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Samsung Galaxy M20 Screen

Samsung Galaxy M20 Screen
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Samsung Galaxy M20 Screen

Samsung Galaxy M20 (SM-M205F) screen is designed to replace an old screen assembly that no longer responds to control, has dead screen dots or has been dropped accidentally and has been completely damaged resulting in its replacement because the phone is no longer available for use.

Screen quality

Below are possible screen qualities from the highest to the lowest so that you can choose the most suitable screen for your needs.


The original screen is a genuine screen (service pack) from original factory, which has the characteristics of the original screen: original colors, contrast, and resolution.

Used A/B quality

A quality screen assembly is a used original screen in excellent condition that often looks like new, but may have slight scratches that are only visible in front of the light. The screen may also have disassembly marks.
B quality screen assembly is a well-functioning used original that has scratches or slight dents in the housing frame, if any, but the screen is not very scratched. The screen may also have disassembly marks.


TFT screen is the cheapest OLED (AMOLED) screen copy with lower color accuracy and viewing angle, and the screen may be harder to see during a bright day. The TFT screen is inferior to OLED screens and due to battery power consumption, as TFT screen illumination requires full illumination, while each pixel of the OLED screen is illuminated separately. Also, TFT screens are thicker due to their structure, so if the OLED screen was originally used, replacing it may make it more difficult to replace and may cause the screen to shatter due to any impact as it will adhere tightly to the screen body. Therefore, even with increased vibration, it may be damaged. If price is not the main factor then we recommend choosing a better quality screen or the original version.

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