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Google Pixel 6

Product Code: 80117
3MK Matt case with high scratch resistance will give a great protection for your Google Pixel 6 smartphone. Very resistant to dirt, greasy stains and discoloration. This shock-absorbing and flexible case will give your device a stylish look and will help to protect it from everyday dangers. The 3MK ..
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Product Code: 80156
Google Pixel 6 screen is designed to replace an old screen assembly that no longer responds to control, has dead screen dots or has been dropped accidentally and has been completely damaged resulting in its replacement because the phone is no longer available for use.Screen qualityBelow are possible..
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Google Pixel 6 3MK Clear Case
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Product Code: 80120
3MK Clear Case is a silicone Google Pixel 6 case made of transparent and flexible TPU material that perfectly absorbs shocks. High-quality polymers protect the back and housing of the phone from scratches, and the non-slip material prevents the smartphone from slipping out of your hand for everyday ..
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Google Pixel 6 Case Dux Ducis Skin Pro
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Product Code: 79422
Dux Ducis Skin Pro is an incredibly convenient and practical foldable book-style case that provides reliable protection for your Google Pixel 6. The main protection of the case is made of thick (TPU) silicone built inside, which is highly resistant to mechanical damage. The outside of the case is ma..
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Google Pixel 6 Hybrid 3MK FlexibleGlass
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Product Code: 77820
The unbreakable 3MK FlexibleGlass Google Pixel 6 hybrid protection is made of silicone and has the best properties of these both materials - scratch and shatter resistance. The 7H hardness level hybrid glass maintains the highest levels of safety and durability, maintains its elasticity and prevents..
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Google Pixel 6 Tempered Glass 3MK HardGlass
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Product Code: 77721
3MK HardGlass tampered glass for Google Pixel 6 is an essential screen protector that provides comfortable use of the device. The bottom part of the glass has an “Anti-Crash” protective film layer, which protects the user from broken shards and it prevents them from scattering. This multi-layered st..
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