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Product Code: 82611
This 10-pack of cold glue applicator nozzles is the perfect way to make applying cold glue easy and precise. The nozzles are made of durable plastic and are easy to clean and reuse.FeaturesMade of durable plasticEasy to clean and reuseBenefitsMakes applying cold glue easy and preciseEasier use of gl..
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Product Code: 82609
Complete set of the Glue Gun Dispenser 30cc/30ml PM230/50, comes with the Cold Glue CPG, including both a 30ml black-colored glue and a 30ml clear-colored glue. Specifically engineered for intricate tasks, this dispenser dispenses Cold Glue CPG evenly and effortlessly. It's especially effective for ..
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Glue Gun Dispenser 30cc/30ml UV LOCA, Cold Glue PM230/50
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Product Code: 78635
Glue Gun Dispenser is used to help users to squeeze for 30ml UV LOCA and Cold Glue fastly and smoothly.SpecificationModel: PM230/5030CC (30ml) Cartridge..
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Screen Lens Film Pasting Roller Tool Stick (8cm)
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Product Code: 67749
Roller 8cm wide for gluing OCA and polarizing films on the screen. Made of hard plastic, rubber and stainless steel, you will be able to use this roller for a long time. Dust and dirt are removed from the surface of the roller roll efficiently and quickly. Thanks to the roller, you can easily avoid ..
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