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Gaming Headset - probably every computer game enthusiast will admit that without them they simply cannot imagine a single game. Playing and just seeing the view is one. But how the whole action comes to life when we can hear and enjoy every sound. 

Difference between headsets?

We can often meet people who walk down the street, play sports or just sit and listen to music with big headphones on. In the same way, we see music and recording professionals working with similar headphones in recording studios. But how are they different from the ones we wear when playing the computer? 

Such headphones are divided into 3 types: consumer, studio and gaming. Consumer headphones are exactly what we see on passers-by and which are designed for pleasant and high quality music listening. Studio headset  is a higher quality headphones used for recording professional music or any other work in a recording studio. 

While the gaming headset look the same as others, these headphones are designed to not only deliver quality sound, but emphasize the pleasure of the game. 


Like any device we use, these headphones need to be comfortable. There are a few different things you should pay attention to before you buy them so you don’t have to regret it afterwards. Here are some things we recommend: 

  • Weight. Gaming headset is quite big, so sometimes it can be heavy enough. Make sure that their weight satisfies you and will not strain your neck, even after extremely long use. 
  • Shape. Choose headphones that fit your ears. Due to the design features, headphones can come in very different and specific shapes, so think about whether they will be too big or too small for you. 
  • Cushions. To make using the best gaming headset as comfortable as possible, they have soft cushions that will prevent the headphones from squeezing your ears. If these pads are covered with a cheap or low-quality material, such as very thin artificial leather, then after very long use, this material can tear from constant friction. Evaluate how often and for how long you plan to use your gaming headphones and pay attention to the material of these cushions accordingly.


Every good gaming headset should have an adjustable headband. This is because we all have different head sizes and so we could all use them equally comfortably, just adjust this band. If possible, we recommend choosing such headphones to achieve maximum comfort. 

Sound quality

Could there be anything more important than sound quality? Maybe there can be, but for this headset it is just a necessity. One of the most important aspects is surround sound.

Headphones with this technology will help you feel the game space, and it can even help you during the game. Depending on the game being played, such surround sound is essential, which can even sometimes determine the outcome of your game. 

There are two types of such surround sound: real and virtual. Real surround sound is created thanks to the dynamics in the headphones, when they all work together to create three-dimensional sound. 

Virtual surround sound is created thanks to your computer and installed software, so such sound will give you a greater sound environment and a more enjoyable gaming experience. For even more enjoyable sound quality, choose a noise cancelling gaming headset. Noise canceling is a feature that removes all extra sounds that are not from the dynamics but from the outside. If these sounds are louder than your game, they often may become very annoying. 


One of the more important differences between gaming headset and consumer headset is the microphone. Gaming microphone headset has the microphone so that you can communicate with your friends or team during the game. 

If the headset does not have a microphone, it often has to be purchased separately and be placed on a computer desk, which can be very inconvenient while playing. This is why headphones with a microphone for gaming, when the microphone is already integrated in the device, are much more comfortable.

Some people may argue that the quality of a separate microphone should be significantly better than the one integrated into a headset. But now, with such advanced technology, it is safe to say that gaming headphones with a microphone are not lesser in quality to separate microphones. 

Feel free to buy headset with a microphone just for convenience, so there is no extra cable hanging around and you would not have to think about how to place it comfortably. 

The microphone itself on the headphones adjusts. It can often be lowered when you need to talk, and when it becomes unnecessary, just lift it vertically so that it will no longer disturb you.

There are also headsets where the microphone can be hidden in one way or another. This is not only a convenient feature, but also it is an additional protection, because if you drop the headset, nothing would happen to the microphone. 

Wired or wireless?

Like most modern headphones, a gaming headset is both wired and wireless. There is also wireless gaming headset, that can operate wired too.

Wired gaming headset will never let you down - just plug them into your computer and use them without worrying about them being discharged. Wireless gaming headset require a little more hassle. It’s not that easy with them, as you’ll always need to make sure they’re charged. Such Bluetooth gaming headset can sometimes cause some inconvenience if you forget to charge them, but playing with such headphones you will not interfere with absolutely any cable, so it is very convenient. 

Probably the best wireless gaming headset is when it can work both ways. Take advantage of wireless headphones when they are fully charged, but don't restrain yourself and wait for them to charge - plug in the cable and continue playing your game. 


Although computer games are often played on computers and the headphones are placed on a table, sometimes you may need to carry them with you. Gaming headset is not the cheapest accessory, so taking care of them to prevent them from breaking is important for all users. 

To prevent this from happening, headphone manufacturers started to make some models where the headphones can be folded. What does this mean? This means that the headphones can be folded in one or few places, depending on the model, and this way it is being folded securely. 

Transporting them in such a way anywhere is not only easier, but also safer, so you won’t have to worry about something happening to them during the trip.  


Sometimes an expensive item is not better than a cheaper one. Very often the price is raised due to the manufacturer's brand, sophisticated packaging, etc. 

With headphones, unfortunately, such cases will be extremely rare. It will usually be the case that you will get the quality you paid for. The more extra features the headset has, the more comfort it will provide, but also the more expensive this device will cost you. Before buying we recommend evaluating which features and extras you really need so that you do not overpay for something you will never use. 

But be aware, that cheap gaming headset may not fulfill your expectations, so choose the best budget gaming headset for you.


When we play any computer game, we don’t see the headphones ourselves, but we all want to have beautiful and trendy things. And if you like to stream your games on the Internet, then the design of the headphones is even more important to you. With different shapes, sizes, colors, with a wide range of monochrome and colored lighting, the headphones will suit each player's taste and help reveal his personality. 


While these headphones are perfect for gaming, they may not be perfect for other activities, such as just listening to music. Just as gaming headset is designed specifically for playing games, listening to music was not a major point in creating them. 

These headphones may often not have treble control which is crucial to adjusting the proper sound quality for listening to music. While playing a game you don’t need it at all, so it’s often not even taken into account. As a result, the sound may seem slightly muffled when listening to music. 

How to choose the best gaming headset?

First of all, list for yourself exactly what you need from such headphones. Which features do you plan to use often and which you don’t need at all? What comfort do you need and want? Do you need a wireless headset or wired headset? Finally, how much money are you going to spend on this purchase? 

The best gaming headset will be the one that will meet your needs to the maximum. Choose headphones that you will not regret later, so that you can not only enjoy a perfect game, but have a device that is sure to help you win every fight. 

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