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Product Code: 80461
Tired of your things constantly falling off your dash or center dashboard while you're driving? Keep your valuables within reach and within sight with the anti slip sticky pad Baseus Folding Bracket Antiskid Pad. This multi-functional holder provides a stable hold for your mobile phone, glasses, car..
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Product Code: 79585
Looking for a phone mount holder that can be used on bikes, motorcycles, scooters and more? Look no further than the Borofone BH34 Dove! This universal phone mount holder is compatible with 4.5-7 inch mobile phones and has a clamp width of 67-92mm. Made from ABS and silicone, it is both durable and ..
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Product Code: 81559
Looking for a safe and convenient way to mount your phone while riding your bicycle, scooter, or motorcycle? Look no further than the Wozinsky WBHBK7 handlebar mount. This high-quality phone holder is designed to provide excellent protection for your phone during your ride, while also allowing you t..
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Product Code: 80237
Looking for a phone mount for your bike, motorcycle, scooter that is both steady and secure? Look no further than the Borofone BH72 Airfly. This phone mount features 360° rotation and a rotation lock, so you can always have your phone at just the right angle. Plus, it's easy to install and fits most..
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Product Code: 79226
3MK Bike Holder Pro™ for bike or scooter holds your phone steady on any road or handlebar. Strong rubber clips adjust precisely to the size of your phone, securing it in the desired position. The phone’s stability is further enhanced by an anti-slip mat lining the grip. You can adjust the width of t..
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Product Code: 78014
You love to ride a bike or scooter, but every trip starts with a problem: where to put your smartphone? It's uncomfortable in a pocket, far away in a backpack. There is a way out - install your phone on the handlebars of a bicycle. This can be done using the HOCO CA14 bike holder. It will securely f..
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Product Code: 34731
Tellos BPH-03 is a universal 4-inch phone holder for a bike, electric scooter that is waterproof, making it an ideal choice for many travelers. When you place the phone in the holder, you can remember the bicycle pedals without worrying about the phone falling out or getting wet. The holder is suita..
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Product Code: 79397
Hoco CA101 Rider is a waterproof and universal mobile phone holder that is perfect for use while riding a bicycle, scooter or motorcycle. It is made from ABS + PET + silicone + magnet + nylon materials and has a surface technology of tanning texture + polishing for a high-quality finish. The CA101 R..
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Product Code: 79555
If you're looking for a phone mount for your bike or scooter, the Wozinsky WBHBK4 is a great option. This sturdy, metal phone holder will keep your 4.7 to 6.8 inch device secure and in place, even on rough roads. The WBHBK4 is compatible with most handlebars with a diameter of 17-38 mm, so it will f..
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Product Code: 67721
Baseus Energy Storage Backseat Holder Wireless Charger (WXHZ-01) - universal phone holder with wireless charger for devices with a screen size of 4.7 to 6.5 inches. A great way to make a passenger trip enjoyable without the need for tedious equipment in your hands. In addition, the bracket is easy t..
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Product Code: 34721
Modern Tellos CCH-01 car charger and phone holder are designed for various phone models. Mounted in a car cigarette lighter. The holder is made of strong and scratch-resistant plastic, so you can not worry about the security of your phone. When charging devices via the USB connection, it should be n..
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Product Code: 80553
If you're looking for a car phone holder that can adjust to fit almost any size cup holder and provides a 360-degree view, then the Car Cup Phone Holder H06 is perfect for you! This innovative car phone mount is equipped with a Universal mount head and a softened silicone surface grip, which prevent..
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Product Code: 81022
Acefast D3 Car Phone Charger - the ultimate companion for anyone’s ride! Featuring a revolutionary 15W MagSafe magnetic wireless charger, it's specifically designed to give you the power you need with super-magnetic attraction, automatic alignment for fast wireless charging, and Qi certified protect..
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Product Code: 79223
3MK Magnet Power - a car phone holder is both durable and elegant. Designed to hold your phone firmly on the go, it is made of high quality aluminium alloy that won’t break. With the rubber clip and silicone mounting surface, this holder won’t scratch your phone air vents or casing. The Magnet Power..
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Product Code: 79213
3MK Spider Gravity is a ventilation grille car phone holder whihc is practical and comfortable to use. The large adjustment range and the ability to charge your phone while driving make using your phone in the car safe and convenient. The rotatable head of the holder allows you to position your phon..
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Product Code: 79224
3MK Twist Automatic main purpose of a car holder is a strong, stable grip. That’s why we have relied on a sensitive automatic system that perfectly adjusts the clip to the width of the phone. This ensures that your phone will not slip out of the holder, even when you are driving on rough roads or ta..
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Product Code: 80234
Looking for a reliable, easy-to-use car phone holder? Look no further than the Baseus C01 Magnetic Air Outlet! This high-quality holder is made of ABS + silicone and can be easily mounted in your air vent. It's highly adjustable, so you can set it at the perfect angle to view your phone screen witho..
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Product Code: 80233
Baseus C01 Magnetic Stick-on is the perfect accessory for your car. This small magnetic car holder mounts on your dashboard with adhesive and is made of high-quality materials (ABS + silicone). The holder is highly adjustable (including 360-degree rotation) so you can set it up perfectly to keep you..
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Product Code: 78469
Baseus Ears SUER-A01 magnetic cell phone holder for a air vent. This universal magnetic holder for a car is adapted to most phone models available on the market. The handle is mounted to the car's ventilation grille, thanks to which it does not take up space on the windshield and does not confuse th..
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Product Code: 80459
Looking for a safe and easy way to use your phone while driving? Look no further than the Baseus Gravity Car Mount! This innovative car phone holder is designed to be mounted on your car's ventilation grille, and can hold 4-6 inch phones securely in place. The holder is extremely easy to use - just ..
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Product Code: 80460
Looking for a safe and convenient way to use your smartphone while driving? Look no further than the Baseus Magnetic Air Vent Car Mount! This handy car holder is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and soft PU leather, and features 4 built-in powerful magnets for secure attachment. Thanks to 360-deg..
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Product Code: 67587
Car phone holder Baseus Smart Car Mount (SUGENT-ZN01) is designed for mount smartphone on the vehicle's air vent. Suitable for use with phones with a 4.0 "to 6.5". The greatest uniqueness of the holder is due to the automatic mechanism, which makes the ease of use even easier, and the insertion of t..
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Product Code: 78193
Baseus Solid Series SULX-0S is a magnetic car mount with long, telescopic arm. Made of premium quality materials (ABS + aluminum) accessory that could be attached either to dashboard or windshield. It has the strong suction cup, built-in 6 permanent powerful magnets and many adjustable options (incl..
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Product Code: 81285
Baseus Stable Gravitational car phone holder is ultra-stable, secure and adaptable phone holder easily attaches to your car’s air outlet so you can drive safely and securely with your smart device. It features a sleek, ergonomic design, built with quality ABS, silicone and aluminum alloy. This Y-sha..
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Product Code: 80376
This phone holder is perfect for anyone who wants a small but reliable car phone mount on air vent outlet. The Car Phone Holder Baseus Steel Cannon is small enough to not block air outlets and can be easily adjusted to fit most phones. The double jaws are more secure and the phone holder has a 360° ..
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Product Code: 78470
Baseus SUHZ-A01 is a car backseat universal headrest phone holder which also can be used as a bag holder. It is made of high-quality plastic, which ensures long life and silica gel, which ensures a stable hold of the phone and the headrest, as well as protects them from scratching.The mount is unive..
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Product Code: 62104
Borofone BH10 Magnetic in-car magnetic air outlet car phone holder is a very comfortable and stylish accessory. The simple design of the holder will give you easy access to all the buttons and the charging connector of your phone. The model is available in several colors: black or silver. The access..
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Product Code: 62105
In-car magnetic air outlet car phone holder Borofone BH12 Journey will hold inserted devices and items securely, even at different angles. The holder is adjustable to different angles which allows you to rotate the device at a comfortable angle for the best view of the screen in any position. Also, ..
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Product Code: 79649
Most phone holders on the market are either too flimsy or bulky and take up too much space. The Borofone BH13 Journey is different. It's made of high-quality materials and can be easily mounted on your car's dashboard. It's also universal, so it can accommodate any type of phone. Plus, it has a rota..
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Product Code: 62108
Borofone BH14 Journey magnetic car phone holder is a useful accessory for drivers who frequently use a smartphone whole driving. The holder allows you to adjust the position of the phone at the most comfortable angle for the driver. It is made of durable plastic, there are some elements that are mad..
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Product Code: 80751
Borofone BH17 Ice Jade is the perfect magnetic car phone holder for your dashboard! This holder is rotatable and foldable, so you can always find the perfect angle for your phone. Plus, the magnetic design means your phone will always stay in place, even on bumpy roads. And if you're worried about d..
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Product Code: 62138
Borofone BH18 Journey magnetic car phone holder is a great choice for drivers who travel a lot. The holder can be turned around its axis and can be placed at a comfortable angle if needed. The comfortable, firm and elastic stand of the holder is 16 cm long for even more comfortable viewing of your d..
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Product Code: 62168
Borofone BH19 Eddie Gravity in-car magnetic air outlet car phone holder is a smart choice for modern drivers. The holder is suitable to use with iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and other phones. It is made of high quality lightweight and hard plastic, which is extremely durable. The BH19 Eddie Gravi..
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Product Code: 79648
It's not just a car phone holder, it's a Borofone BH29 Graceful! This nifty little device is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their hands free while driving. The BH29 Graceful is made of high-quality ABS and silicone, with a strong magnet that can hold your phone securely in place. The adhesive ..
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Product Code: 61167
Magnetic car phone holder Borofone BH5 Platinum for reliable holding of devices at different angles. Compact and attractive design, the holder is ideal for use in any car interior. Made of metal so it has a resistance to constant loads. Swivel mount allows you to rotate the device at a comfortable v..
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Product Code: 61168
The Borofone BH6 Platinum magnetic car phone air outlet holder provides reliable view at different angles. Compact and attractive design ideal for use in any car interior. Made of metal, it has a resistance to constant loads. Swivel mount allows you to rotate the device at a comfortable viewing angl..
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Product Code: 79647
The Borofone BH61 Bora Car Phone Holder is the perfect way to keep your phone within reach while you're on the go. The holder mounts easily to your car's air outlet, and features a sturdy clamp that can accommodate phones with a width of 4.5 to 7 inches. The phone holder is made of durable ABS and T..
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Product Code: 75665
The Borofone BH7 Plane universal magnetic car phone holder is perfect for holding smartphones, navigation and mini-tablets in the car. It is extremely easy to use it - you just need to stick a 3M adhesive tape on any straight dashboard surface and after that we recommend not to use the holder for 24..
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Product Code: 80859
The Borofone BH74 car air vent phone holder is designed to sit conveniently in your air vent and hold any 4.7-7 inch mobile comfortably, so you can easily view directions, take or make calls, and stream audio without losing your grip. Its powerful suction cup fixes tightly to the air vent on all typ..
Ex Tax:3.86€
Product Code: 62091
Car phone holder Borofone BH8 Air black color mounting on air outlet and the phone attaches to the holder in a magnetic manner that securely holds the smartphone, small tablets or navigation. It is very simple to use this in-car holder - you just need to attach a small metal plate to the back of the..
Ex Tax:3.70€
Product Code: 80550
The CPH-17 Car Phone Holder is the perfect way to keep your phone within easy reach while you're on the road. This handy holder mounts onto your windshield and features side arms that adjust from 65-115 mm, so it can accommodate most phones. The arm is also flexible, so you can position your phone j..
Ex Tax:6.27€
Product Code: 80552
Looking for a more convenient way to use your phone while driving? Check out the  magnetic car phone holder CPH-26! This handy device mounts on your car's air vent and features a built-in strong magnet, keeping your phone in place even on bumpy roads. And because it's so small, the Car Phone Holder ..
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Product Code: 80639
Looking for a discreet, minimalist magnetic car phone holder for air vent outlet? Look no further than the Devia Circle! This magnetic car phone holder is perfect for those who want to keep their devices close at hand without sacrificing style. The small, sleek design is perfect for any car interior..
Ex Tax:4.35€
Product Code: 80641
Looking for a safe, secure way to use your phone while driving? Look no further than the Devia Goblets Car Phone Holder! This handy device attaches to your car's dashboard with powerful 3M adhesive, holding your phone in place so you can stay focused on the road. The 360° rotation head design lets y..
Ex Tax:5.13€
Product Code: 80640
Looking for a phone holder for your car that's both small and powerful? Look no further than the Devia Titan! This magnetic phone holder is designed to attach to your car's air vent outlet, and its slim design means it won't block your view. Plus, its portable size makes it easy to take with you on ..
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Product Code: 78421
Dudao F2S is a modern car holder equipped with an extendable, telescopic arm , which, together with other adjustment options (including the possibility of rotation by 360 degrees), will allow you to perfectly match it to your preferences. Made of high-quality materials, extremely durable materials (..
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Product Code: 81811
Hoco C42 Cool Journey Magnetic Car Phone Holder - the ultimate solution for safe and convenient smartphone usage while on the road. This versatile car phone holder is designed to securely mount on your car's dashboard or windshield, providing you with the perfect hands-free solution for all your in-..
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Product Code: 59475
Universal magnetic car phone holder from Hoco CA23 Lotto. This holder is compact in size and stylish in appearance, making it ideal for the interior of any vehicle. The CA23 Lotto holder attaches to the car's ventilation grille with a strong clip. Made of high quality and durable materials, it is al..
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