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Galaxy S23 Ultra

Product Code: 82768
Samsung BTB (Board-to-Board) connector with an 8-pin arrangement configured in a 2x4 pattern. It is specifically designed for Samsung motherboards, part number 3710-004008, and features a compact design suitable for facilitating electrical connections in a range of Samsung devices such as the Galaxy..
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Product Code: 81173
3MK Clear Case is a silicone Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B) case made of transparent and flexible TPU material that perfectly absorbs shocks. High-quality polymers protect the back and housing of the phone from scratches, and the non-slip material prevents the smartphone from slipping out of yo..
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Product Code: 81176
5D Full Glue Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B) Tempered Glass that fully covers the entire screen is currently one of the best solutions to protect the phone screen without any complicated installation. Why this glass is so special? The new generation 5D Full Glue Tempered Glass with curved edges ..
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Product Code: 82531
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B) back housing is designed to replace your scratched, broken, bent, or otherwise damaged back housing. If the back housing is damages, it is recommended to replace it, as this not only damages the aesthetic appearance and in the case of larger cracks, moisture and d..
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Product Code: 82805
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra battery replacement EB-BS918ABY with a capacity of 5000mAh is one of the main components of a cell phones. If you have problems with Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra not charging, does not turn on, or it is discharging quickly, this replacement part will help you. Battery malfunctio..
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Product Code: 81872
Replacement rear camera glass lens for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B) is a repalacment for an older camera glass lens that is scratched or cracked, which affects the quality of the photos. The lens of the camera is a very sensitive part, so any damage or scratches on the camera lens can ruin a ..
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Product Code: 82370
3MK Lens Protection Pro is a ultimate protection for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B) camera to keep beautiful photos. Super-strong 9H hardness glass, which strengthens the lens by absorbing impact energy when the device is dropped from a height. Just a moment of inattention and your Samsung Gala..
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Product Code: 81188
The tempered glass for the camera is the best choice to protect Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B) lens and the camera glass from various damage. It completely covers the surface of the rear camera without creating gaps where dust or other dirt can pick up over time. The thickness of the glass is o..
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Product Code: 81770
Wozinsky Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B) camera protective tempered glass 9H is designed to additionally protect the camera from all damages of everyday use without compromising photo quality. Hard as a diamond - thanks to the double-hardening process, the glass is particularly durable and resis..
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Product Code: 81177
3MK Matt case with high scratch resistance will give a great protection for your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B) smartphone. Very resistant to dirt, greasy stains and discoloration. This shock-absorbing and flexible case will give your device a stylish look and will help to protect it from every..
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Product Code: 81520
The 3MK Satin Armor Case+ is the ultimate protection for your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B) in even the most extreme conditions. With Shock Pocket technology and Absorber185™ class materials, this case can withstand up to 26 drops from a height of 185cm without any damage to your phone. So whe..
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Product Code: 81181
Flip cover case Business is made of high-quality faux leather, which does not wear out for a long time and has a beautiful eging, so your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B) will look luxurious. Precise cutouts in the case will give you access to all the external funcions of your phone. The design s..
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Product Code: 81624
Dux Ducis Aimo crystal clear case, designed to fit perfectly on your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B) phone. With a combination of hard PC back plate and soft TPU edge, this case offers effortless installation while providing effective protection for your mobile phone. The flowing lines on the ba..
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Product Code: 81178
Dux Ducis Clin case is a superior protection for your new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B)! Constructed with German Bayer's specifically-selected innovative TPU+PC materials and tested for thousands of hours, this crystal clear case guards against yellowing over time. Light, thin and easy to grip..
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Product Code: 81180
Dux Ducis Skin Pro is an incredibly convenient and practical foldable book-style case that provides reliable protection for your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B). The main protection of the case is made of thick (TPU) silicone built inside, which is highly resistant to mechanical damage. The outs..
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Product Code: 81496
The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B) Dux Ducis Skin X2 protective case will provide 360 coverage with an elegant and perfect fit look. It's made from premium PU leather and private molding soft TPU material, this case is slim yet provides complete coverage for the best protection against scratche..
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Product Code: 81185
Elegance Book for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B) is an elegant book type case designed to protect your smartphone and screen from scratches and dirt. Magnetic lock will help to keep the entire screen surface safe against external influence and will keep the phone closed even when it falls. Open..
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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Case High Clear
Product Code: 83336
High Clear silicone transparent case for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will give you a feeling of impeccable protection. To maintain and protect the original look of the phone, this transparent case is made of durable and flexible, shock-absorbing TPU material. This simple but fashionable back cover of t..
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Product Code: 82078
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B) Liquid silicone case uses exactly the same soft silicone that is being used by Apple and Samsung in their silicone cases. This silicone is made of a two-layer construction that reinforces the protection of the phone and is pleasant to the touch. The inside of the ..
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Product Code: 81187
Premium quality silicone Clear Jelly case is designed to protect your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B). This Mercury Goospery case features a slim and stunning protection without hiding the design of the phone. The case is made of a special strong and flexible TPU material, which is perfect for p..
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Product Code: 81439
Mercury Silicone Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B) case is perfect to protect your device from various external factors. Silicone coating and polypropylene (PP) base provide good protection against dirt and damage. These materials also are good at shock absorption from shocks falling from a height..
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Product Code: 81186
Mercury Goospery Soft Feeling jelly case for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B) is absolutely pleasant to the touch, and thanks to the additional Soft-Touch coating, its neat minimalistic design and harmonious warm colors, it will make you stand out by adapting to the look of the smartphone, that i..
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Product Code: 82082
The Nillkin CamShield Silky Magnetic Silicone Case is a premium addition to the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. This case takes the concept of protection to the next level, not only by safeguarding your device from scratches and accidental drops, but also by enhancing your device's functionality with a bu..
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Product Code: 82080
Immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of elegance with the Nillkin Qin Pro Leather Case for your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B). Known for its perfection, this case effortlessly infuses an element of nobility and a distinguished baron-style charm into your device. The unique blend of luxu..
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Product Code: 82079
Nillkin Super Frosted Shield Pro case, exclusively designed for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B). This next-generation case offers unrivaled protection, seamlessly combining both durability and elegance. The sophisticated blend of injection-molded PC and TPU materials creates an armor-like sh..
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Product Code: 82081
Discover a world of protection and style with the Nillkin Textured Case S for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B). This case features an upgraded semi-automatic sliding cover design, complete with an inserted shaped torsion spring for fluent operation, ensuring your camera lens and privacy are w..
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Product Code: 81184
X-Level Antislip silicone case is made specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B), so all the cut outs and buttons wil fit the device perfectly. Antislip silicone case will not only keep the device looking like new, but at the same time will protect it from various damage. The quality ..
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Product Code: 81183
X-Level Dynamic is a matte ultra thin soft silicone with a “Soft-Touch” coating that is designed for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B) protection and does not have a slippery surface. The case protects the device from all sides, including the top and bottom, which are open on some models, providin..
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Product Code: 81182
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B) The X-Level Guardian case is one of the best choices for protecting your smartphone from the scratches and mechanical damage that occur daily. The silicone case is made of durable silicone that is not afraid of moisture, ultraviolet rays, low and high temperatures..
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Product Code: 81713
X-Level Space silicone case for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B) is made of a German-made, high-transparency Bayer TPU material that transmits the full beauty of the phone and does not turn yellow if it is used for a long time. There is an additional 1mm thick layer around the screen and camera s..
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Product Code: 81834
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B) PCB board which consists of a charge connector (charging port/socket), SIM reader and a microphone. It will help solve problems with the SIM, device charging, data transfer or if the charging socket has been damaged in any way and needs to be replaced. This part a..
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Product Code: 83212
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra double-sided adhesive screen sticker for attaching the screen set to the frame body. When replacing an old or broken screen set, you will need a new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra double-sided adhesive sticker, as the old one will no longer be useful due to dust and debris left af..
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Product Code: 82276
Welcome to the future of phone screen protection! With the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B) Hybrid Glass Bestsuit Full Cover FlexGlass, you'll get the best of both worlds in terms of protection and style.This hybrid glass case covers the entire surface of your phone's screen, including the edges,..
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Product Code: 82489
Polymer Nano is a new screen protection for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B) that is made using a combination of TPU and PET materials to protect your screen like never before. This hybrid glass does not affect the screen sensitivity and the fingerprint sensor. Made precisely to the contours of y..
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Product Code: 82547
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B) flex cable, which consists of a Main FRC SUB connector will help you repair your device when some or all of these parts are not working. With this flex cable, you will be able to repair Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and extend the life of the device without changing it..
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Product Code: 82546
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B) IF CTC FPCB flex cable, which consists of a Main SUB connector will help you repair your device when some or all of these parts are not working. With this flex cable, you will be able to repair Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and extend the life of the device without cha..
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Product Code: 82545
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B) flex cable, which consists of a Main UB CTC LCD connector will help you repair your device when some or all of these parts are not working. With this flex cable, you will be able to repair Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and extend the life of the device without changing..
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Product Code: 81671
”Privacy” tempered glass for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B) is a protection of the phone that not only protects your phone's screen, but also its privacy. This tempered glass protects your device in two ways: first, the glass is designed to absorb the force of impact without transmitting it to ..
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Product Code: 81764
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B) screen is designed to replace an old screen assembly that no longer responds to control, has dead screen dots or has been dropped accidentally and has been completely damaged resulting in its replacement because the phone is no longer available for use.Screen qual..
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Product Code: 83258
LCD screen bezel, frame for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is a replacement part integral to the screen assembly. It is ideal for replacing a heavily damaged, aesthetically unappealing old frame, or when changing the screen and wanting to avoid retaining an old, worn-out casing to make the phone look ..
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Product Code: 81724
3MK SilverProtection+ is a new generation hybrid film designed to protect your phone and you from various microbes at the same time. Using the phone, it constantly collects a lot of germs from previously touched surfaces: door handle, steering wheel, or other locations that are accessible to everyon..
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Product Code: 81862
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B) SIM Card Holder Tray...
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Product Code: 82323
Protect the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B) with 3MK HardGlass Max tempered glass from scratches and breaking. Due to the long tempering of the glass at 420°C, it acquires 9H hardness and other exceptional protective properties, so even sharp objects made of metal or steel will no..
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Product Code: 81172
5D UV Nano Optics Tempered Glass that fully covers the entire phone screen is the next generation screen protection solution with built-in liquid dispersion technology that no other lens currently has. Supplied with specially formulated glass glue, which automatically expands when the glass is appli..
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Product Code: 81684
9D Curved Full Glue Tempered Glass that fully covers the entire phone screen is designed to protect Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B). The new tempered glass model features rounded edges with an improved adhesive base and a better oleophobic coating, making it perfect for maximum phone screen prot..
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Product Code: 81174
Tempered glass Perfectionists for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B) is one of the most popular cell phone protections. It is a full screen coverage glass that will perfectly protect your phone screen. The glass consists of 4 layers: AB adhesive layer, impact resistant layer, Asahi glass layer, ant..
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Samsung Galaxy A54 5G, Note 20, Note 20 5G, S20 FE, S20 FE 5G, S21 5G, S21 FE 5G, S21 Ultra 5G, S21+ 5G, S23, S23 Ultra, S23+, Flip4, Z Fold3 5G Microphone
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Product Code: 81829
Is your Samsung Galaxy A54 5G (SM-A546B) microphone bad or not working at all? Having trouble talking on the phone because they you can't hear/hear you badly? The microphone is a small but very important part of the device that transmits sound to the caller's ear and if water, dust or other dirt got..
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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Adpo Tempered Glass
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Product Code: 81179
ADPO Tempered Glass for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918B) will protect your phone's screen from scratches and bumps. Tempered glass is heat-treated which means it was heated to high temperature and cooled suddenly – that is why the mechanical resistance is 5-7 times higher than ordinary glass of t..
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