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Galaxy M53 5G

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Earpiece speaker for Samsung Galaxy A04s, A12, A12 Nacho, A13, A20, A23 4G, A23 5G, A30, A40, A50, A51, A70, A71, A3 (2016), A3 (2017), A5 (2016), A7 (2018), A9 (2018), J3 (2016), J4 (2018), J4+ (2018), J5 (2016), J6+, J7 (2016), J3 (2017), M13, M20, M21, M23 5G, M30, M30s, M31, M31s, M33 5G, M51, M..
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Product Code: 82768
Samsung BTB (Board-to-Board) connector with an 8-pin arrangement configured in a 2x4 pattern. It is specifically designed for Samsung motherboards, part number 3710-004008, and features a compact design suitable for facilitating electrical connections in a range of Samsung devices such as the Galaxy..
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9H Tempered Glass is a strong Samsung Galaxy M53 (SM-M536B) toughened glass screen protection. Leading in the market, the 9H Tempered Glass protects the phone screen from major shocks, scratches, dirt and other mechanical effects. The top layer of glass is coated with an oleophobic coating that acts..
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Samsung Galaxy M53 (SM-M536B) PCB board which consists of a charge connector (charging port/socket) and a microphone, will help solve problems with the device charging, data transfer or if the charging socket has been damaged in any way and needs to be replaced. This part also includes a microphone ..
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Samsung 3710-004560 Galaxy M53, M54, S21 FE 5G, S23 Fe, Tab S9 FE, Tab S9 FE+, Tab S9+ motherboard BTB connector with 34pin (2x17pin) socket.Board BTB connector socket may be suitable for other devices which was not listed.CompatibilitySamsung Galaxy M53 (SM-M536B)Samsung Galaxy M54 5G (SM-M546B)Sam..
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Samsung Galaxy M23, Galaxy M53 Battery (EB-BM526ABS)
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Samsung Galaxy M23 (SM-M236B), Galaxy M53 (SM-M536B) battery replacement EB-BM526ABS with a capacity of 5000mAh is one of the main components of a cell phones. If you have problems with Samsung Galaxy M23, M53 not charging, does not turn on, or it is discharging quickly, this replacement part will h..
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