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Product Code: 78398
The Baseus foldable fan is an invaluable gadget on hot days. It will allow you to cool down in all conditions. When the temperatures rise and you start to feel discomfort, just take it out of your backpack or purse and run it at one of the two available speeds. The results - pleasant cooling and fre..
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Product Code: 78397
If you are traveling with children, or one of the passengers is against turning on the air conditioner, the Baseus CXQC-B03 Seat Car Fan will help you. The fan stimulates the movement of air, refreshes the atmosphere in the car, acts in a direction and does not create dangerous drafts.Equipped with ..
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Product Code: 79692
Looking for a versatile and handy fan that you can take with you anywhere? Look no further than the Platinet Desk Fan PRDF0326! This wireless fan 7W is powered by a powerful 3000mAh battery, allowing it to run for 10 hours – perfect for those hot summer days. And when night falls, you can use the LE..
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Foldable Vehicle Mouted Backseat Fan Baseus CXZD-01
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Product Code: 78399
Baseus Foldable Vehicle Mouted Backseat Fan (CXZD-01) is a small fan designed to be mounted on a car headrest. The structure of the windmill, equipped with a mounting clip, was designed for use while driving a car and during classic use at home. Proper positioning of the stand also allows you to con..
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Rechargeable Desk Fan 3W Platinet PRDF6108
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Product Code: 78678
Platinet PRDF6108 is a 3W desk fan with rechargeable powerful 1200mAh battery allows for 4 hours of fan operation. The Micro USB connector is used to charge the battery of the device, thanks to which you can charge the fan with the same cable and charger used for charging smartphones.Mobile design a..
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