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Product Code: 81346
Finally, your search for the perfect keyboard and mouse set is over! The Hoco GM16 - the ideal combination of aesthetics, comfort and performance. This sleek set features a membrane keyboard that looks as good as it feels, with white characters silk-printed over UV keycaps for enhanced visibility. T..
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Product Code: 78651
VARR VSETMPX5 is a high-performance Gaming optical mouse for enthusiasts in a set with a special 295x210x2 mousepad that increases comfort of use. The special mouse coating allows a firm grip and prevents sweating of the hands even during the most demanding games.Mouse FeaturesHigh-end optical engin..
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Product Code: 78203
Canyon M-11 mouse is designed for comfortable usage in the right hand. Its low-friction base glides smoothly on most of the surfaces. The ergonomic design of the mouse body ensures long lasting working sessions with minimal finger and wrist fatigue. The rubberized surface is pleasant to the touch, a..
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Product Code: 80357
Immerse yourself in the game like never before with the Canyon Merkava GM-15 gaming mouse. This top-of-the-line mouse is equipped with the latest Sunplus 6662 optical sensor for unbeatable precision, and features a convenient cable length for uninterrupted signal transmission. The ergonomic shape an..
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Product Code: 80187
Who says you can't have it all? With the Canyon Puncher GM-11 mouse, you'll enjoy state-of-the-art features, a lightweight design, and a comfortable grip that lets you play your best. This professional gaming mouse is perfect for anyone who wants to take their gaming to the next level.The Puncher GM..
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Product Code: 79813
The Varr Pro-Gaming VGM0360 Mouse is the perfect choice for gamers who demand the best. With its 4 sensitivity modes, ranging from 1200 to 3200 DPI, you can tailor your gaming experience to match your style. The contoured shape of the mouse fits comfortably in your hand, even during extended gaming ..
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Product Code: 81161
Rebeltec Millenium – an incredibly easy-to-use wireless keyboard and mouse set that works with multiple systems. 2.4GHz wireless technology ensures you get a quick response time, while the range of 10m lets you use your keyboard and mouse without having to be plugged in. Both the keyboard and mouse ..
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Product Code: 79922
Canyon MW-01 wireless mouse is the perfect choice for those who demand the best in performance and utility. Its precision blue LED sensor extends battery life by 20%, while its smart power saving system puts the mouse into sleeping mode when not in use. The mouse is also equipped with a USB dongle w..
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Product Code: 77956
Convenient Wireless Mouse with Pixart Sensor Canyon MW-15 was designed to provide optimal finger support for your right hand during daily work. This stylish and convenient gadget will serve as a nice decoration of the workspace.A graceful shape, pearlescent sheen, and original side trim complement t..
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Product Code: 78665
Canyon MW-21 (CNS-CMSW21) wireless mouse is the one of the most successful solutions among all Canyon PC accessories! Due to the improved LED sensor with “Blue LED” technology, this mouse works much more accurately than any other mouse of this class, and with power-saving technology, it increases th..
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Product Code: 80572
If you're looking for a wireless mouse that's both comfortable and stylish, look no further than the Rebeltec Galaxy. This mouse features a rubberized surface that's comfortable to use for extended periods of time, and its 2.4Ghz wireless technology ensures a reliable connection. Plus, with its opti..
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Product Code: 79096
UGREEN MU001 is a wireless mouse with ergonomic shape, it allows you to work comfortably at the computer for many hours. It is intended for both right and left-handed people. It works well for frequent use of documents, creating graphics, designing or browsing the Internet. Works on almost all surfa..
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Product Code: 81339
UGREEN MU003 wireless mouse, the perfect computer accessory for any user! Whether you’re in the office or playing video games, this outstanding mouse offers unparalleled accuracy and comfort. Featuring an ergonomic design, the MU003 fits comfortably in your hand, making it suitable for both left and..
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Product Code: 80795
The Xiaomi Wireless Mouse Lite is a simple and lightweight mouse that's perfect for anyone who wants to ditch the wires. This sleek and stylish mouse has a minimalist design that will look great on any desk, and the integrated arched button is both comfortable to hold and elegant in design. The dark..
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Mouse Baseus Gamo GM01
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Product Code: 78204
Baseus Gamo GM01 (GMGM01-01) gaming mouse is a stylish and functional accessory that will allow your hand to be most comfortable on the surface during long raids and give you an advantage over your opponent.This model is designed specifically for gamers. It has 9 additional programmable keys, which ..
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Mouse Canyon CM-1
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Product Code: 78667
Canyon CM-1 (CNE-CMS1) mouse is a simple classic style and convenience to use. This model features housing with soft-touch cover and reliable cable with USB 2.0.Resolution of mouse is 1000 DPI and that guaranties high precision of movements.SpecificationManufacturer: CanyonModel: CNE-CMS1MPN: CM-1Po..
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Mouse Canyon Star Raider GM-1
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Product Code: 78663
Performance of Canyon Star Raider GM-1 (CND-SGM01) gaming mouse with 1000Hz and 3200DPI allows using it both for games and everyday work. Pixart 3168 optical sensor provides high-precision control over mouse movements, and a cable with a ferrite ring prevents signal loss, which is very important for..
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Mouse Canyon Vigil GM-2
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Product Code: 78662
Canyon Vigil GM-2 (CND-SGM02) is a gaming mouse with 1000Hz and 3200DPI. This ergonomic gaming mouse named Vigil with its aggressive design, will be your reliable assistant both in gaming battles and in everyday work. High-quality Pixart 3168 optical sensor provides pinpoint accuracy over the cursor..
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Mouse Omega OM-520B
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 78670
Omega OM-520B is a traditional mouse which comes in a large, comfortable size so it fits securely in your hand and is very comfortable to use.FeaturesLarge, convenient sizeErgonomic designSpecificationManufacturer: OmegaModel: OM-520BMPN: OM0520BDPI: 1000Interface: USBCable Length: 1.2 mDimensions: ..
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Mouse Sh. SH06
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 78674
Mouse Sh. SH06 is a small cheap and simple computer mouse, suitable for desktop and laptop computers.FeaturesEasy to use - just plug it into a USB portConvenient for right-handers and left-handersBuilt-in roller allows you to quickly scroll through the pagesConvenient - Small size makes it easy to c..
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Mouse Varr Pro-Gaming VGMB01B
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Product Code: 79310
VARR VGMB01B is a powerful optical mouse for enthusiasts. The special coating of the mouse allows a firm grip and prevents sweating of the hand even during the most demanding games. The user has 3 sensitivity modes at his disposal  - from 1600 DPI to 3200 DPI.Highest PerformanceChanging the sensitiv..
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Mouse VARR Rival VGM-B04
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 78026
VARR Rival VGM-B04 Pro-Gaming mouse with 3600DPI and RGB is an excellent quality gaming mouse designed for games that require fast and precise response. Its predatory nature is emphasized by design and nine-color LED backlight with RGB effect.For additional convenience, the mouse has six buttons tha..
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Mouse VARR Warrior VGM-B05
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 78025
Pro-Gaming mouse VARR Warrior VGM-B05 with 7200DPI and RGB is a professional gaming mouse designed for demanding gamers. It is the best solution for long and demanding games, especially in situations where speed and precision are essential.An additional advantage of the mouse is seven fully function..
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Mouse XO M1 Cool Breathing Light
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Product Code: 80470
Introducing the Mouse XO-M1 Cool Breath, a classic optical mouse that's comfortable to use on a daily basis. This mouse features a large design with a pulsing backlight that provides a smooth, ergonomic experience. The backlight is also great for gaming or working in office applications. The body of..
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Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Canyon SET-W20
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Product Code: 77965
Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Canyon SET-W20 - An incredibly convenient set that embodies all the latest trends in the production of high-quality PC accessories! The set includes a wireless keyboard and mouse, both perfectly compatible with Windows and Mac OS. The stable wireless connection allows you..
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Wireless Keyboard with Mouse Omega OKM071B
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Product Code: 78672
Omega OKM071B set consists of a wireless keyboard with a low pitch and a 1000DPI optical mouse. The set has been equipped with one nano USB Bluetooth receiver, which connects both the mouse and the keyboard. Autolink technology enables easy and quick connection of the set with the computer.The low p..
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Wireless Mouse Borofone BG5
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 81776
Borofone BG5 Wireless Mouse - a sleek and efficient peripheral device designed to enhance your computing experience. Made from high-quality ABS material, this mouse is both durable and lightweight, weighing in at just 55g. Its ergonomic dimensions of 108x64x35.5mm ensure a comfortable grip and effor..
Ex Tax:8.30€
Wireless Mouse Canyon MW-1
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Product Code: 80356
Make your work space more comfortable with the Canyon MW-1 wireless mouse. This soft-touch mouse has a rubber-coated surface that is pleasant to the touch, and it comes in a variety of bright colors to help you accentuate your individuality. The mouse also features a resolution switch button that al..
Ex Tax:8.32€
Wireless Mouse Canyon MW-11
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Product Code: 81565
Canyon MW-11 wireless mouse – a superior, reliable, and ultra-durable device that promises to revolutionize your work experience. High performance optical technologies come together, providing you with effortless accuracy and responsiveness each time your fingers glide across the Pixart sensor. This..
Ex Tax:9.38€
Wireless Mouse Canyon MW-5
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 78666
Canyon MW-5 (CNE-CMSW05) is reliable wireless mouse has been made in accordance with all modern standards and requirements for a heavy day-to-day usage.It has a sharp optical sensor and 4 firm buttons that can handle over 3 mln clicks and its wireless 2.4 GHz connection ensures countless weeks of fl..
Ex Tax:9.75€
Wireless Mouse Canyon Vertical MW-16
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 78664
Canyon Vertical MW-16 (CNS-CMSW16B) vertical wireless mouse is a great tool for those who spend a lot of time with the computer and care about their muscle health. The improved vertical mouse design helps to reduce pressure on the wrist and lower the muscular tension of the forearm. This model diffe..
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Wireless Mouse Hoco GM14 Platinum
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 81541
It's time to take your computing experience a step further with the Hoco GM14 Platinum Wireless Mouse! Sleek and stylish, this ergonomic mouse boosts convenience while effortlessly enhancing your setup. With its comfortable design, it is perfect for users who are looking for a reliable device to mak..
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Wireless Mouse INPHIC M1P
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 80965
INPHIC M1P is amazing mouse has been designed with advanced 2.4G Wireless Technology to provide stable connection and precise tracking even from up to 10 meters away. The built-in rechargeable battery boasts a 500 hour lifetime, so you won't be caught without your trusty mouse when work needs to get..
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Wireless Mouse INPHIC M2P
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 80966
The INPHIC M2P wireless mouse is the perfect addition to any tech setup. With Bluetooth connection and 3 adjustable DPI levels of 800/1200/1600, you can personalize your experience with no need for extra software or cables – just turn on Bluetooth on your laptop or PC and press the button on the mou..
Ex Tax:10.92€
Wireless Mouse INPHIC PM1
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 81328
The INPHIC PM1 wireless mouse is a game-changer in the world of computer peripherals. It features advanced technology that takes convenience and precision to a whole new level. With a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 500 hours with a single full charge, it ensures times of uninterrupted use. Eq..
Ex Tax:8.98€
Wireless Mouse OM-0423W
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 79691
With the Wireless Mouse Omega OM-0423W from Omega, you'll enjoy limitless use with a reliable and easy-to-use wireless optical mouse. The nano receiver plugs into your laptop and gives you the freedom to use your mouse without any unnecessary cables getting in the way. The comfortable ergonomic shap..
Ex Tax:8.00€
Wireless Mouse Omega OM-520
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 79812
The Omega OM-520 is a large, comfortable size wireless mouse that fits securely in your hand and is very comfortable to use. With sensitivity settings of 1200 or 1600 DPI, you can customize cursor speed to suit your needs. And at just 73 grams, it's lightweight and easy to carry with you.Powered by ..
Ex Tax:9.98€
Wireless Mouse Sh. SH419
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 79811
If you are looking for a stylish and practical wireless mouse, then the Wireless Mouse Sh. SH419 is perfect for you! This mouse has a resolution of 1600 dpi and an optical sensor that is precise and does not require a separate mouse pad. In addition, it has a reliable wireless connection with a rang..
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