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Samsung Galaxy J6+ (2018) Case Mercury Clear Jelly

Samsung Galaxy J6+ (2018) Case Mercury Clear Jelly
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Samsung Galaxy J6+ (2018) Case Mercury Clear Jelly

Premium quality silicone Clear Jelly case is designed to protect your Samsung Galaxy J6+ (2018) (SM-J610F). This Mercury Goospery case features a slim and stunning protection without hiding the design of the phone. The case is made of a special strong and flexible TPU material, which is perfect for protecting the device from shocks and dirt, maintaining a strong grip and giving the phone long-term protection. The case is also resistant to yellowing from direct UV rays, which sometimes makes transparent cases from other manufacturers lose their original appearance. To reduce the chance of the device slipping out of your hands, a unique non-slip coating is used to provide extra grip. This case is designed to look thin and light so your Samsung Galaxy J6+ (2018) (SM-J610F) won’t look massive and will easily fit in your pocket. The most sensitive parts of the phone: screen and camera, has an extra layer of silicone around its perimeter, that is designed to keep away these parts of direct contact with any surface. Although the distance to the surface is not large, it protects the device from mechanical damage and scratches perfectly.


  • High quality silicone case
  • Durable material for long time protection
  • Non-slip coating for extra grip
  • Thin design will not increase the size of the phone
  • Enhanced security in sensitive areas: around screen and camera
  • Designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy J6+ (2018) (SM-J610F)


  • Manufacturer: Mercury Goospery
  • Model: Clear Jelly
  • Type: Silicone TPU protection

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