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Mi Mix 3

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Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 battery replacement BM3K with a capacity of 3200mAh is one of the main components of a cell phones. If you have problems with Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 not charging, does not turn on, or it is discharging quickly, this replacement part will help you. Battery malfunction and service life can de..
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Product Code: 73363
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 charging port connector is a particularly important part of the device that may stop working due to dirt, water or other mechanical damage, which may interfere with the device's charging or data transfer/synchronization. Changing the charge connector to a new one will solve all charg..
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Product Code: 71948
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 PCB board which consists of a charge connector (charging port/socket) and a microphone, will help solve problems with the device charging, data transfer or if the charging socket has been damaged in any way and needs to be replaced. This part also includes a microphone that transmits..
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