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Cleaning Wipes

Product Code: 79941
Are you tired of your LCD screens being dirty? Introducing Unidem Cleaning Alcohol Pads! These helpful little pads are perfect for cleaning all sorts of LCD screens before screen protection application, from your computer monitor to your smartphone. The set includes 50 wet pads and 50 dry pads, so y..
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Product Code: 67603
100pcs. wet LCD, TFT screen cleaning wipes - specially designed for cleaning fragile and sensitive screens. Easily remove greasy areas, fingerprints and other dirt. The cloth of these wet screen cleaning wipes is safe and does not damage the screens. Leaves an invisible protective layer after cleani..
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Product Code: 52981
400 pcs. soft microfiber dusting wipes are a particularly effective cleaning wipes which do not leaves dust suitable for a variety of cleaning tasks. They are strong, abrasion resistant, absorbent. ..
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Cleaning Kit 3MK Care Set
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Product Code: 79215
Cleaning Kit 3MK Care Set includes a 50ml 3mk cleaning gel and a large microfiber cloth with exceptional absorption properties. Polishing the surface with a gel and a special cloth is extremely fast, easy, it leaves no streaks or peppers. Very efficient, the packaging is enough for several months of..
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Cleaning Polishing Cloth Dux Ducis
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Product Code: 79356
Cleaning polishing cloth Dux Ducis is two-layer microfiber hot polishing cloth. Designed for wiping screens of mobile phones, notebooks, monitors and others.High cleaning efficiency, perfectly sterilizes and removes dust from the device.High-density microfibers, soft and delicate, with excellent ela..
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Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 3MK
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Product Code: 79217
3MK Cleaning Cloth is a microfiber cleaning cloth for ideal and thorough cleaning of equipment...
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Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Jakemy JM-CS05 (150x150mm)
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Product Code: 76633
Jakemy JM-CS05 microfiber cloth is for profesionall product cleaning. Equipped with high-grade cleaning cloth to remove dirt when they are attached to the products and won't damage it...
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Wet wipes for device screen cleaning 3MK CareWipe (24pcs.)
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Product Code: 79216
3MK CareWipe - wet wipes for cleaning screens of cell phones, tablets, monitors, cameras and also for glasses. Individually packed so they make it easier to keep the device clean. They have antistatic properties. They do not leave streaks. Detergent composition: contains fragrances. The package cont..
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