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Galaxy A7 (2015)

Product Code: 75091
Samsung Galaxy A3 (2015) (SM-A300F), Galaxy A3 (2015) (SM-A500F), Galaxy A7 (2015) (SM-A700F) home button is used to replace a missing or cosmetically damaged Samsung Galaxy A3 (2015), A5 (2015), A7 (2015) button. This part is a physical button that attaches to the display or home button flex cable ..
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Product Code: 73360
micro SD card reader is compatible with Samsung Galaxy A3 (2015) (SM-A300F) and is designed to replace a non-functioning micro SD card reader that cannot read running micro SD cards.CompatibilitySamsung Galaxy A3 (2015) (SM-A300F)Samsung Galaxy A5 (2015) (SM-A500F)Samsung Galaxy A7 (2015) (SM-A700F)..
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Product Code: 73585
Samsung Galaxy A3 (2015), Galaxy A5 (2015), Galaxy A7 (2015), Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Note 4 charging port connector is a particularly important part of the device that may stop working due to dirt, water or other mechanical damage, which may interfere with the device's charging or data transfer/synchr..
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Product Code: 74527
Samsung Galaxy A7 (2015), Galaxy S5, Galaxy S5 Plus screen test flex cable, will help test screens more conveniently and not connect screens to the motherboard connector every time, so as not to damage the original screen connector and prolong the life of the device itself.Flex cable partsScreen Tes..
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Samsung Galaxy A3 (2015), A5 (2015), A7 (2015) Earpiece Speaker
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Product Code: 74304
Earpiece speaker for Samsung Galaxy A3 (2015), Galaxy A5 (2015), Galaxy A7 (2015) is designed to replace a malfunctioning speaker to reproduce rich, clear and loud sound.Earpiece speaker is located on the top of the phone and is used to hear the other party when you hold the phone to your ear.It may..
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Samsung Galaxy A3 (2015), A5 (2015), A7 (2015), Grand Prime VE Front Camera
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Product Code: 75167
Front camera for Samsung Galaxy A3 (2015), A5 (2015), A7 (2015), Grand Prime VE will help to repair a broken or malfunctioning front camera that makes blurry photos, does not take a pictures at all, or does not open the camera function, so you cannot take a selfie or communicate during a video call...
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Samsung Galaxy A7 (2015) Camera Glass Lens
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Product Code: 68957
Replacement rear camera glass lens for Samsung Galaxy A7 (2015) (SM-A700F) is a repalacment for an older camera glass lens that is scratched or cracked, which affects the quality of the photos. The lens of the camera is a very sensitive part, so any damage or scratches on the camera lens can ruin a ..
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Samsung Galaxy A7 (2015) Charging Port, Headphone Jack, Microphone and Touch Sensors (Flex Cable)
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Product Code: 74121
Samsung Galaxy A7 (2015) (SM-A700F) flex cable, which consists of a charging port, headphone jack, microphone and touch sensors, will help you repair your device when some or all of these parts are not working. With this flex cable, you will be able to repair Samsung Galaxy A7 (2015) and extend the ..
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Samsung Galaxy A7 (2015) Front Screen Adhesive Tape
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Product Code: 43092
Samsung Galaxy A7 (2015) (SM-A700F) double-sided adhesive screen sticker for attaching the screen set to the frame body. When replacing an old or broken screen set, you will need a new Samsung Galaxy A7 (2015) (SM-A700F) double-sided adhesive sticker, as the old one will no longer be useful due to d..
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Samsung Galaxy A7 (2015) Loudspeaker
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Product Code: 38409
Samsung Galaxy A7 (2015) (SM-A700F) replacement loudspeaker will help fix an old, malfunctioning loudspeaker that has a chirping sound, works quietly, or does not work at all. Changing this part will restore the sound quality of the device. It is responsible for the sound that is emitted when listen..
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