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Product Code: 77367
Car universal back seat holder for cell phone and tablet holder Baseus Backseat Car Mount SUHZ-01 for devices with a 4.7 - 12.9-inch screen.Perfect for kids to soothe them on long trips, watching cartoons and for others to watch movies without having to bother with hands and neck. When attached, it ..
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Product Code: 37423
Tellos CTH-05 universal car tablet holder for 7-10.5 inch tablets. Mounted to the glass. The holder is made of strong and scratch-resistant plastic. ..
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Product Code: 37424
Tellos CTH-06 car tablet holder is designed for 9-19.5 cm wide tablets, which is mounted on the glass. The holder is made of strong and scratch-resistant plastic. ..
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Product Code: 76811
Borofone BH24 Bright Shell desk cell phone and tablet holder is a stylish holder with a 360-degree rotation that can hold cell phones and tablets with a diagonal of 4-10.6 inches (122 mm to 200 mm).Due to the high quality and soft clamping mechanism, the holder can be mounted not only on wooden desk..
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Product Code: 67713
Static desk phone and tablet holder is compatible with 4 - 10.5 inch devices. Possibility to adjust the required viewing angle from 5 to 45 °. The holder is also compatible with the Nintendo Switch...
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Desk Phone, Tablet Holder Borofone BH42 Lite Star
Product Code: 82789
The Borofone BH42 Lite Star Desk Phone, Tablet Holder is the perfect way to keep your phone or tablet at the perfect angle for viewing. The holder is made from lightweight and durable ABS, and features a non-slip silicone base to keep your device in place and compatible with phones and tablets up to..
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Product Code: 79586
This Desk Phone Holder Borofone BH42 Star is a great way to keep your mobile phone or tablet within easy reach while you're working at your desk. It's made of durable ABS plastic and silicone, with a textured surface that provides a firm grip on your device. The holder has a large angle adjustment r..
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Product Code: 80521
Hoco PH49 Elegant is the perfect way to keep your mobile devices organized and at-the-ready, whether you're working from home or in the office. This stylish and functional desk stand is made of carbon steel and silicone, with a sleek design that looks great on any desktop. It's perfect for holding y..
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Car Phone, Tablet Back Seat Holder Hoco CA62 Handsome
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Product Code: 78432
Hoco CA62 Handsome is a car headrest holder for smartphone or tablet. It is specially designed for rear seat passengers. The ideal solution for both private car owners and for car owners of minibuses and minivans engaged in passenger transportation. The Hoco CA62 headrest holder significantly increa..
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Car Tablet Holder 2in1 Omega Banana OUCHT2 (7-10.5 inch)
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Product Code: 76447
Universal tablet car holder Omega Banana OUCHT2 2in1 - attached to the window or to headrest holder, suitable for most 7-10 inches (maximum diagonal of the device 300mm). The suction cup mounting adapter can be mounted on most straight surfaces and window. The headrest holder mounting adapter can be..
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Desk Cell Phone, Tablet Holder JOYROOM JR-ZS263 (4.7-12.9 inch)
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Product Code: 78012
Desk cell phone and tablet holder for 4.7-12.9 inch devices JOYROOM Funny Lazy Holder JR-ZS263. The desk stand can be adapted to various devices which you use on a daily basis. It will perform well for smaller phones and tablets. The only requirement is the size of the equipment – 4,7 to 12,9 inches..
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