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Galaxy M52 5G

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Is your microphone Samsung Galaxy A10, A12 Nacho, A20, A22 4G, A30, A32 5G, A50, A50s, A52, A52 5G, A70, A71, J4+ (2018), J6+ (2018), M10, M12, M20, M21, M22, M30, M30s, M32, M52 5G, Note 10 Lite, S5 mini, S5 Neo, S10 Lite, Xcover 3, Xcover 4S, XCover 5, Xcover Pro bad or not working at all? Having ..
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Product Code: 81040
Samsung Galaxy A12, A12 Nacho, A13 4G, A13 5G, A23 4G, A23 5G, A32 5G, M12, M22, M23, M31s, M32, M33, M51, M52 5G flex cable, which consists of a volume button will help you repair your device when some or all of these parts are not working. With this flex cable, you will be able to repair Samsung G..
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Product Code: 82770
Samsung 3710-003871 motherboard BTB (Board-to-Board) connector, meticulously designed with a 34-pin (2x17pin) socket for a broad range of Galaxy devices. This connector is engineered for seamless integration with the motherboard, facilitating robust electrical connections essential for device functi..
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Product Code: 82768
Samsung BTB (Board-to-Board) connector with an 8-pin arrangement configured in a 2x4 pattern. It is specifically designed for Samsung motherboards, part number 3710-004008, and features a compact design suitable for facilitating electrical connections in a range of Samsung devices such as the Galaxy..
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Earpiece speaker for Samsung Galaxy A20e, A21s, A22, A31, A32, A41, J1, M22, M32, M52 5G is designed to replace a malfunctioning speaker to reproduce rich, clear and loud sound.Earpiece speaker is located on the top of the phone and is used to hear the other party when you hold the phone to your ear..
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Product Code: 80835
Samsung 3710-004516 Galaxy A53 5G, M52 5G, S21 FE 5G, S22 5G, S22+ 5G, S22 Ultra 5G, Z Flip3, Z Fold3, Z Fold4; Galaxy Watch 4 40/44mm, Watch 4 Classic 42/46mm, Watch 5 40/45mm, Watch 5 Pro 45mm Motherboard BTB Connector 2x30pin Socket.Board 0x0pin BTB connector socket may be suitable for other smar..
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Product Code: 79130
Samsung Galaxy M52 5G (SM-M526B) PCB board which consists of a charge connector (charging port/socket) and a microphone, will help solve problems with the device charging, data transfer or if the charging socket has been damaged in any way and needs to be replaced. This part also includes a micropho..
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Product Code: 82680
Samsung Galaxy M52 5G replacement loudspeaker will help fix an old, malfunctioning loudspeaker that has a chirping sound, works quietly, or does not work at all. Changing this part will restore the sound quality of the device. It is responsible for the sound that is emitted when listening to music o..
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Product Code: 82679
Upgrade or replace your worn-out SIM card tray with the authentic Samsung Galaxy M52 5G SIM card holder tray. Crafted with precision, this tray seamlessly integrates with your smartphone, ensuring a perfect fit and continued seamless performance. Whether you've lost or damaged your original tray or ..
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Samsung Galaxy A23 4G, Galaxy M52 5G Battery (EB-BM526ABY)
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Product Code: 79391
Samsung Galaxy A23 4G (SM-A235F), Galaxy M52 5G (SM-M526B) battery replacement EB-BM526ABY with a capacity of 5000mAh is one of the main components of a cell phones. If you have problems with Samsung Galaxy A23 4G, M52 5G not charging, does not turn on, or it is discharging quickly, this replacement..
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Samsung Galaxy M52 5G 3MK Clear Case
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Product Code: 79116
3MK Clear Case is a silicone Samsung Galaxy M52 5G (SM-M526B) case made of transparent and flexible TPU material that perfectly absorbs shocks. High-quality polymers protect the back and housing of the phone from scratches, and the non-slip material prevents the smartphone from slipping out of your ..
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Samsung Galaxy M52 5G Case 3MK Matt
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Product Code: 79117
3MK Matt case with high scratch resistance will give a great protection for your Samsung Galaxy M52 5G (SM-M526B) smartphone. Very resistant to dirt, greasy stains and discoloration. This shock-absorbing and flexible case will give your device a stylish look and will help to protect it from everyday..
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Samsung Galaxy M52 5G Case Dux Ducis Skin Pro
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Product Code: 77808
Dux Ducis Skin Pro is an incredibly convenient and practical foldable book-style case that provides reliable protection for your Samsung Galaxy M52 5G (SM-M526B). The main protection of the case is made of thick (TPU) silicone built inside, which is highly resistant to mechanical damage. The outside..
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Samsung Galaxy M52 5G Tempered Glass 3MK HardGlass
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Product Code: 79111
3MK HardGlass tampered glass for Samsung Galaxy M52 5G (SM-M526B) is an essential screen protector that provides comfortable use of the device. The bottom part of the glass has an “Anti-Crash” protective film layer, which protects the user from broken shards and it prevents them from scattering. Thi..
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