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Wired Headphones, Earphones

Samsung, Sony, Huawei, Xiaomi, Apple iPhone, Hoco, Borofone and other manufacturers' wired headphones for cell phones, also called in-ear headphones and its wide range in our store will not leave anyone indifferent. Everyday we use more and more of different smart and not necessarily devices, so the headphones have become an indispensable part, giving you sound pleasure and peace of mind to those around you. 

Have you ever encountered people on public transport or walking on the street listening to music loudly on the phone? Or maybe you’ve ever accidentally heard a stranger talking through a speaker? Probably these people don’t even think about bothering others, but maybe they just didn’t have headphones at the time? To prevent this from happening to you, earphones need to be with you anywhere, anytime. 

Choose from an extremely wide range of headphones wired and use them without hesitation. This way you will protect yourself from the strange looks of those around you and you will not interfere with those around you. 

Headphones by major manufacturer 

Xiaomi, Apple, Sony, AGK, Samsung headphones and others are designed and manufactured by these phone manufacturers, and are theoretically designed only for a specific phone. According to the manufacturers, only a product they have developed, for example an iPhone wired headphones, is suitable only for iPhone phones. This is not entirely true. 

In fact, if the headset manufacturer is not important to you, then any headset with a connector that fits your cell phone will fit your device. Samsung original headphones may be suitable for all devices that will have a 3.5mm connector, but there is a possibility that the compatibility of the control buttons on the headphones may not work. 

Wired headphones with mic

Basically, all wired headphones sold in our store come with a microphone. It is designed so that you can not only listen to music on your phone, tablet or computer, but also answer phone calls. Headphones with a microphone are one of the most important tools for many people who work on the phone a lot, because you can also browse on your smartphone while you are talking. 

Headphone cord

The headphone cord is not only the part that gives us the freedom to be much more comfortable and, if you drive and are much safer, to talk on the phone, but it is sometimes very annoying. 

  • Material. You have probably had cases where you throw the headphones into a drawer, handbag, backpack or pocket, and the cord of the headphone is tangled in a knot when you pull it out? Yes, you probably had and not only once. Knotting wires is not only the most annoying thing about a headset, but probably one of the most annoying things in general. To prevent this from happening, some manufacturers have started making cords from special materials and use special wire wrapping techniques to avoid this really annoying thing as often as possible. 
  • Length. The length of the cord is important because if it is too short, the earphones will lose their meaning as they will just be very inconvenient for you to use. If you plan to use the headset frequently, then choose the longest cord possible so that you can put the connected phone even in the farthest pocket. However, if you need sports headphones, then you should do the opposite - if the phone is placed in the sports case on your hand, the optimal headphones for athletes are with a shorter cord, so that it does not interfere with you during any sports activities. 


If you can’t imagine your daily life without headphones, then their comfort is your top priority. Choose comfortable headphones so you can use them as much as you want. How to do it? There are two factors to consider: 

  • Extra cushions. Some headphone manufacturers offer several different sizes, usually made of silicone, cushions that fit on the headphones so you can adjust to your ear size. This way, you will avoid unpleasant sensations after using the wired headphones for a long time.
  • Headphone shape. Like any other device, each manufacturer produces earphones in different shapes and sizes. The ears of all of us are also different, so one fine headset for one will not necessarily be comfortable for the other. To avoid bothering your ears, choose the most optimal shape of the headphones for you. 

Sound quality

For any sound-emitting technique, high sound quality is simply a must. How to evaluate it? 

  • Price. Probably the easiest way to evaluate the sound quality of headphones is price. The cheaper the headphones, the lower the sound quality they will produce. This can affect the quality of listening to your favorite music, and can be very annoying for some people. If you only need this headset to answer calls and at the same time you also want to save money, then feel free to choose cheaper options. However, if you need headphones for listening to music, then it is better not to save money. 
  • Noise canceling. Some headsets have a built-in noise canceling feature so that the person you are talking to can hear you without any extra sounds. If you are on public transport, on a noisy street or in another place with a lot of noisy sounds, you may not be heard the phone clearly. Such noise-canceling headphones will eliminate all sounds and only your voice will be heard on the other end of the handset. 


There are control buttons on the headset so you don't have to pull your phone from your handbag, backpack or pocket every time you need to pick up the phone or change songs. You can use them to answer, end calls, switch or pause a song. Such additional control is extremely convenient as it is very easily available.  

Additional features

Any extra features only add more value and provide extra convenience for you. Additional features in the headphones, such as control buttons, noise reduction, improved cord and headphone shape, quality speakers and a microphone will only benefit you, so choose wisely according to your budget.

Style and design

Everyone wants to have not only a high quality device, but often a stylish or matching the look device. Headsets are no exception. On the market you will find a wide range of manufacturers, colors, shapes, lengths, functionality, etc. headphones. 

Choose wired headphones that will reflect your style, which will be not only the most comfortable, but also the most beautiful for you. In our store you will find not only business-looking, but also fun, colorful headphones, one more suitable for girls, others more sporty and different, so the needs of everyone will be met. 

Product Code: 75300
Huawei P8, P8, Lite, P9, P9 Plus, P9 Lite, P10, P20, P20 Lite, P30, P30 Lite, P40 Lite original Huawei AM115 stereo in-ear headphones, earphones with standard 3.5mm audio plug are ergonomically shaped and provide surround sound, which together with high-quality materials guarantee clean and balanced..
Ex Tax:6.67€
Product Code: 75307
Borofone BM14 Skymelody earphones is the perfect combination of sound, ergonomic design and price with stunning sound quality. The BM14 Skymelody fits comfortably into your ears, allowing them to be used for a long time without any ear pain from a long use. The earphones are 1.2 meters long and has ..
Ex Tax:6.43€
Product Code: 75312
Borofone BM36 Acura earphones will deliver great high quality sound at an affordable price. They come in a stylish design made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) plastic. The earphones are ergonomic and will give you an unforgettable experience while listening to your favorite music. The headset comes..
Ex Tax:4.85€
Product Code: 81145
For those who can’t live without music, the Devia Kintone 3.5mm earphones are the perfect companion for your everyday audio needs. Crafted with TPE material and designed to fit comfortably in-ear, these earphones make a great addition for any smartphone or tablet. OAdvanced technology delivers an au..
Ex Tax:5.43€
Product Code: 78481
Dudao X10s earphones with 3.5mm jack is ergonomically shaped in-ear headphones that make the sound more spacious. Perfect for listening to music and making calls without having to hold the phone in your hand.The ergonomic design of the plugs precisely reflects the geometry of the ear, and thus makes..
Ex Tax:5.86€
Product Code: 79596
The Hoco M19 Drumbeat earphones are the perfect choice for those who want high-quality sound on the go. These earphones feature a powerful 10mm speakers that delivers clear sound, while the single control key allows you to manage your music and calls with ease. The enameled wire ensures durability, ..
Ex Tax:4.99€
Product Code: 79599
If you're looking for a pair of earphones with great sound quality and a built-in microphone, then the Hoco M40 Prosody earphones are the perfect choice. These earphones feature 10mm speakers for excellent sound reproduction, and a 16Ω impedance for compatibility with most devices. The frequency res..
Ex Tax:4.03€
Product Code: 78467
JOYROOM JR-EL114 is a 3.5mm earphones with remote and microphone, there in-ear headphones will perform perfectly in a loud place which prevents you from enjoying ideal sound of music. They effectively isolate you from external sounds. At the same time they remain skin-friendly and thanks to soft-sil..
Ex Tax:5.95€
Product Code: 78466
Remax RM-202 is simple and fashionable design in-ear earphone with 3.5mm jack and remote control witch support play/pause, answer/hang up phone calls operation. Smart digital decoding chip ensures high fidelity sound effect and provides lossless music for you. Built-in mic for hands-free phone calls..
Ex Tax:5.94€
Product Code: 80678
Remax RM-711is a earphones with superior sound quality and an ergonomic design for maximum comfort. These earphones feature three-hole sound technology for a more immersive listening experience, and a remote control with microphone for hands-free phone calls. The gold-plated 3.5mm professional plug ..
Ex Tax:8.05€
Product Code: 80900
Discover a stunning sound experience with the 3.5mm Samsung Earphones EO-IA500 (EO-IA500BBEGWW). Laser tuned balanced highs and lows come through crisp and clear, immersing you in musical delight. With a dedicated woofer and tweeter, these earphones provide smooth audio that will thrill music lovers..
Ex Tax:11.48€
Product Code: 81073
For audiophiles who demand the best sound quality without breaking their budget, the Xiaomi Mi 1More Design HSEJ03JY 3.5mm earphones are a must-have. Combining an elegant metal case with intuitive design, these earbuds will have you hearing every single note loud and clear. Professional sound engine..
Ex Tax:9.18€
Product Code: 79515
The Dudao X14PROL-W1 earphones with Apple Lightning connector are perfect for those who are looking for a clean and deep sound. The elegant headphone design and the volume and call control with the push of a button make these earphones the perfect choice for anyone looking for the perfect sound. The..
Ex Tax:8.40€
Product Code: 80358
Introducing the Baseus Encok C17 earphones, your perfect auditory companion whether you’re working out, commuting, or just relaxing at home. These earphones feature a quality audio codec chip that supports lossless sound quality, delivering an immersive and truly lifelike listening experience. 14mm ..
Ex Tax:8.94€
Product Code: 79514
If you're looking for a great pair of earphones that will give you clear, deep sound quality, then you need to check out the Dudao X3c earphones with Type-C (USB-C) connector. These earphones are made from high-quality materials and are designed for comfort, so you can enjoy your music or phone call..
Ex Tax:6.62€
Product Code: 78475
Hoco L10 Acoustic is earphone with Type-C wired connection interface. Many modern smartphones support only this Type-C of connection, so this headphone model is especially in demand on the market. Hoco L10 tabs are equipped with a built-in microphone. The body of in-ear headphones is plastic, smooth..
Ex Tax:4.96€
Product Code: 75368
Earphones Hoco L8 is designed for use with smartphones with a Type-C (USB-C) connector. The shape of the L8 headphones matches the natural shape of the ear, so they will be comfortable to wear for everyone and they will not cause any discomfort. The speakers used will provide high quality sound at a..
Ex Tax:10.93€
Product Code: 75370
Huawei CM33 Classic earphones with Type-C (USB-C) connection provide Hi-Res clear sound and great wearing comfort all day long while listening to music. Earphones has a built-in microphone, so it can be used as a headset. These powerful earphones are primarily designed for Huawei smartphones, but ar..
Ex Tax:15.29€
Product Code: 79101
Huawei LC 0296 is in-Ear stereo earphones with Type-C (USB-C) connection which make your smartphone music sounds extra amazing. This is ensured by the integrated wind and noise suppression, making this headset ideal for outdoor activities.FeaturesSleek design providing more comfort to wearIntegrated..
Ex Tax:6.05€
Product Code: 79955
If you're looking for earphones that can be used with a variety of devices, look no further than the JOYROOM JR-EC03 Type-C earphones. These versatile accessories come with a Type-C plug that works with laptops, tablets, and phones. They're small and handy, making them ideal for everyday use or for ..
Ex Tax:11.29€
Product Code: 78468
JOYROOM JR-EC04 Type-C earphones is universal in-ear headphones that can be connected to various types of devices? Accessories with a Type-C plug will work very well. You can use them with your tablet, phone, and more. They are small and handy, which is why they are perfect for everyday use, as well..
Ex Tax:10.66€
Product Code: 79524
If you're looking for a pair of in-ear headphones that will give you clear, powerful sound without breaking the bank, then look no further than the Oppo MH135-3 In-Ear Headphones. These earbuds are designed to deliver rich, full-bodied audio with plenty of bass, making them perfect for enjoying your..
Ex Tax:9.83€
Product Code: 78464
Remax RM-711a wired Type-C earphones is good if you are looking for easy-to-use, reliable in-ear headphones that will ensure you perfect quality of the sound, you will certainly like this product. The high quality of the flexible wire makes the headphones very durable and damage-resistant. On the wi..
Ex Tax:7.38€
Product Code: 78460
Earphones Type-C Samsung AKG EO-IC100 will let you top enjoy undistorted, studio-quality audio. The Samsung Type-C Earphones are constructed to truly separate left and right signals up to 10 times better than 3.5mm headphones. And the built-in DAC enhances the quality of what you listen to, so your ..
Ex Tax:18.63€
Product Code: 78479
Dudao X3s is a Type-C earphones with which listening to music at home, during a break at work or study, or while traveling, can be a real pleasure, provided that it is done with good-quality equipment. If you value the clarity of sound and the comfort of listening, you will appreciate the Dudao X3S ..
Ex Tax:6.62€
Product Code: 80548
Introducing the Hoco W5 Manno headphones, your perfect everyday listening companion. These headphones feature a 40mm speaker for crisp, clear sound quality, and come with soft earmuffs for comfortable wear. The head beam is adjustable for a perfect fit, and the in-line microphone and single operatio..
Ex Tax:7.45€
Product Code: 78478
Freestyle FH2010 are wired headphones with a microphone and volume control. They are designed for office work and remote learning. You can use them to successfully participate in videoconferences, but also to listen to lectures and streams.They are equipped with a 3.5mm jack input that allows you to..
Ex Tax:7.73€
Product Code: 78477
Freestyle FH2020 are wired headphones with a microphone and volume control. They are designed for office work and remote learning. You can use them to successfully participate in videoconferences, but also to listen to lectures and streams.They are equipped with a 2x3.5mm jack input that allows you ..
Ex Tax:7.73€
Product Code: 78476
Freestyle FH5400 is a high quality USB headphones with soft headband and earcushions also it has flexible microphone.SpecificationFrequency Response: 20Hz-20 kHzSpeaker Impedance: 32 OhmDriver Unit: 40mmRated Power: 20mWPower Handling Capability: 100 mWCable Length: 2.5M +/- 3CMSensitivity: 115dB+/-..
Ex Tax:14.64€
Earphones 3.5mm Borofone BM12 LightMelody
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 75306
Borofone BM12 LightMelody earphones with 3.5mm audio jack are great for everyday use. The headset has a microphone and control buttons so it can be used as hands-free set. Made of ABS thermoplastic, which is durable and impact resistant and some parts are made with TPE plastic.SpecificationManufactu..
Ex Tax:5.30€
Earphones 3.5mm Borofone BM23 Bright Sound
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 75308
Borofone BM23 Bright Sound earphones with 3.5mm headphone jack are designed to be comfortable to wear, even when you are active. The earphone body is similar to the EarPods design and is made of reliable and durable plastic. The earphones will fit comfortably in your ears and deliver high quality so..
Ex Tax:5.48€
Earphones 3.5mm Borofone BM30 Original
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 81563
Borofone BM30 Original 3.5mm earphones is featuring 14 mm speakers coupled with 98 dB ± 3 dB sensitivity, these earphones are sure to bring out the best in your music - all for a great price. Plus, their 1.2 m long cable with 3.5 plug and enamel wire ensures maximum durability and reliability.At onl..
Ex Tax:6.25€
Earphones 3.5mm Borofone BM30 Pro
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 76810
Borofone BM30 Pro - great sound 3.5mm earphones, which are a combination of ergonomic and price. Made according to the shape of the ear, so it is comfortable and does not fall out even when actively moving. The comfortable 1.2m long cable has a built-in microphone with excellent speech transmission,..
Ex Tax:5.43€
Earphones 3.5mm Borofone BM34 Intelligent
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 75310
Borofone BM34 Intelligent are stylish earphones with a standard 3.5mm audio connector. Even in noisy environments, echo and noise suppression technology will ensure excellent sound quality. The high quality parts used in production, will allow you to enjoy high quality sound for a long time. The bui..
Ex Tax:5.08€
Earphones 3.5mm Borofone BM35 Farsighted
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 75311
The Borofone BM35 Farsighted earphone with 3.5mm headphone jack that is a great choice for those who value high sound quality. The ergonomically designed earbuds are made of plastic and aluminum. The robust aluminum construction of the set has amplified low frequencies. Supplied with additional sili..
Ex Tax:5.28€
Earphones 3.5mm Borofone BO1 EnjoyBass
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 75313
Borofone BO1 EnjoyBass 3.5mm earphones are made of durable thermoplastic ABS material and PU leather earmuff for comfortable wearing. The audio frequency is up to 105 dB for a high quality and pleasant sound effect. The headset also comes with a built-in microphone so you can use it just like a head..
Ex Tax:7.38€
Earphones 3.5mm Devia Pure Sound
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 80631
Listen to your music the way it was meant to be heard with the Devia Pure Sound earphones. These earphones feature 3.5mm audio jack for compatibility with most devices and apowerful 10mm neodymium driver for incredible sound quality. The unique noise-isolating design blocks out external noise so you..
Ex Tax:7.20€
Earphones 3.5mm Devia Smart Earpods
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 81144
Devia Smart EarPods 3.5mm earphones – the ideal solution to improving your audio experience! As we move into the digital age, it’s time for us to utilize technology in smarter and more efficient ways. That’s why we developed the Devia Smart EarPods 3.5mm earphones 12 cm cable length – the perfect he..
Ex Tax:6.10€
Earphones 3.5mm Dudao X11Pro
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 80675
Earphones 3.5mm Dudao X11Pro is in-ear headphones that are ergonomically designed to provide a more spacious sound. These earphones are perfect for listening to music and making hands-free calls, as they fit snugly and comfortably in your ears. The ergonomic design of the plugs precisely reflects th..
Ex Tax:6.17€
Earphones 3.5mm Dudao X12Pro
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 80676
The Dudao X12Pro 3.5mm earphones are perfect for anyone looking for amazing sound quality. The cord is made from nylon material, meaning it is tangle and tear-resistant. With a remote control and microphone attached, these earphones are not only great for music listening, but also for making phone c..
Ex Tax:6.17€
Earphones 3.5mm Dudao X2Pro
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 80677
Dudao X2Pro 3.5mm earphones, your perfect listening partner whether you're at home, at work, or on the go. These earphones are designed to provide superior sound quality and comfort, with an ergonomic design that fits snugly and securely in your ears. The built-in 3.5mm mini jack connector means you..
Ex Tax:6.17€
Earphones 3.5mm Earpods Apple iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, SE, 6, 6S, 6 Plus, 6S Plus
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 75305
Apple iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, SE, 6, 6S, 6S Plus earphones with a 3.5mm connector different from traditional earphones because EarPods stand out because they are made according to the geometry of the ear. It fits evenly, making it much more comfortable than regular other style headphones. Speakers used in..
Ex Tax:4.65€
Earphones 3.5mm EHS64 Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 75371
Samsung EHS64 stereo earphones, headset with a 3.5mm audio jack allows you to enjoy your favorite music and at the same time use them as a headset when needed. These headsets have a microphone with remote control buttons, so you can answer / end calls or turn up the volume without removing the phone..
Ex Tax:5.64€
Earphones 3.5mm EO-EG920 Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, S7, S7 Edge
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 75302
Samsung EO-EG920 In-ear 3.5mm headphones Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge +, S7, S7 The Edge is an ergonomically hybrid design headset designed for all Samsung smartphones, using the headphones to combine the inner and outer worlds - in-ear earphones have noise reduction advantages and are extrem..
Ex Tax:6.24€
Earphones 3.5mm Hoco M1 Original Series
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 78474
The Hoco M1 Original Series in-ear headphones are ideal for listening to music or the radio. This model of headphones is made in a neat design, the headphones have a microphone with excellent speech transmission and volume control buttons.SpecificationSpeaker: 14 mmImpedance: 32 Ω ± 15%Frequency of ..
Ex Tax:6.14€
Earphones 3.5mm Hoco M2 Control
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 78473
Hoco M2 Control - universal earphones with a microphone - are high-quality, ergonomic stereo headphones for those who appreciate great sound at a low price. The cable has a omnidirectional sensitive microphone for receiving calls or playing music on ANDROID or IOS systems.Stylish designThese headpho..
Ex Tax:6.16€
Earphones 3.5mm Hoco M37 Pleasant Sound
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 78472
Hoco M37 Pleasant Sound yra ausinės, tinkamos visiems šiuolaikiniams išmaniesiems telefonams ir planšetiniams kompiuteriams su 3.5 mm garso lizdu. Į ausis įdedamas ausines malonu liesti, o modernus dizainas apjungia patogumą ir funkcionalumą. Su šiomis ausinėmis mėgausitės geru akustiniu garsu, o pa..
Ex Tax:5.08€
Earphones 3.5mm Hoco M42 Ice Rhyme
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 75299
Hoco M42 Ice Rhyme is a stylish in-ear headphones that is compatible with iOS * and Android smartphones. The earphones are compact and lightweight, making them comfortable to use for long periods of time. The noise canceling feature protects against noise and allows you to listen to music and talk o..
Ex Tax:7.15€
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