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Wireless Chargers

The Wireless Charger will help keep your Apple iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Sony Xperia, Xiaomi Mi or other phone charged without connecting it to any charging cable. The wireless phone charger will reduce mess on a desk in your home or office and you will never have to look for a charging cable again, as the wireless charger will start charging the device as soon as the phone is placed on it. 

Imagine that when you use this device, you no longer have to worry about the charging cable being torn, kinked, or damaged in any way, resulting in inconvenience to charge the device you need.

You can always have a travel charger with you while going somewhere, but have a permanent wireless charging pad on your office desk or near your bedroom bed to keep the room neat and tidy, without having to look at unnecessary cables.

How does wireless charging work?

Did you know that wireless charging exists for about 100 years already? It was firstly discovered and presented by Nikola Tesla. Although it was not used as we use it today, but it definitely started to change our everyday life.

Any wireless charger works this way - it transfers energy to a receiving device’s back, e.g. cell phone, by electromagnetic induction. 

What is a Qi Wireless Charger? 

Wireless charging is a technology that allows you to charge phones over short distances without using any wires. The most popular Qi wireless charging technology has been used by all major phone manufacturers. 

Samsung Wireless Charger was one of the first manufacturers to introduce this new charging concept. The iPhone Wireless Charger was launched with the iPhone 8 and continues to this day. Of course, due to the increased consumer need to charge the phone wirelessly, the Huawei wireless charging was also introduced and is now widely used almost everywhere. 

Currently, Qi wireless charging pad come in several powers depending on the charging speed. The price of a wireless charger also depends on its power, while the minimum charging power is 5W, but there are phones like Samsung S8, iPhone 12, 11, XS, 8 Plus that support 7.5W and other models and 10W charging power. 

Usually, while charging with the wireless charging station, the cell phone is charger with standard power current at a standard speed. But now even more manufacturers create fast charge wireless chargers. For example if you need a Samsung fast wireless charger, there is a a 15W wireless charger called Fast Wireless Charger which is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S10, Note 10, S20. Even faster wireless chargers come in 30W, and it was introduced by Huawei the Huawei SuperCharge 40W Wireless Charger. 

Such fast wireless chargers that also support a fast charging can be call best wireless chargers.

Is it possible to use wireless charging in the car? 

Definitely yes! Many new car manufacturers have already integrated wireless charging in some car models, but in cars that they did not do it, it’s not a big deal, as a wireless car charger mount as a phone holder can be purchased separately as a car accessory where the phone will have its place and be easily visible. 

Advantages of using a wireless charger

  • If you wonder how to use a wireless charger, it is actually really simple, as all you have to do is place your smartphone on it and charging starts immediately.
  • Charging socket is used much less often, so it does not wear out so quickly and does not need to be replaced for a long time. 
  • Safer power transfer to the phone 
  • The Qi wireless charger can be used in a variety of places because it looks stylish and most importantly neat 

Disadvantages of using a wireless charger

  • 5W, 7.5W, 10W wireless chargers are usually slower, but in order to charge the device quickly by using the fast charging technology, it is best to charge the phone with a conventional wired charger. 
  • Not all phones support wireless charging yet, so you won't be able to charge older models or devices from lesser-known phone manufacturers this way.
Product Code: 67721
Baseus Energy Storage Backseat Holder Wireless Charger (WXHZ-01) - universal phone holder with wireless charger for devices with a screen size of 4.7 to 6.5 inches. A great way to make a passenger trip enjoyable without the need for tedious equipment in your hands. In addition, the bracket is easy t..
Ex Tax:22.89€
Product Code: 81022
Acefast D3 Car Phone Charger - the ultimate companion for anyone’s ride! Featuring a revolutionary 15W MagSafe magnetic wireless charger, it's specifically designed to give you the power you need with super-magnetic attraction, automatic alignment for fast wireless charging, and Qi certified protect..
Ex Tax:17.07€
Product Code: 80216
If you're looking for a car phone holder that's both functional and stylish, look no further than the JOYROOM JR-ZS295D. This 2-in-1 car phone holder comes with a MagSafe wireless charger, so you can charge your device while on the go. The strong magnetic power ensures your phone stays securely in p..
Ex Tax:23.34€
Product Code: 80238
Is your phone constantly running out of battery when you're on the go? Keep your device charged and ready to go with the Borofone BH201 Car Phone Holder with MagSafe Wireless Charger. This innovative car charger features MagSafe technology that allows you to wirelessly charge your iPhone 12, 13, or ..
Ex Tax:11.31€
Product Code: 79591
The Borofone BH45 Mobile is a car phone holder that comes with a 15W MagSafe wireless charger. It is specially designed for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series phones. The wireless output of this charger is 5W/7.5W/10W/15W, and the MagSafe wireless output is 7.5W (PD car charger is required). This ch..
Ex Tax:12.91€
Product Code: 78527
Dudao F13 is a air vent car phone holder with 15W MagSafe magnetic wireless charger. The magnetic alignment experience only applies to iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 series phone models.When traveling by car, you probably know very well that the search for the perfect holder and charger cable can be extrem..
Ex Tax:13.87€
Product Code: 80239
Looking for a car phone holder that can be attached to a charger? Look no further than the Duzzona V1! This car phone holder is mounted on an air vent outlet and comes with a MagSafe Wireless Charger 15W for iPhone 12, 13, 14 Series. The magnet in the charger can be precisely aligned with the magnet..
Ex Tax:13.47€
Product Code: 78566
JOYROOM JR-ZS240 is a car phone holder with 15W MagSafe wireless charger for Apple iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max, 13, 13 mini, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max series phones. Its universal structure makes it suitable for most air vents in various cars, which translates in..
Ex Tax:15.04€
Product Code: 80221
The JOYROOM JR-ZS240D is the perfect car phone holder for anyone who wants the convenience of a wireless charger without sacrificing style or safety. This sleek, minimalist holder attaches to your dashboard and wirelessly charges your iPhone 12, 13, or 14 at 15 watts while you're on the go. The buil..
Ex Tax:17.25€
Product Code: 80218
Most car phone holders on the market only offer one or the other- either they hold your phone securely in place or they provide wireless charging. But why should you have to choose? With the JOYROOM JR-ZS290D, you don't have to! This innovative 2in1 design offers both a secure magnetic grip for your..
Ex Tax:24.92€
Product Code: 80220
Looking for a product that will make your life easier and more convenient? Look no further than the JOYROOM JR-ZS291 Car Phone Holder with MagSafe Wireless Charger 2in1! This amazing product is a 2in1 air vent car phone holder and MagSafe 15W fast charging wireless charger all in one, making it the ..
Ex Tax:18.27€
Product Code: 67466
Baseus Gravity WXYL-01 in-car air outlet cell phone car holder with 10W wireless charger, which can be attached to air outlet in a few seconds. For devices with a screen size of 4 to 6.5 inches. This solution makes the Baseus Gravity car mount compatible with most modern cars. The wireless car charg..
Ex Tax:16.88€
Product Code: 80480
Is your smartphone always running out of battery when you're on the go? With the S5 wireless Qi air vent car charger and holder, you can keep your device charged while you're driving. This innovative car holder is placed in the ventilation grille and can be rotated 360 degrees, so you always have a ..
Ex Tax:8.38€
Product Code: 81029
Samsung EP-H5300CBEGEU car phone holder attached to most types of air vent with 9W wireless charger is perfect for mobile phones that support wireless charging, including foldable phones. It’s even compatible with both Android and iOS devices! You can easily pop in your device, safe in the knowledge..
Ex Tax:37.63€
Product Code: 78755
Choetech SC004 is a solar panel, charger with 14W power which can safely and efficiently charge your devices. This solar charger has 4 highly efficient solar panels, which offer with an extremely high solar energy conversion rate of up to 25% enough energy to charge your USB devices without any prob..
Ex Tax:50.05€
Product Code: 78186
JOYROOM JR-A28 Qi 15W MagSafe Wireless Charger is a super thin magnetic wireless charger will let you charge your phone fast and conveniently. It is compatible with devices from iPhone 12 series and other smartphones which support wireless charging. You can connect your mobile phone to the charger b..
Ex Tax:15.77€
Product Code: 81747
Hoco Q10A 10000mAh Power Bank, a powerful and versatile charging solution that ensures your devices always stay charged and ready for use. This compact and stylish power bank comes with a 20W Type-C port and a 15W wireless charger, making it perfect for all your wireless charging needs.One of the st..
Ex Tax:30.63€
Product Code: 78578
Dudao K13Pro is a 10000mAh power bank with 10W power Qi wireless charging. K13Pro can renew the energy of equipment both wirelessly and via a cable at the same time! Made of a combination of high-quality, refractory ABS and strong durable PC material.9 levels of protection - Against overcharge, disc..
Ex Tax:29.61€
Product Code: 80823
Check out the brand new Choetech Q5003+T511-S wall charger with wireless charger! This advanced and incredibly useful charging combo is everything you need to power up your gadgets — Apple, Android, or any other type of device — quickly and reliably.The T511-S helps make charging wirelessly easier t..
Ex Tax:12.23€
Product Code: 78192
Baseus Simple (WXJK-01) 2in1 wireless charger is suitable for simultaneously charging two devices: smartphones and smartphone or smartphone and AirPods. The ergonomic body is made of durable hardwearing tempered glass and has a non-slip silicone backing for better stability. It is important to remem..
Ex Tax:23.40€
Product Code: 81234
Revolutionary Borofone BQ19 powerful 15W wireless charger 3in1 – the ultimate charging solution for all Apple users. This sleek device is designed with the latest multi-device charging integrated into one device for your convenience. With its 15W of charging power, you’ll be fully charged in no time..
Ex Tax:17.94€
Product Code: 81062
The JOYROOM JR-WQN01 15W wireless charger stand will revolutionize the way you stay powered up! No more cluttering cords, or struggling with the traditional induction charging process – simply toss your phone right onto the charging pad and experience fast, effortless power. All this power comes in ..
Ex Tax:29.96€
Product Code: 80642
The Devia Smart Magnetic is a Qi-certified 3-in-1 wireless charger that is compatible with iPhone, Samsung and other mobile phones, earphones, and watches that support wireless charging. With 15W of power output, this charger is able to provide fast charging without harming your devices. The built-i..
Ex Tax:20.63€
Product Code: 79519
The Dudao A11 3in1 Qi Wireless Charger is a safe and reliable charger for your phones, AirPods, and Apple Watch. With its three independent coils, this charger can charge up to three devices simultaneously without interference. It also has a quick reaction time of 0.1 sec, making it a great choice f..
Ex Tax:28.73€
Product Code: 80488
The LFX-163 MagSafe Duo 15W wireless charger is the perfect charge solution for your Apple devices. Qi-certified, it can wirelessly charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and Wireless Charging Case for AirPods simultaneously. With a sleek and compact design, the MagSafe Duo charger easily folds up so you ..
Ex Tax:8.62€
Product Code: 79672
The Baseus Suction Cup WXXP-01 10W Wireless Charger is the perfect accessory for any gamer or tech enthusiast. This Qi wireless charger comes with 8 suction cups that provide a firm grip, so your device will never slip or fall while charging. The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to take ..
Ex Tax:9.65€
Product Code: 75466
Borofone BQ3 Preference Wireless Charger ensures fast and stable charging. The device has a protection against overheating, overload and short circuit. Supported charging power: 5W, 7.5W, 10W. The charger is only compatible with phones and devices that support wireless charging technology. The model..
Ex Tax:8.34€
Product Code: 79306
Platinet PWCDB is a 10W dual Qi wireless charger which allows you to charge two devices wirelessly at the same time, with full 10W of power. The device supports all the necessary standards, certificates and protections for efficient and safe use. Using the PWCDB charger is completely safe for smartp..
Ex Tax:14.25€
Product Code: 78572
Dudao A10B 10W Qi wireless charger with ultra-thin stylish and handy design which elegant front panel gives the accessory a unique character.  Charging distance up to 8 mm without removing the case, several levels of protection among other things protect against overcharging, overheating and short c..
Ex Tax:7.24€
Product Code: 78571
Dudao A12S is a 15W Qi Wireless Charger with Suction Cups. Elegant front panel gives the accessory a unique character, the suction cups mounted on the charger are responsible for a safe and convenient connection between the charger and the phone.Slimmest charger in your home - this device is one of ..
Ex Tax:9.87€
Product Code: 79455
Duzzona W2 Folding Stand 15W is a quality wireless charger that comes with a built-in dual-coil. This makes the charging induction area larger, so you can enjoy wireless charging by placing your phone on the charging stand, whether it is placed horizontally or vertically. You don't need to remove th..
Ex Tax:12.72€
Product Code: 75467
Hoco CW13 Sensible 5W wireless charger is designed to charge fast and wirelessly smartphones that support the QI standard. Also, there is an LED indicator on its body that informs the user about the charging status. If necessary, you can leave your phone to charge overnight with this wireless charge..
Ex Tax:6.31€
Product Code: 67864
Hoco CW14 Round 5W Wireless Charger is a great wireless charging option. The device charges very quickly and conveniently and without the hassle of wires. The charging process is quite convenient and simple, you just need to put your smartphone or tablet on the wireless charger and the device will s..
Ex Tax:6.64€
Product Code: 78569
Hoco CW23 Dual Power 2in1 10W wireless charger is a minimalistic device that will make a great addition to any workplace. The docking station can accommodate two devices at once, which will save a lot of time, and the output power of 10W guarantees highly efficient charging. Among other things, char..
Ex Tax:14.63€
Product Code: 80635
Looking for a versatile and reliable wireless charger? Check out the Hoco CW24 Handsome 3-in-1! This amazing device can charge your mobile phone, smart watch, and earphones all at the same time. With output of 5W / 7.5W / 10W (for mobile phone), 3W (for earphones), and 2W (for Apple Watch), this cha..
Ex Tax:20.13€
Product Code: 80508
Are you looking for a powerful and efficient wireless charger? Look no further than the Hoco CW26 Powerful! With 15W of charging power, this charger is perfect for mobile phones and TWS earphones that support the Qi charging protocol. The sleek and compact design makes it easy to take with you where..
Ex Tax:12.99€
Product Code: 75468
Hoco CW6 Homey is a round, stylish, wireless 10W fast charging pad. Using this charger is especially convenient - just place your smartphone on the pad and it will be charging.SpecificationIncoming voltage: 5V/2A, 9V/1.8AOutgoing voltage: 5V/1APower: 10WMaterial: non-flammable PCQI supportColor: bla..
Ex Tax:8.95€
Product Code: 78568
The Platinet PLCWCQ2 is a 10W wireless charger that allows you to quickly charge devices thanks to Qi technology. The light and slim housing makes it easy to carry the device, while the rubberized surface protects devices from scratches.This charger also has safety features that protect both the dev..
Ex Tax:12.37€
Product Code: 79720
Looking for a great way to charge your smartphone wirelessly? Look no further than the XO WX026 15W Wireless Charger! This top-of-the-line charger uses Qi technology to inductively charge your phone - just place it on the pad and it'll start charging automatically. It's also great for home or office..
Ex Tax:11.83€
Product Code: 79456
The Duzzona W1 Wireless MagSafe Charger is a great choice for those who want to take advantage of the MagSafe charging feature on the iPhone 12, 13 Series. With this charger, you can simply place your phone on the charger and it will automatically be attached to the back of the phone. The magnets in..
Ex Tax:13.04€
Product Code: 79939
Introducing the Xiaomi Mi Fast Wireless Charger Stand 20W – the best way to keep your phone charged and ready to go, even when you're using it. With this handy charger, you can place your phone on the stand and it will start charging immediately – meaning you can use it for watching videos or browsi..
Ex Tax:26.85€
Apple iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max MagSafe Wireless Charger (15W)
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 76101
MagSafe Wireless Charger provides fast wireless charging and magnetically attaches to iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max phones and provides 15W fast charging. MagSafe Wireless Charger supports Qi charging technology, so you can charge iPhone 8 and later phone models with it, as well as AirPods ..
Ex Tax:18.84€
Apple iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max Wireless Charger MagSafe Borofone BQ9 Pro (15W)
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 77070
„BOROFONE BQ9 Pro“ is a 15W magnetic MagSafe wireless charger for fast charging of Apple iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro cell phones. The built-in magnet is designed for magnetic positioning of the charger with iPhone 12 series phones. SpecificationManufacturer: BorofoneModel: BQ9 ProType: wirele..
Ex Tax:12.23€
Baseus Jelly Wireless Charger (15W)
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 67731
Baseus Jelly Wireless Charger 15W is ultra-slim body and a unique silicone-coated design smartphones and wireless headphones charger. Made of high quality materials: PC, TPU, ensures durability and long use. All you have to do is place your smartphone on the charger and charging process will start a..
Ex Tax:12.76€
Car Phone Holder with MagSafe Wireless Charger JOYROOM JR-ZS290A (15W)
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 80217
Are you tired of having to fumble around with your phone while driving? Do you ever worry about your phone falling out of its holder and onto the floor while you're driving? Well, worry no more! The “JOYROOM JR-ZS290A” is a 2in1 air vent magnetic car phone holder with MagSafe 15W fast charging wirel..
Ex Tax:27.64€
Car Phone Holder with Wireless Charger Dudao F3Pro (15W)
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 78567
Dudao F3Pro gravity car phone holder for air vent with Qi 15W wireless charger is a gadget that will be useful for every driver. This equipment is responsible for stable maintenance of the phone, even in the case of uneven road surface. The advantage of the handle is a durable clamping arm. At the s..
Ex Tax:14.28€
Car Phone Holder with Wireless Charger Hoco S12 Rich Power (10W)
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 67870
Stylish and functional car holder Hoco S12 Rich Power with 10W wireless charging function is a convenient device that will replace even several accessories at once. It is very easy to use: pressing the button on the top of the holder clips will open between which you can place your smartphone, then ..
Ex Tax:13.20€
Car Phone Holder with Wireless Charger JPD-Q71T (10W)
Out Of Stock
Product Code: 58631
Car phone holder with wireless charger JPD-Q71T will allow you to keep the phone in a convenient place while driving and charge it at the same time. The bracket can be attached to a window or a smoother car panel. SpecificationInput: 5V/2A  9V/1.8AOutput: 5-9V/1.5A (max.)Power: 10WWireless charging ..
Ex Tax:10.56€
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