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WALBK Double-sided Adhesive Tape

WALBK Double-sided Adhesive Tape
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WALBK Double-sided Adhesive Tape

WALBK manufacturer's wide double-sided adhesive tape can be used universally. Particularly suitable for gluing lcd screens for phones or tablets, attaching touchscreens to the frame or attaching batteries. While glue is the most important part that holds the parts together, most forget that when replacing parts, old glue cannot be left behind and new ones need to be applied. This is necessary to ensure the best adhesion and strength between each part and to prevent it from coming loose.

If you're seeking a higher quality adhesive tape, we can recommend the Tesa 61395 double-sided adhesive tape.

This is the strongest double-sided adhesive tape we can offer, even more robust than well-known alternatives such as 3M and 3M 300LSE adhesive tapes.


  • Package color: Red
  • Adhesive Tape: Clear
  • Thickness: 0.205mm
  • Manufacturer: WALBK

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