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Nokia T21

Product Code: 80968
Dux Ducis Domo series folding case is a stylish and practical Nokia T21 accessory that will help protect surfaces from unavoidable traces of use. The construction of the case consists of two elements: a silicone base with a special honeycomb structure that improves ventilation and a textured polyure..
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Nokia T21 Adpo Tempered Glass
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Product Code: 80840
ADPO Tempered Glass for Nokia T21 will protect your tablet screen from scratches and bumps. Tempered glass is heat-treated which means it was heated to high temperature and cooled suddenly – that is why the mechanical resistance is 5-7 times higher than ordinary glass of the same thickness, which al..
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Nokia T21 Tempered Glass Wozinsky 9H
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Product Code: 81670
Extremely durable 9H tempered glass by Wozinsky for Nokia T21, will protect tablet screen from damage in the event of a fall. The glass absorbs the energy generated by the impact and spreads it over its surface. Thanks to this, only the applied glass breaks, not the entire display. The cost of repla..
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