16,79€
Wireless Earphones Borofone BW01 Plus TWS
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 80345
Take your music with you wherever you go with the Borofone BW01 Plus TWS wireless earphones. These earphones feature Bluetooth 5.1 technology for easy pairing with your favorite devices, and the powerful Jerry AC6973 chip delivers superior sound quality. The 350mAh charging case provides up to 4 hou..
Ex Tax:19,73€
Wireless Earphones Borofone BW03 Plus TWS
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 79616
The Borofone BW03 Plus TWS earphones are a great choice for those who want high-quality sound without being tethered to their devices. These earphones feature Bluetooth 5.1 technology and have a Jerry AC6973 chip for excellent sound quality. They also come with a charging case that can extend the pl..
Ex Tax:20,77€
Wireless Earphones Borofone BW04 Active Noise Cancelling TWS
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 79604
The Borofone BW04 Active Noise Cancelling TWS earphones are designed to give you the best possible listening experience, whether you're at work, on the go, or relaxing at home. With Bluetooth 5.1 and a JL AC8973 chip, these earphones offer superior sound quality and call clarity, while the charging ..
Ex Tax:21,77€
Wireless Earphones Borofone BW05 Pure Tone TWS
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 79608
The Borofone BW05 Pure Tone TWS Wireless Earphones are a great option for those who are looking for a quality pair of earphones that offer superior sound quality. These earphones feature Bluetooth 5.1 technology and come with a built-in Jerry AC6983 chip. They also have a long-lasting battery life, ..
Ex Tax:17,69€
Wireless Earphones Borofone BW07 Wide Sound TWS
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 79615
Borofone BW07 Wide Sound TWS earphones are the perfect choice for music lovers who demand the best sound quality. These earphones feature a JL AC6973 bluetooth v5.1 chip and a 350mAh charging case and headphones with 25mAh battery capacity that provides up to 3.5 hours of music or calls. The Borofon..
Ex Tax:18,21€
Product Code: 79614
If you're looking for a quality pair of wireless earphones, the Borofone BW08 Luxury TWS are definitely worth considering. These earphones feature a JLAC6983D bluetooth chip and have a 300mAh charging case, meaning you can enjoy up to 3.5 hours of music or calls on a single charge. The total weight ..
Ex Tax:13,63€
Wireless Earphones Borofone BW12 Leisure TWS
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 79607
The Borofone BW12 Leisure TWS is a great pair of wireless earphones that offer superb sound quality and convenient features. Powered by Bluetooth v5.1 and Jerry AC6973 chip, the earphones have a 4-hour talk/music time and 120-hour standby time. They also come with a charging case that has a 250mAh b..
Ex Tax:18,32€
Wireless Earphones Borofone BW13 TWS
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 79603
The Borofone BW13 TWS wireless earphones are a great option for those who are looking for a quality pair of earphones that also offer great value for money. These earphones come with a charging box that supports both Magsafe wireless charging and Qi standard wireless charging, as well as in-ear dete..
Ex Tax:18,07€
Product Code: 80228
Introducing the Wireless Earphones Borofone BW18 Innitial Sound TWS! These earphones are perfect for anyone who loves music and wants to enjoy it without any wires getting in the way. With a transmission range of 10 meters, these earphones offer superb sound quality and freedom of movement. Addition..
Ex Tax:15,99€
Wireless Earphones Borofone BW19 Wonderful TWS
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 80681
Borofone BW19 Wonderful TWS wireless earphones are perfect for anyone who loves music and wants to be able to enjoy it without being tied down by wires. With Bluetooth v5.3 and a 25mAh single earphone battery, you'll get up to 3.5 hours of use before needing to recharge, and up to 120 hours of stand..
Ex Tax:15,58€
Wireless Earphones Borofone BW23 Cyrstal Bean TWS
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 81102
Introducing the amazing Borofone BW23 Crystal Bean Transparent Edition TWS wireless earphones! Forget your old wired headphones and upgrade to the latest advancement in audio technology. Bluetooth v5.3 earphones come with a unique crystal design that is sure to turn heads. Lightweight at only 35.5g,..
Ex Tax:18,76€
Wireless Earphones Canyon TWS-3
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 77964
Wireless Earphones Canyon TWS-3 will let you to enjoy the benefits of Bluetooth 5.0 technology with these wireless headphones of classic shape. This model provides all the necessary functions: stereo handsfree calls, automatic pairing, voice assistant support.After only 2 hours of charging the heads..
Ex Tax:18,85€
Wireless Earphones Devia Joy A10 TWS
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 81109
Devia Joy A10 TWS wireless earphones are the perfect combination of convenience and superior sound quality. With 18 hours of battery life, you can enjoy your music all day without worrying about running low on power. The upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 technology ensures a continuous connection without delay..
Ex Tax:19,19€
Product Code: 80364
Introducing the Dudao U10B TWS wireless earphones, the most convenient way to listen to your music on the go! These earphones feature Bluetooth V5.0 (Jieli) technology for a stable connection and clear sound quality, so you can enjoy your music uninterrupted. The built-in battery provides long-lasti..
Ex Tax:12,58€
Wireless Earphones Dudao U13S TWS
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 78443
Modern and completely wireless in-ear Dudao U13S TWS (True Wireless Stereo) Bluetooth 5.0 headphones. This equipment is a guarantee of great sound quality and a range of up to 10 meters. The built-in battery allows them to play for about 4 to 5 hours, and the standby time is up to 100 hours . In add..
Ex Tax:18,97€
Product Code: 77952
Do you value maximum comfort? The Dudao U14B TWS wireless headphones are the solution for you. Thanks to the Bluetooth connection you will never have to worry about tangled cables again and you will listen to your favorite music at any time. This is a perfect solution if you spend a lot of time on t..
Ex Tax:15,91€
Product Code: 79520
Modern and completely wireless Dudao U15S TWS (True Wireless Stereo) Bluetooth 5.3 earphones. This equipment is a guarantee of great sound quality and a range of up to 10 meters . The built-in battery allows them to play for about 5 hours. In the set, in addition to the headphones, there is a stylis..
Ex Tax:21,93€
Product Code: 81309
Dudao U5H wireless neckband earphones – the perfect combination of convenience and sound quality. Now, you can listen to your favorite jams without all the hassle of tangled wires. With state-of-the-art design, these headphones fit comfortably around your neck for hours on end without slipping out. ..
Ex Tax:11,15€
Wireless Earphones Haylou W1
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 79673
Introducing the Haylou W1 Bluetooth v5.2 wireless earbuds, your go-to choice for high-quality wireless audio. These earbuds feature 6 hours of playtime on a single charge, with the charging case extending that to 20 hours – perfect for long days or extended use. With tri-band equalization and dual b..
Ex Tax:35,49€
Wireless Earphones Hoco ES10 Adore
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 58137
Hoco ES10 Adore is a completely wireless earphones and their size is so small that it is almost invisible. The feature of these Bluetooth headset is the option to use both earphones simultaneously or use only one - for example, use both when listening to music or use one selected earphone to answer ..
Ex Tax:41,16€
Wireless Earphones Hoco ES11 Maret
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 75277
Bluetooth wireless earphones Hoco ES11 Maret is a sports-type headset. The earphones are wired to each other and additionally have special hooks for more comfortable and long-term use, so you can not only work or drive, but also work out or otherwise actively spend time - the earphones will not fall..
Ex Tax:20,79€
Product Code: 59259
Wireless sports headphones Hoco ES13 Exquisite Sports will appeal to active people and athletes. These headphones are extremely light, so you will hardly feel them when using them. The waterproof headphone body protects the headphones from sweat and light rain. Hoco ES13 also has built-in volume and..
Ex Tax:13,93€
Product Code: 78457
Hoco ES14 Breathing Sound is a stereo wireless earphones with a capacity of 80 mAh will provide up to 3.5 hours of talk and music playback and up to 150 hours of standby time. With these earphones you can talk and listen to music without taking your phone out of your pocket, they will fit any of you..
Ex Tax:14,27€
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