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Large selection of everything related to a tablet camera parts: rear cameras, front cameras.

Camera replacement

If there is any problem with any of the above mentioned parts, there is always a possibility to change the malfunctioning part instead of stop using your camera or if it is very important for you, change the entire device.

Since there are several parts of a tablet camera, just pick the one you need and change it yourself or bring your tablet to a repair shop for a repair.

Tablet camera replacement parts are always available for most of the tablet models, not depending if it is an old tablet or a brand new one.

Product Code: 76602
Front camera for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 (P5200, P5210, P5220) will help to repair a broken or malfunctioning front camera that makes blurry photos, does not take a pictures at all, or does not open the camera function, so you cannot take a selfie or communicate during a video call.CompatibilitySa..
Ex Tax:7.60€
Product Code: 76606
Rear main camera Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 (P5200, P5210, P5220) is designed to replace the old camera when it makes blurred photographs, the focus function is no longer active, or the phone does not detect the camera and thus cannot be used at all.CompatibilitySamsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 (P5200, P521..
Ex Tax:7.50€
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