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Terms & Conditions

These Electronic Commerce Regulations (hereinafter - the Rules) are mandatory and they are an integral part of purchase agreements concluded between MB "Mobizona" owned online e-shop http://www.mobizona.lt (hereinafter - MB "Mobizona", e-shop, our, us, we) and our customer, which introduce customer to our purchase agreement conditions and establishing rights and obligations between us and customer related to the purchase agreements.


1. Persons who can use e-shop's services are:
1.1. all capable private persons, who are not younger than 18 years old;
1.2. minors of age 15-18 years only with parent's, adoptive parent's or guardian's consent, except when person dispose it's own earnings or scholarship;
1.3. legal entities;
1.4. all of the above persons authorized representatives.
2. Two ways how customer can make a purchase in our e-shop:
2.1. by registering your account by entering nickname and password to e-shop;
2.2. by making purchase without registration.
3. It is strictly forbidden to use any published information from our e-shop in any other websites, media or otherwise distribute all our material without our consent, and if certain consent is given, it is necessary to state www.mobizona.lt as the source.
4. Customer's entered personal data (name, surname, address, phone number, e-mail address) while registering to e-shop is being protected and stored according to Protection of Personal Data law of Republic of Lithuania and other country's legislations.
5. All prices in e-shop are included VAT. All purchases must be settled in euros (EUR).
6. Purchase agreement between us and customer is being treated as valid from the moment when customer enters all required for purchase information, specifying shipping address, choosing payment method and after customer reads and understands with the rules and agrees with them by ticking the box "I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions" and pressing button "Confirm Order".
7. MB "Mobizona" will inform customer about their purchase agreement by sending an e-mail to given e-mail address.


8. Customer can select and buy any item from our e-shop.
9. By using all provided service in e-shop customer agrees with our terms and conditions and agrees follow them.
10. In e-shop registration form customer must enter only accurate and complete personal data. Otherwise, if any of this data will be changed and we will not be informed about it, customer will be responsible for the risk of loss.
11. Customer is the only one responsible for his actions made in e-shop.
12. It is forbidden to register into the e-shop system twice with different names for the same person.
13. If customer selects to receive purchased good via courier, customer must be at the specific time and place to receive these goods.
14. Customer is responsible not to transfer to third parties his login information. If customer loses any of this data, customer must immediately inform us by e-mail. We are not responsible for the actions of third persons if they will use customer's login information until customer's notice. In this case, we will treat purchase agreement as made by customer.
15. MB "Mobizona" is not responsible for actions of third persons when they use customer's internet banking system to make purchase.
16. For continuous improvement of our services, we kindly ask customers to save cookies to customer's device, and gathered information will be used only for visiting and ordering statistics, and tracking session durations. Customer can always check what cookies are installed and data can be deleted fully or partially by customer. The given consent of installing cookies can be canceled by changing web browser settings or by contacting us any given contact information.


17. If customer provides inaccurate, incomplete or false data required for the purchase or if customer does not follow other obligations that are laid down in the Rules, we have a right to immediately cancel your registered account, purchase or delete customer personal data or restrict customer's right to use our e-shop's services. Only the customer is responsible for his personal data and if it is not correct for the consequences.
18. MB "Mobizona" reserves a right, without any prior notice, to suspend or terminate customer's registered account if there is a reason to believe that customer is engaged in illegal activities or otherwise trying to harm e-shop.
19. MB "Mobizona" commit to provide all the conditions form the Rules.


20. For purchased good customer can pay via domestic or international money transfer to our bank account or by entering payment card data.
21. Amount that is seen in shopping cart is included VAT and is in euros (EUR).
22. If payment is to be paid after receiving goods it must be also made in euros (EUR).


23. Goods, that are in other country's warehouses are delivered within 2-5 weeks.
24. For some goods individual delivery deadline may apply.
25. Delivery price is indicated in shopping cart along to the price of ordered goods.


27. Return of the goods is being regulated by the laws of Republic of Lithuania.
28. Returned goods must contain every detail that was sent to the customer originally and with proof of receiving these goods. Customer is responsible for returned good's packaging. If returned goods does not contain all items that was originally sent to the customer or it is not properly packed and ruined during the shipping, our representative will not accept such goods.
29. Goods must returned to: MB "Mobizona", Statybininkų str. 7-19, LT-03220 Vilnius, Lithuania.

30. In case of return of defective, poor quality item and not ordering another item instead (in 14 days), the total amount paid for this item is refunded to the customer.
31. Money for delivery of goods in case of return of goods, is not refundable – the exception applies only to defective or mistakenly sent goods.
32. After purchasing goods such as screens (matrices), touch screens, display kits and other elements, customer must not remove the protective film from the goods they receive until they are fully convinced that they have received an entirely working part. After removal of protective film and in case of a product damage, money is not refundable.
33. All our products  have labels of manufacturers and suppliers, according to which we identify if items were bought from us. After the removal of these marks, the guarantee is not applicable and money will not be refunded.
34. For household appliances and parts, MB Mobizona provides a 3-month warranty and the right to return defective products within this period.
35. Purchased goods that are technically in a good condition or purchased inappropriate goods due to the fault of the customer, will not be changed and money will not be refunded.