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Nokia G20

Product Code: 77405
5D Full Glue Nokia G10, Nokia G20 Tempered Glass that fully covers the entire screen is currently one of the best solutions to protect the phone screen without any complicated installation. Why this glass is so special? The new generation 5D Full Glue Tempered Glass with curved edges is made using C..
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Product Code: 77019
9H Tempered Glass is a strong Nokia G10, Nokia G20 toughened glass screen protection. Leading in the market, the 9H Tempered Glass protects the phone screen from major shocks, scratches, dirt and other mechanical effects. The top layer of glass is coated with an oleophobic coating that acts as an an..
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Product Code: 77387
ADPO Tempered Glass for Nokia G10, Nokia G20 will protect your phone's screen from scratches and bumps. Tempered glass is heat-treated which means it was heated to high temperature and cooled suddenly – that is why the mechanical resistance is 5-7 times higher than ordinary glass of the same thickne..
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Product Code: 77711
Dux Ducis Skin Pro is an incredibly convenient and practical foldable book-style case that provides reliable protection for your Nokia G10, Nokia G20. The main protection of the case is made of thick (TPU) silicone built inside, which is highly resistant to mechanical damage. The outside of the case..
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Product Code: 77695
Elegance Book for Nokia G10, Nokia G20 is an elegant book type case designed to protect your smartphone and screen from scratches and dirt. Magnetic lock will help to keep the entire screen surface safe against external influence and will keep the phone closed even when it falls. Opening is simple, ..
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Product Code: 78328
High Clear silicone transparent case for Nokia G10, Nokia G20 will give you a feeling of impeccable protection. To maintain and protect the original look of the phone, this transparent case is made of durable and flexible, shock-absorbing TPU material. This simple but fashionable back cover of the p..
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Product Code: 79769
Nokia G10, Nokia G20 PCB board which consists of a charge connector (charging port/socket) and a microphone, will help solve problems with the device charging, data transfer or if the charging socket has been damaged in any way and needs to be replaced. This part also includes a microphone that tran..
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Product Code: 77500
Nokia G10, Nokia G20 screen is designed to replace an old screen assembly that no longer responds to control, has dead screen dots or has been dropped accidentally and has been completely damaged resulting in its replacement because the phone is no longer available for use.Screen qualityBelow are po..
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Product Code: 77423
Tempered glass Perfectionists for Nokia G10, Nokia G20 is one of the most popular cell phone protections. It is a full screen coverage glass that will perfectly protect your phone screen. The glass consists of 4 layers: AB adhesive layer, impact resistant layer, Asahi glass layer, anti-grease layer...
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Nokia G10, G20 Case Smart Magnetic
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Product Code: 77027
The high-quality Smart Magnet Case for the Nokia G10, Nokia G20 is an irreplaceable for your smart phone’s security and style. The case has a very convenient hidden and invisible magnetic lock, there are no additional fasteners, so every time you close the top, it will close automatically without an..
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Nokia G10, G20 Hybrid 3MK FlexibleGlass
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Product Code: 77021
The unbreakable 3MK FlexibleGlass Nokia G10, Nokia G20 hybrid protection is made of silicone and has the best properties of these both materials - scratch and shatter resistance. The 7H hardness level hybrid glass maintains the highest levels of safety and durability, maintains its elasticity and pr..
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Nokia G10, G20 Tempered Glass 3MK HardGlass
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Product Code: 77023
3MK HardGlass tampered glass for Nokia G10, Nokia G20 is an essential screen protector that provides comfortable use of the device. The bottom part of the glass has an “Anti-Crash” protective film layer, which protects the user from broken shards and it prevents them from scattering. This multi-laye..
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Nokia G10, G20 Tempered Glass 3MK HardGlass Max Lite
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Product Code: 77022
Tempered glass Nokia G10, Nokia G20 3MK HardGlass Max Lite is for those who are looking for affordable and ultra-strong smartphone screen protection. This unique 0.33mm thick glass fully covers the entire phone screen. The tempered glass is in specific size so that it can be used with the case and s..
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Nokia G10, G20 Tempered Glass 5D Cold Carving
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Product Code: 77058
5D Cold Carving tempered glass for Nokia G10, Nokia G20 offers perfect full screen coverarage protection. The new generation of cold-pressed tempered glass will give a new feeling of using the phone to make every touch of the screen even more pleasant. Durable and strong material protects the device..
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Nokia G10, G20 Tempered Glass 5D Full Glue Weilan
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Product Code: 77042
Full Coverage tempered glass Nokia G10, Nokia G20 5D Full Glue Weilan Tempered Glass perfectly protects the screen from scratches and will reduce the possibility of breakage while preserving the value of the phone. By investing in screen protection, you can save a lot of money that would be spent on..
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Nokia G10, G20 Tempered Glass Pro+
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Product Code: 77020
Flat tempered glass Pro+ is an effective Nokia G10, Nokia G20 smartphone screen protection against scratches and wearing off for everyday use. It is made of high-quality flexible and durable fully transparent tempered glass with more than 98% optical transparency, resulting a high-resolution screen ..
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